Friday, September 17, 2010

Hakomi & Tools For Graceful Living

Through July and August I have been teaching and participating in 5 weeks of Hakomi Trainings. It was a rich and full time filled with intensity, laughter, a lot of learning, joy, tears, tenderness, understandings, love and beauty. I have been honored by Dr Ron Kurtz, the founder of Hakomi Psychotherapy, by being named in his Last Will and Testament as one of 7 people to be a “true representative and holder, legally and spiritually of his legacy”. This is a very great honor and I am very pleased to be so acknowledged by the founder for my therapy skills, dedication, understanding, coaching and teaching abilities in Hakomi Therapy.

What is Hakomi?

Hakomi is a simple and powerful method to assist another person to discover for themselves what they may be unconscious of that is causing them unnecessary suffering in their life. When performed correctly, as it is currently being taught by Dr Kurtz, it is gentle, non-violent and very effective for working with a person who is able to become mindful and able to study his or her own automatic responses.

This “mindfulness” is being able to quiet the mind enough to study ones immediate reaction to a simple statement or body movement. This quieting the mind only needs to be for 30 seconds or less. Once the automatic responses are brought to consciousness a skilled practitioner and the client can work with them. The client then can make a choice if this automatic reaction is really serving them in their life.

The Hakomi Therapy process helps to shift old patterns and habits instantaneously and assist with deep and permanent changes.

Shifting to a Higher Vibration

In my August “Monthly Thoughts” I talked about the “Scientific Method” and the way most of us have been taught to think the world works. You may wish to read this again because what I am about to write directly refers to this understanding of how “things” work and how you can use this possibly new understanding to accelerate everything in your life to improve.

I just worked with a client who has been suffering from chronic fatigue and a number of other challenges for over 7 years. He told me his session and my feedback has been very significant for him and he very kindly said I could share some of it as it might help other people. Below are two different little “meditations” that are very powerful and helpful in shifting your energy into a higher vibration as well as some information to assist in raising your vibration. From a higher vibrational place you will naturally attract those things that allow you to have a more fulfilling life.

What Story Are You Living?

The story you tell others and yourself is instrumental in creating your future reality. You can live in your old stories or you can write and live some very new ones. You may desire to keep some of the old and let go of what does not work for you. What will you choose?Please focus on whatever brings you pleasure and ease. Put your thoughts and attention into feelings that are alive and positive. Discover what you love and then focus on that and attend to it. Take small steps, one at a time in your new journey forward. Celebrate anything that brings you joy and lightness in thoughts and feelings.

Monitor your thoughts and catch yourself when you are thinking thoughts that are depressing and restricting. Acknowledge where you are at in the moment and then move forward in any way that might bring you relief and help you to feel better. You may find that you have some old habits that do not serve you. If any become apparent to you then simply start correcting them by building new more functional ways to think and focus your attention on.

Infusing Water & Food

Before drinking anything, take a moment to place your hands around the container and imagine that brilliant white light is flowing from your hands into the water or beverage. Imagine that the beverage is supercharged with life force and light. Use your strong focus and intent to do this each time you drink or eat anything. You only need to do this for 10 seconds or however long feels “correct” to you. Know then that whatever you are drinking or eating will be better for you than ever before.

Here is simple meditation to do before sleeping and before getting up in the morning that will improve your life.
  1. Imagine and think of anything that you love.
  2. Really feel the love and when you can feel it strongly imagine breathing this love into your heart as a golden white light.
  3. Keep doing this until your heart feels overflowing with golden white light.
  4. Let this golden white light flow out from your heart and into all areas of your body and all the cells of your body.
  5. Continue to breath in this golden love light into your heart allowing it to spread and overflow throughout your body and around your body for at least a meter all around you.
  6. Do this for five minutes or as long as it feels good to you.You may also wish to imagine breathing in this golden white light into the center of your heart and allowing it to expand throughout your body in a breath or two anytime during the day that you are inspired to do this.

As much as possible do not “force” yourself to do anything. Take the time to shift your thinking about something that you feel you must do so that you can approach it from a more open and pleasing place of intention. By focusing on all the positive or possibly positive things some action you may take or will bring you can help insure that the action taken will be supportive of your overall health and wellbeing.

Wishing You Much Love, Laughter & Light,