Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What do you choose to Re-member each day?

The definition of the English word to “remember” is the cognitive process whereby past experience is brought back into the present. In remembering we continually put something back together again and again. In doing this we keep something from the past alive and present in our experience, our “here” and “now”. We re-member (put parts that are separate back into some kind of a memory, idea and possibly a story) our past often and usually it is done very unconsciously.

Scientific research shows that when we do this (re-member things) we build stronger and stronger pathways regarding whatever subject is continually being remembered. So, the more you think about something, the stronger it gets. It then often becomes a habit and can even become unconscious. Most of our lives are “run” by our unconscious… and this can be very helpful (Think of riding a bicycle and all the motions and movements that you automatically do) and also a cause of great suffering (reacting to things in the present moment with contraction and fear by automatically re-membering similar things from the past that were hurtful).

Pain is the sudden loss of someone you love.

Suffering is remembering it all the time.

So, yes your pain is real, as well as your suffering is very real!

And you have the power to focus your thoughts in a way that can either move you into thoughts and “feelings” that are uplifting or thoughts and “feelings” that cause you suffering. The important idea here is that you have a choice in this once you become conscious!

I know of few people who consciously wish to suffer. So, maybe we simply have some bad habits! The good news is that we are very smart (as evidenced by your reading this!) and we absolutely can change our habits through our point of focus and becoming more conscious. A habit is something we continue to do over and over again and it often becomes less and less conscious. A belief is also simply a thought we think over and over again and it often becomes less and less conscious and “taken for granted” or automatically assumed as “true”.

When you become conscious of your habits and beliefs that are causing you unnecessary suffering, through focus and attention you can change your neural pathways (the circuits in your brain that carry your re-membered thoughts) into stronger pathways that support your feelings of safety, joy, love, compassion, and healthy ways of reacting.

By doing simple daily meditations and being more conscious we can begin to “see” and “catch” those thoughts and beliefs that are causing us unnecessary suffering. Once we become more aware of them we can change them in ways that allow us to feel better and to function more wholly in the world. The help of a trained professional can assist us in this process of self-discovery. With the proper assistance we can become more easily aware of those things that are less consciously operating within ourselves. The Hakomi method of assisted self-discovery is one way of discovering and working to reduce unnecessary suffering.

Having assistance to work with illuminating and eliminating the energetic “structures” that we have created that support unnecessary suffering is something else that can be very helpful. Many of the sessions I offer address those energetic patterns and help to eliminate them without the need to even become consciously aware of them. The energetic roots of dysfunctional patterns can often be dissolved allowing for new ways of being and functioning that bring about or open the doors to more aliveness, peace, joy, happiness, creativity and love.

Change and growth can be achieved with more grace and ease than ever before. All the very powerful incoming energies of this time period in Earth’s history support our personal growth and transformation more than ever before. It is a joy and pleasure for me to assist others in their personal empowerment in whatever ways that might work best for each individual.

Wishing you much Love and Graceful Transformations

in this powerful time of growth and change!


"Your beliefs become your thoughts; Your thoughts become your words;

Your words become your actions; Your actions become your habits;

Your habits become your values; Your values become your destiny."

— Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Treasure Chest of Experiences!

Most of you reading this have had many years of life experience that has helped you to come to this exact place and time where you are reading this particular message. I would also add that since you are reading this message, this particular message has something in it of value and importance to you or you would not have brought it into you life experience! So, with this in mind please see if you can find the jewels and possibly treasures contained below that can assist you in creating a better life during the challenging times we have chosen to be in right now.

We have each “lived” and experienced so much more than we usually are conscious of. Think about that for a moment, contemplate on it.

We have each “lived” and experienced so
much more than we usually are conscious of.

Can you imagine living different lifetimes in different times and places and all the experiences that they would offer to you? What if you were of a different gender than you currently find yourself or even of a race of beings that are not human? Such lifetimes would be like a gold mine waiting for you to unearth the riches contained, possibly buried in your unconscious and just waiting for you to excavate them. You have lived countless “lifetimes” filled with experiences, skills, abilities, qualities and talents waiting for you to remember them and embody them now. This treasure is really available to you here and now!

My invitation is for you to mine the riches you have accrued through lifetimes and let the sediment; those things that do not assist you lay dormant. Take back the jewels and treasure you have earned through lifetimes of hard work for your use here and now. This is your birthright, this is part of why you are here and now on Earth at this time, so you can each assist in your own unique and perfect way our united movement into something greater and grander than might be imagined.

There are multiple ways to recover the skills, abilities and attributes that we have earned through physical existences that are not of our current focused state we call this lifetime, this “now”. We can access them during the times we are sleeping and “dream” of having these things that seem lacking to us right now in our normal waking state. We can access them during meditation or through focused intent to remember and embody something specific we feel would be most helpful right now. They could be things like: vibrant health, clear thinking, the ability to discern truth better, having a more loving open heart, creative talents of expressions, more joy and happiness in living.

Here is a simple meditation that can assist you to unearth what you have forgotten and bring it into your day-to-day experience here and now.
  1. Allow yourself to become quiet inside, breathing slowly and deeply.
  2. Invite those non-physical beings that you feel connected to or whom you feel you would like to assist you. This could be Angles or spiritual teachers who are no longer physical. You could invite the beings of light who hold specific qualities that you would like to have around you to be with you like grace, joy, play, love, harmony and peace.
  3. Imagine breathing in bright light, like sunshine on water, into the center of your heart and allowing it to expand throughout your body.
  4. Breath this shinning light into your heart and let it expand all around your for at least 14 deep, slow breaths.
  5. Specifically ask that you connect with and receive whatever it may be that you are specifically desiring to embody that seems missing from you current life and that you may have earned through living it in another “lifetime”. Say something like, “ I now ask that, Name whatever it is your are wanting to bring into your life, be awakened in my life for my use here and now.
  6. Allow your mind to be quiet and be receptive to whatever may come to you. It could be pictures, thoughts, feelings or even nothing seemingly special. Please allow at least 10 minutes to be in this receptive state.
  7. Give thanks for what you may have received and that you have activated the process to embody more of what is yours.
What is most important is to ask for what you want and then to let go of what you have asked for, knowing (or at least holding the hope and possibility) that you will receive your request.

Wishing you extraordinary treasure hunting!

In Light, Love & Service

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dreaming Your Life

Do you have a dream or dreams that you would like to experience in this lifetime? Have you put them away because someone told you they were impossible, impracticable, silly, unrealistic or some other words possibly thoughts that you bought into or agreed on as “true”?

Dreams are more than adventures we have when we are sleeping. Dreams are how we can envision our future.

Dreams tell the Universe how to put together all the things
necessary to bring your soul desires into physical reality.

Amazing things happen every day! Dreams come true every day for thousands of people (there are approximately 7 billion people in the world today). What allows some people’s dreams to become a reality and not others?

The Universe offers to you what you want. How does the Universe know what you want? Simply stated, the Universe “sees” and “hears” what you want by observing what YOU are focusing on. Your focus consists of your thoughts, feelings and the intensity of your emotions that are emanating from you at any point in time in the form of vibrations.

Your focus is seen and heard by the Universe and MATCHING vibrational manifestations automatically begin to appear in your life.

You can become more and more conscious of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and those things you have the most emotional intensity about in a multitude of ways. Some ways work better for some people than others. Find what works best for you. Find the type of meditational practice that works for you. What helps you to become more aware and conscious? Find it and do it.

Once you are more aware of the vibrational signals you are sending out into the world, you can intentionally focus on those particular vibrational offerings that will tell the Universe to begin to manifest for you what you want! It really is as simple as that.

The more challenging part is letting go of those behaviors, patterns of thought and thinking, emotional responses and ways of being in the world you have learned that no longer serve you. Some people can do this by themselves. Most of us can use the help of friends and even trained professionals to assist us in clearing or discovering what is operating (like the operating system of a very sophisticated computer) below our usual awareness. When we become more conscious of what is operating less consciously and stop doing those things that no longer serve us or simply release them, the Universe can much more easily offer to us the fulfillment of our dreams.

So, what are you doing that continually tells the Universe to bring to you less than optimal physical manifestations? It is often not necessary to identify all the “whys” or ways you are not allowing your dreams to easily manifest. You can simply change your vibrational output into one that matches what you are desiring.

Do you want more love in your life? Tell the Universe to bring you more love by shifting and changing your vibrational output into one that is more peaceful and loving!

Do you want more money and resources in your life? Tell the Universe to bring you more money and resources by shifting and changing your vibrational output into one that celebrates and rejoices in what you do have and what others have!

Let go of trying to get everything around you to work the way you want it to (the people places and things) in any other way than shifting and changing your own vibrational output.

Send out the vibration, here and now, of what it is you want more of.
Focus on those things that bring you peace, joy, health, happiness, clarity, creativity, fun, enthusiasm and love. Learn to quickly shift your vibrational output when you realize what you are currently sending out is not assisting you to move in the direction you really want. Tell the Universe what it is you want more of by your vibrational offering.

This is your power and ability to create!

Please take the time to focus in a more conscious and clear way. The more you do this the more the Universe will bring you amazing co-incidences, little and big miracles and you will see your dreams manifesting in surprising and often unexpected ways!

In Light, Love & Service,

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Planting Joy, Sweetness, Love and Kindness

Creating and Manifesting

I once heard of a study that was done in New York in multiple schools. The kids were asked where did milk come from. The majority said from the store! I can think of other things like this. Picture in your mind a beautiful silk kimono. It is very hard to see and imagine that it came from the silk that a little worm-like creature spits out through its mouth. The majority of the fruit from the store you buy might be very difficult to place on the type of plant, bush or tree it comes off of by looking at the fruit alone without any prior knowledge of the tree or bush that it is grown from.

In the same way when you look at the "fruit" of the seeds you may have planted and blame a bitter fruit itself for its taste without taking into account the whole process that brought you the “bitter” fruit, you are missing something very important. This later manifestation of what you have previously planted is the fruit of your seeds and prior planting. It is a less than thoughtful position to take to say there is nothing you can do about it, that you have no control over it; this bitter tasting fruit just happened to you!

This rationale is missing something essential in the logic being used. The end result is being blamed for what was planted long ago. You can change the fruit you get in the future by paying attention to what you are planting each day and in every moment.

The physical manifestation, the situation that has manifested, the person we love or are in conflict with, the events themselves are what we almost always blame for eliciting this or that mood and reaction that we are currently experiencing. It is like driving a car on a long road trip and when it runs out of gas calling the car a piece of junk, a bad thing and blaming it for no longer working the way you want it to. Looking at it this way seems rather foolish, doesn’t it?

You can blame the car or find a way to get some more gas and continue the trip you were on. So, as long as you are focused on the present situation that you are unhappy with and blaming that situation, finding all the reasons why that situation is so bad, unchangeable, not your fault and obviously something you have no control over or about, you give the Universe no choice but to offer you more of the same. The “same” is the current vibration you are holding and by doing this you are asking the Universe to give you more of it.

Like attracts like.

If you like where you are at and the physical manifestations you are generating and attracting keep doing the same things. If you do not like them then start to change your vibration so the Universe can offer you more pleasing manifestations into you life. It really is simple at the most basic levels. You can believe this or not, it does not matter. You will get what you focus and place your energy and attention on in the physical manifestations around you. This is your strength and power.

You came here to earth to create and experience. You can do this consciously or unconsciously. You can create in ways that are pleasing to you or not. It is your choice through the vibrations you are holding.

Your feelings help to guide you toward higher vibrations by letting you know how your choices align or do not align with your Higher-Self (the greater non-physical part of yourself) who always chooses the higher vibratory positioning. When you feel pain it is the difference in the human part of you here (on Earth) not going with what your Higher-Self has already chosen and “become” in an energetic way. Your Higher-Self is actually the larger part of you. It is the larger part of you that is non-physical. The pain you feel is YOU resisting the movement to your higher vibration that is being held by the larger part of you (the Higher-Self).

The pain you are feeling is really only the difference between the current vibration you are holding (the free will you have) and the current vibration that your Higher-Self is holding (always the highest most loving positioning). What we usually blame for how we are “feeling” (person, situation or thing) is really not what is causing our disease. It is our personal lack of alignment with our Higher-Self. This is what causes us pain and a feeling of being torn apart and often a feeling of separation.

So, by making choices that even “feel” slightly better to you than your current state and continuing to move in the feeling direction that brings relief and better feelings you can raise your vibration higher. The higher the vibration you are consistently holding the more pleasing your physical manifestations will become for you. One small step at a time you can move forward into something new and more and more pleasing. Only you have the power and ability to do the real lasting focus that allows all that you want to effortlessly to come into your life.

My mind is my garden,
Thoughts are my seeds,
Shall I plant flowers or weeds?

I do believe the choice is yours!
Will you join me in planting those things now that will bring you a harvest that pleases you?
Will you plant sweet things, loving and kind things?
You can plant whatever you want now with your thoughts!
Why not plant joy, sweetness, love and kindness?

In Light, Love & Service,

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The “Story” of Your Life

I really hope you are enjoying your life’s creations and manifestations. Great if you are and if not, you can change what is showing up by paying more attention to what you are focusing on.

I have a little story for you this month that may be familiar to some of you and surprisingly comforting and even informative to others. This story starts as many stories do with the words, “Once upon a time.” This lets the listener know that what they are about to hear is a story, a tale that may entertain, contain wisdom and is simplified so that the message can be conveyed in a way that allows for unusual and sometimes foreign ideas to be looked at gently.

Once upon a time, in a place where there was no time a vast energy became aware that in our “human” terms it was a little bored. Now this vast energy was such that we with our human minds can not really understand how such a thing could be, that such an entity so unimaginably huge, all knowing and powerful could ever become tired of its existence. Well it was. And because it knew everything, nothing could surprise it or really give it an original thought or idea. So after what might be to us a couple of billion years this entity that was so large our whole universe was like the size of a single atom in relation to the whole Earth devised a plan to give it expansion and growth as well as having the delight in discovering something new.

The idea that was conceived was to separate parts of itself and send these parts out away from itself in such a way that the separated parts would have an individual consciousness of their own. Now these smaller parts of the great whole were in constant connection and communication with their greater self and even though they had individuated consciousness because of the connection and constant direct communication nothing unique or new really was achieved or discovered. These parts of the greater whole assumed different functions, purposes and could work together or separately however they desired. Generally speaking, some parts became primarily Creators and others Servers to the Creators and their creations.

Another plan was born through the understandings gained from the first group of individuated parts of the greater consciousness. The plan was to further individuate and then to construct places of “free will” where the further individuated parts would find themselves in a place of forgetfulness that would allow for the freedom to discover and create from an illusion of separation from the whole of who they really are. The universes constructed would allow for the biological “housing” of the individuated parts in various forms of physical expression. Once physically housed the individuated parts would “forget” almost all of who and what they really are and where they may most recently have “originated” from as well as the inseparable connection to the oneness and unity that they truly are. Various constructs were put into place within the physical biology to assist in the forgetfulness and reinforce the illusion of separation.

So, with great enthusiasm and excitement individuated portions of God-Goddess-All-That-Is further individuated and lined up to send and allow another fragment, a spark of them to incarnate into a physical biological entity that was wonderfully limited. Forgetting and being limited as compared with knowing everything that would ever happen was the key to helping the expansion of All-that-Is in unique and new ways offering challenge and new possibilities to unfold. The biological entity, amazingly complex and able to reproduce creating more biological entities like themselves able to house even more sparks of a greater whole a greater divinity into a “new” growing, evolving body that would be able to continue this process of expansion and creation for all of the physical and non physical parts combined expansion!

With great delight, many plans, ideas to explore, multiple options and untold combinations of interaction to be explored this family of light, non-physical entities parts of even greater aspects of themselves sent multiple sparks, multiple aspects of themselves into physical worlds into physical bodies. All knew that once physically incarnated the Sparks would forget their true origin and immortal nature and believe themselves to be much much less than what they truly are. Because of this forgetting all kinds of new and unique situations could be acted out. The actors could play all different kinds of roles throughout the ages as this physical place would have the illusion of time so firmly set within the biology of the incarnated Sparks and their physicality would have a limited lifespan so all possibilities and possible combinations of roles could be played and acted out. The physical bodies aged through time and then transitioned back to their greater non-physical aspects to line up again to have the chance to be physical again and to continue to play various roles with their brothers and sisters in physical form.

Even though the Sparks would forget their true nature they were all given a guidance system that allowed them to navigate in the worlds they found themselves in. They would get direction and guidance from the greater non-physical parts of themselves through their feelings. Their feelings were a direct way to align with the pathways offering the highest choice in any given situation. Feelings of joy, enthusiasm, excitement, passion, heart opening, love and the feeling of just knowing what was “right” would guide and point out the way.

The stage for this grand play that the Sparks were the actors on would offer the opportunity for separation, the illusion of death (to make it all feel so “real” and critically important) and the opportunity to play multiple roles and challenge each other to bring out the highest expression of creativity within each other. Being vast multi-dimensional masters there would be constant assistance, guidance and opportunity for shift and change from the non-physical aspect of the Sparks and other non-physical entities whose joy is to assist in the ongoing play. The individual Sparks could decide if they wanted to act in a drama, comedy, love story, adventure or whatever aspect they might individually choose to focus on. Through their connection to the source of all that is whatever the individual Sparks decided to focus on they would increase that in their own reality, their own world

The Sparks mission was through the contrast of knowing what they would prefer not to have or participate in as their reality would be to create the reality the life situations they each uniquely desired through their focus and what they gave their attention to. They could individually and collectively create whatever they focused on and due to the delay in time from thought to manifestation they could change their direction as they evolved and as it pleased them. Some Sparks had some preset agendas and by following the path that contained the most “heart”, the path that was illuminated for them through their feelings and emotions they would always know the better direction to take and the better choices to be made that would bring about the highest manifestations in their lives.

So, I am sure you have discovered by now that every single human on this earth is in terms of the little story above a Spark. You are the physical manifestation of a vast multi-dimensional entity and are always connected, loved and supported by this greater part of you.

What you focus on and put emotional intensity into you will attract more of that same thing into your life. Focus on what feels good, nurturing, fun, let’s you feel more alive, is heart opening, is exciting and blissful to you. Feeling good is a choice. Choose to feel good and make the choices that “feel” good to you over those that do not. You do not have to figure it all out ahead of time. Your feelings will guide you in the best direction to go in any situation.

Here briefly and somewhat simply stated is how it all works:
  1. You, as you know yourself physically manifested here on Earth are just a small spark of the greater part of yourself that is not physically manifested.
  2. The larger part of you that is not physically manifested loves you unconditionally and is always giving you direction to help guide you so you can make choice that will bring about more of what you truly desire here on earth.
  3. The direction from the larger non-physical part of you (Higher-Self) is received and recognized as positive FEELINGS (that feel good) by you here on Earth.
  4. The more you are in alignment with the direction from your Higher-Self you FEEL feelings of enthusiasm, joy, love, excitement, passion and have a sense of “knowing” that you are making the best choice possible. You have a feeling of heart opening and expansion rather than a tightening and restriction.
  5. So, your guidance from your Higher-Self very reliably comes through your FEELINGS.
  6. Following feelings that “feel” good to you lead you in the direction that brings you closer to all the things you really want to have manifest in a physical way.
  7. You are here on Earth to live a joyful life with good health and to expand into areas you have never been before.
  8. What you focus on you get more of.
  9. You are made up of vibrations. You are vibrating at a particular frequency. Similar vibrations attract similar vibrations.
  10. Feeling good raises your overall vibration and insures you attract higher vibrational things into your life.
  11. It is very hard to go from feeling depressed to feeling blissful. The distance vibrationally between the two is vibrationally too far apart. What you can do is to “lean” in the direction of whatever gives you a little relief and then to keep doing this until you can identify something that “feels” good and to do it or focus on what feel good. Then focus on that feeling.
  12. Focusing on and doing and following the things that feel good to you raises your vibration and will change what you are manifesting in your life in a very positive way.
  13. The “story” or stories you continually tell and believe as true create themselves and the circumstances surrounding them in your day-to-day life.
When you change the stories you tell, you will change what you are manifesting in your life. You don't want to talk about and focus on what “is” if you want change, you rather want to talk about what it is you want.

In Light, Love & Service,

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Experience the Amusement Park Earth

Have you ever been to an “amusement park” like Disneyland or some other place that has all kinds of activities rides, exhibits, foods and unusual things to do?

Maybe there was a roller-coaster or other rides that were exciting and even scary? Maybe there were games you could play and if you were skillful at things you might be able to win through playing them? Such places are meant to provide you with stimulation to entertain, amuse and challenge you. They are really very “safe” even though some rides and activities give the appearance of great danger and risk.

These places seem different that our usual, normal lives. They can give freshness and newness to our lives. It is the contrast they provide that helps to stimulate us; it helps to provide challenge and offers us the opportunity to do something that seems risky or unusual.

YOU are a vast multidimensional being. YOU are an eternal being with no beginning or end. YOU exist in a place with no time limitations or restrictions. YOU are pure positive energy, a huge vortex of LOVE. YOU know everything that is going to happen and has happened; everything where YOU exist is in a state of “NOW” that is almost unimaginably foreign from the usual Earthly perspective.

So what do you do for fun, growth and amusement?

One of the things YOU do is to allow a part of YOURSELF to separate from the greater part that really is YOU, that vast multidimensional being that is YOU. This part YOU allow to have limitations, restrictions, challenges and opportunities for creativity and growth. Since YOU are connected to this part, YOU receive growth and benefit from what this part experiences. In fact, YOU only grow by YOUR connection to this part of YOU!

Can you guess where this is going?

YOU allow this part of YOU to incarnate on a place like Earth! This part (a fragment of YOU) then gets to experience the Amusement Park Earth!!
On earthly incarnation this part of YOU forgets all of what it really is and often even thinks it is all there is. It often becomes very serious and takes everything as if it were a life and death matter or decision. It even thinks “death” is the end to everything and an awful dreadful end to itself and life. When in fact death is the reuniting with the greater aspect, the whole of who and what YOU really are!!!

So, with the above understanding, why not enjoy your time here on Earth? Why not seek out those things that offer joy, expansion, creativity and opportunities to share, express and experience love in all its many forms and aspects?

There is so much more to this and I may write some more to fill in and offer a greater understanding of how this all works together. I would really like it if you could understand the connection between you and YOU (the greater part of you that is non physical) and how to manifest the life you really desire consciously and gracefully here on Earth. I would like to assist you in letting go of those things that slow down your ability to manifest, to create and to love more fully and deeply.

In Light, Love & Service,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taking a Closer Look at Yourself

I have been working with people for a long time as a therapist of one sort or another and have seen many people, over 35 years of my life. I find that some people are so different in how they think and view and interact in the world that it is as if they were from a different planet, no less country. I have had a tendency to expect others to be more like me and even judge them from my standards of interacting and ways of being in the world. Sometimes this does them a great disservice, for they actually are much more aware and in tune than I ever suspected. They just exhibit and interact in a way that is sometimes strange and unusual to me.

Even those people that seem very similar to us and whom we perceive as thinking mostly the same way as we do can have some surprisingly different ways of interacting when they are under stress that may be less functional in an adult relationship. Often stress results in a narrowing and activation of old patterns of behavior that were learned as a child or young person and not necessarily helpful to a mature adult friendship or loving relationship. Often these people can reflect back to us ways that we were interacted with as a child or young person. They can now give us the opportunity to transform and grow beyond old limiting ways of interacting and behavior patterns!

I suggest when this happens, it is a good time to take a closer look at yourself, to step back and not just react from your habits and pain. Things may not be as you think they are. Often when we feel hurt it is that child part of us that feels hurt, rejected, unloved and not cared for. When we nurture and care for our inner child first or when it is hurting our interactions with others take on a completely different shape and form. We all invite people and friends and lovers into our worlds so we can grow and change, so we can transform and heal some of our own wounds from our past. These people really do us a great service by helping us to see where we are off and not functioning as highly as we think and wish to in the world.

It is easy to blame them (the other person), to say they are the problem or the cause of our pain, discomfort and negative feelings. We may choose not to stay friends with such people, but if we do not understand ourselves and heal our own wounds then we will call others into our lives that will offer us what appears to be the same thing and the cycle starts over once again until we clear ourselves of behaviors that do not really serve us.

We are vibrational beings and are continually offering vibrations into the world. Our thoughts generate vibrations, our feelings radiate vibration. Our vibrations and feelings attract similar vibrations and feelings to us, like a magnet attracts metal to itself. Helped by the reflection that those we attract into our lives give us, we can see what sorts of vibrations we are radiating out into the world. If we do not like what is manifesting in our lives then we must set about the task of changing our thoughts and feelings. We are the ones who can bring about the changes we desire by shifting and changing ourselves. Trying to shift and change others is an almost hopeless task that brings little satisfaction to anyone.

So, if you do not like what is manifesting in your life it is time to turn inward and become more conscious of the vibrations you are radiating out into the world. You can change your vibrations with conscious thoughts, focus and actions supportive of what you really want to have in your life. You can seek assistance from those who you resonate with to help you move into new ways of interacting and being in the world. You can have help in transforming old patterns and behaviors into new more functional ones. This can all be done with grace and ease and may not be as difficult as at first it might appear.

Your journey forward starts with one step and before that step there is a vibration you sent ahead before the physical action. I intend to be as clear as I can with my vibration, my own self transformation first, so my steps lead to where I really want to go and find that I arrive with those who I really want to be with.

Wishing you great clarity, joy, enthusiasm, creativity and love,

Monday, March 28, 2011

Shining Light on Japan

It has been challenging times since I last wrote. So very much has happened and moved with and through me and so many of those I love. Having worked in Japan for 9 previous years an earthquake or two was not unexpected. An earthquake with the magnitude of 9+, multiple nuclear reactor meltdowns and a tsunami altogether causing over 10,000 deaths, 300,000 people becoming without their usual shelter and the leakage of radiation from damaged nuclear reactors core meltdowns was not expected!

On March 11 at 14:46 I was standing and beginning to complete a session in Tokyo with a wonderful Japanese woman. Our world will never be the same again. We did complete the session and then the ongoing nuclear meltdowns, tsunami and the over 200 smaller earthquakes in the Tokyo area continued throughout the day I left on March 17. I had the opportunity to leave Tokyo on Monday the 14 but received direct guidance in meditation to stay and complete my work and assist in all the ways I could working as an Holographic Harmonizer to help with my physical presence the energy grids of Japan to be more stable as well as to assist in holding an energy of calm, safety and the outlook for the highest possibilities to arise out of such terrible circumstances.

On March 16 at the end of a long meditation I very clearly received the message that my work was done that required my physical presence and within 20 minutes I received a call from my coordinator in Tokyo that all my clients had cancelled their remaining sessions that were scheduled and I could leave on the next available flight. Everything worked out perfectly for me to leave on the following day.

Such a dramatic and often traumatic occurrence challenges us to rise to our highest and best ways of being in a physical body here on Earth. We have the opportunity to offer our greatest gifts of love, kindness, compassion and sharing in such times. We are all connected and can assist each other close together and from afar.

If you are reading this then you are a Lightworker (a physically embodied soul who has chosen to be here on Earth and to hold a particular frequency and shine a divine light in ways unique only to you). You have prepared for countless lifetimes for this “job” and have all the skills and tools necessary to be a beacon of love, hope, peace, calmness, safety and clarity in dark times.

I am honored to be able to share this role with you! We are brothers and sisters dedicated in holding the light, in holding a vision of higher possibilities and ways of being right now and for the future. You may do this in what seems very small ways or in larger more “seen” ways. Each and every contribution of the light you hold and ground into your own area and family is of immense value. Those who have chosen to leave this physical existence are helping from just beyond our vision, from their expanded viewpoints and with all the knowledge and awareness’s that they have gained from this lifetime on Earth.

Your dedication to shining your own personal light during this lifetime, to hold your heart ever more open and radiant is like a brilliant cloak with colors unique to only you. You will have this cloak (the shinning colors) around you forever, whenever you incarnate, anywhere again as a physical being. Your unique and beautiful colors can be seen by all those with the eyes to see as a sign of who and what you have been and done during such challenging times.

Please do hold your head high even as you sometimes grieve the apparent passing of those you care so deeply for and love, of a land damaged and so many people choosing to see less that the highest possibility in any given situation. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions absolutely have power and now is the time to use them to hold the light of all highest probabilities. Your dreams now will help create the future that you will move into.

Please dream your highest dreams, hold your highest vision for yourself, humanity and the Earth!

Wishing you Much Love and Brilliant Radiance of All You Are for the
Highest Benefit of ALL!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shifting Non-Physical Energy Fields

When I do sessions I often see clients who have some very challenging concerns that they see as problems, which cause them much pain and suffering. When such things have physically manifested into chronic dis-ease (disease), painful manifestations in their body and lack of physical energy there is still the possibility of very quick shifting and transitioning into a much better feeling and manifesting place. This can be done through working within the person’s non-physical energy fields that interface with their physical body.

It is often the case that what has been constricted can be released from a non-physical energy movement and positioning that allows for the release and opening in the physical body. More often than not, there is no need to explore the “why” something became the way it did. It is often the case that describing why something became the way it did can actually keep that same dynamic continuing.

Just because our mental body (our mind) wants to understand something or feels that once something is understood it will not be a problem does not mean it is “true” or it will be helpful to dissect what has been cleared, moved, transformed or raised to a higher vibration!

What is far more productive is to do those things that will allow the permanant shift into a higher vibration. Like after you use the toilet and flushing the toilet, fresh clean water is brought in and not more waste material. What is almost always more important is to bring in and maintain clean new vibrations. The very act of raising your vibration does all the cleaning necessary.

Another way of looking at this is if I was hired to clean your house and then cleaned your house perfectly, spotlessly and each day you brought back in disorder, chaos and threw dirt and ugly things all over your house once again the overall problem of having a dirty house would continue. I help to energetically open, clean, clear and align a person so they can shift into a higher vibration.

So the question is not how did my house get so dirty but how can I raise my vibration in such a way that my house is pure and clean by my conscious actions to live in such a way that offers the greatest chance for alignment, clarity, joy, happiness and love. This focus in itself creates a high vibration that invites the changes in your life that you very much desire to come to you. It is an invitation to the Universe to fill your house with beauty, clarity, love, joy, creativity and happiness naturally arises.

Does this make sense to you?

Let go of the past and look forward, not backward. Look forward to what you want, to what you dream of, to what you aspire to create, to expand into, to what brings the most love and fulfillment imaginable.

In Love, Light & Service,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Guest House

This New Year has brought an unexpected challenge to me in the loss of a very close and dear friend, teacher, mentor and “adopted” Father, Dr. Ron Kurtz, the founder of Hakomi Therapy. He suddenly and unexpectedly passed from this Earthly existence on January 4, 2011. Ron taught me how to be a better “Human” in the highest sense of the word, more loving, compassionate and kind. He has been one of my most significant teachers and will live on through me in my thoughts and deeds.

Ron has passed down his Legacy of Hakomi training and teaching for me to carry forward by naming me in his Will as one of the, “True representatives and holders, legally and spiritually, of my Legacy.” I will do my best to honor his teachings and the spirit of his life’s work through all I interact with.

I have never cried so many tears and shown so much emotion and grief in public ever before in my life. It has challenged me and continues to challenge me to really be open to feel all my feelings and not to constrict, not to close down and continue to expand when my first impulse is to close myself off and not let the movement of energy that wants to move through me.

Somehow I have falsely learned that constricting will somehow “protect” me and keep me safe. A death of a close loved one gives the gift of bringing more awareness to my every waking moment. False beliefs and ways of being in the world that really do not serve me are suddenly made more conscious. Dramatic events have that ability to shake us up enough to allow us to “wake-up” and see more clearly. They help to bring our lives into sharper perspective and to focus on what is really important, possibly letting go of what no longer fits from a more clear and awakened viewpoint.

In an internal and eternal dance we are all continually dying and being reborn every day. This is our personal dance of letting go of what no longer serves us and awakening to that which does. When we do not let go and move forward we can become “stuck” and instead of expanding we contract. When we are contracted it becomes very difficult to live the life that we may have dreamed of having. Our timing and balance can become out of sync with the flow and current of life. We all came here to Earth to expand and grow, to be in the flow of life with joy, health, creativity, love and expansion into the new, into the unknown.

It is not necessary to experience dramatic events in your life to be a catalyst for awakening. We can live in such a way that we are gently and gracefully allowing ourselves to become more and more conscious and aware. Having a simple daily meditation practice gives many gifts that unfold slowly over time. Paying attention to how we are feeling and choosing to follow feelings that support and nurture ourselves over what other people may tell us and even demand of us prevents the constrictions that slow us down in our possible growth and living of a graceful life. Listening to our inner guidance offers us the wisest answers to life’s challenges and questions.

The sessions that I offer, the work that I do in its various formats all focus on allowing you to become more free, to wake-up, let go of unnecessary suffering, and become more connected to your higher sources of wisdom and knowing. As you become more connected to the larger aspects of yourself, your life naturally improves and becomes clearer, better, and more fulfilling. You find the love and connection that is all around you and then you can become a source of help and nourishment to others.

I would like to leave you with a poem by Rumi that speaks of one way to eloquently live each day.

In Light, Love & Service,

The Guest House
This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in.
Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.

The Essential Rumi, versions by Coleman Barks