Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Focusing Our Thoughts for Greater Joy and Love!

We are in very dynamic times filled with potential for movement in all directions. The energies pouring into the Earth are becoming increasingly more powerful than any time in modern history. Our thoughts and what we focus on can more easily be manifested than ever before. We have the potential to invite change into our lives like never before. We have the opportunity to use the power of “Now” to assist, support and create the future we really want.

Each of your thoughts has a particular vibration and feeling associated with it. This vibration could be likened to a specific channel or a radio signal. When you tune a radio to a particular channel (wave length) this is all you can get or hear on the radio.

If you could chose one vibration and this was all you thought, felt or focused on then the Universe would quickly and easily bring this same vibration and feeling to you in a physically manifested form. If you could be so disciplined and narrow to be so single focused to only think, feel and vibrate love, then the only thing that possibly could be drawn to you would be a matching manifestation of love in a multiplicity of forms.

Since almost all us here on earth do not have the ability to focus so precisely on one particular vibration or channel (like the channel on a TV), we find all kinds of things physically manifesting in our lives. Some of these are wanted and others not so wanted. Yet all of them come in response to the vibration we are sending out and the loving Universe simply gives us what we are “asking for”. Please remember, we ask through the predominant vibrations we are sending out in any given moment.

What is the main vibration you are sending out to the Universe
through your focus, thoughts, feelings and emotions?

You can easily see what your predominant vibration is by observing what is currently manifesting in your life right now. If you do not like what you are seeing, or some of what you are seeing, then you must change your vibration to match what you really want more of in your life.

Focusing on what you want in a positive way that feels good to you begins to shift your vibration, to tune your vibration in a way that naturally attracts what you desire. You can not just “think” positive thoughts, you must also FEEL the positive aspects of what you desire. Feel the qualities of what you want rather than the thing, object or possibly person.

If you want more love in your life begin to FEEL all the things that you love and appreciate in your life right now. Feel the pleasure of loving and nurturing something even if it is a single plant. Look at something of beauty that inspires you and fills you with joy. Explore how you share love and what helps you to feel loved. Do all you can to FEEL love here and now in this very moment. Feel how every breath you breath brings in life and love for your body to function and live. The more you appreciate things the higher your vibration raises.

If you want greater health and well being, begin to feel and actively focus on what you like and appreciate about your health and well being right now. Notice what is “right” about your body rather than what is not functioning so correctly or does not look the way you would like it to. When you look in the mirror in the morning do you see all the things that are fine and OK or only what appears to you to be lacking or wrong? Make a new habit of looking for what is right and appreciating it first before what is not.

If you want more money in your life begin to FEEL all the things that you love and appreciate about having more money in your life right now. Do not focus on any lack you may currently be experiencing, focus on what you do have and what is currently working. Think and feel how much fun it would be to have all the money necessary to take a month-long vacation somewhere you may have always desired. Imagine purchasing gifts for those you love and yourself and how nice it feels giving and receiving. Give yourself a little gift each day and then thank yourself for caring and offering. Appreciating even the smallest things helps to shift your vibration.

Making time to do simple meditations and visualizations that feel good to you and that focus in on positive and appreciating ways what you want more of in your life invites it to you. This only works if it FEELS good to you. Taking only 10 minutes each day to really feel and appreciate the qualities of what you want more of in your life shifts your vibration toward that thing, it invites it into your life.

Try this little meditation or visualization for 7 days.
  1. Take a minute to get calm and centered.
  2. Imagine how it would feel to have whatever you want most in your life right now. (If this feels good, continue. If for some reason it does not feel good then you have some resistance that needs to be cleared before proceeding.)
  3. Feel how this energy fills you and moves throughout your body. Let the good feelings and energy of all the qualities of what you are imagining fill you and anchor inside of you.
  4. Stay with the good feelings as long as you want and have time for. (If for some reason your mind begins to wander or the feelings become less positive, bring yourself back to a more present and positive feeling place gently and lovingly.)
  5. When you feel complete, end the meditation knowing that you have positively raised your vibration and enjoy the feeling that your desires are more quickly moving to you.
I wish you to have great joy, creativity, passion, ever increasing health, happiness and love that overflows from you to fill your world and all those around you!

In Light, Love & Service,