Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Experience the Amusement Park Earth

Have you ever been to an “amusement park” like Disneyland or some other place that has all kinds of activities rides, exhibits, foods and unusual things to do?

Maybe there was a roller-coaster or other rides that were exciting and even scary? Maybe there were games you could play and if you were skillful at things you might be able to win through playing them? Such places are meant to provide you with stimulation to entertain, amuse and challenge you. They are really very “safe” even though some rides and activities give the appearance of great danger and risk.

These places seem different that our usual, normal lives. They can give freshness and newness to our lives. It is the contrast they provide that helps to stimulate us; it helps to provide challenge and offers us the opportunity to do something that seems risky or unusual.

YOU are a vast multidimensional being. YOU are an eternal being with no beginning or end. YOU exist in a place with no time limitations or restrictions. YOU are pure positive energy, a huge vortex of LOVE. YOU know everything that is going to happen and has happened; everything where YOU exist is in a state of “NOW” that is almost unimaginably foreign from the usual Earthly perspective.

So what do you do for fun, growth and amusement?

One of the things YOU do is to allow a part of YOURSELF to separate from the greater part that really is YOU, that vast multidimensional being that is YOU. This part YOU allow to have limitations, restrictions, challenges and opportunities for creativity and growth. Since YOU are connected to this part, YOU receive growth and benefit from what this part experiences. In fact, YOU only grow by YOUR connection to this part of YOU!

Can you guess where this is going?

YOU allow this part of YOU to incarnate on a place like Earth! This part (a fragment of YOU) then gets to experience the Amusement Park Earth!!
On earthly incarnation this part of YOU forgets all of what it really is and often even thinks it is all there is. It often becomes very serious and takes everything as if it were a life and death matter or decision. It even thinks “death” is the end to everything and an awful dreadful end to itself and life. When in fact death is the reuniting with the greater aspect, the whole of who and what YOU really are!!!

So, with the above understanding, why not enjoy your time here on Earth? Why not seek out those things that offer joy, expansion, creativity and opportunities to share, express and experience love in all its many forms and aspects?

There is so much more to this and I may write some more to fill in and offer a greater understanding of how this all works together. I would really like it if you could understand the connection between you and YOU (the greater part of you that is non physical) and how to manifest the life you really desire consciously and gracefully here on Earth. I would like to assist you in letting go of those things that slow down your ability to manifest, to create and to love more fully and deeply.

In Light, Love & Service,