Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The power, promise and mystery of this time unfolding!

As we move through May and into June of 2012 we are being offered again and again more cosmic alignments and infusions of higher energies. We now have light pouring down to us from above like never before in in our lifetime. This has been prophesied and promised; now we are in the very real unfolding of this great awakening.

If you are reading this then you are a Lightworker, a being who “works” with light, love and truth. Your very nature is to open to more and more light, to hold and anchor more light on Earth. You allow light to channel through your physicality in a way that effects everything around you. The light is a higher frequency and vibration and brings about change in you and the world around you.

This incoming light and energy is opening us in new and unique ways. We may suddenly have new awarenesses or a higher order. Some people will open to new abilities, skills and talents they may only have dreamed of before now. Some will simply embrace and ground the light on earth, holding the essential grids of support so others can expand into the gifts that are being awakened. We each play a unique and essential part of a very divine plan.

The light works in conjunction with love and opens the awareness of higher levels of truth. There is a tri-fold flame consisting of Light, Love and Truth that you hold and radiates out from you. This “flame” can be seen by all who have the eyes to see it and will know you. The new influx of energies will give you a renewed sense of connection and a feeling of “family” with all those who hold this tri-fold flame. You have a very significant connection and receive support from your brothers and sisters who are all in various stages of awake and awakening at this point in time to more and more of who and what you truly are. This is above and beyond the usual definitions we have commonly used to identify ourselves with.

You may be doing all kinds of other things and have a “regular” and “normal” life in most ways or one that is very different from what most other people live. Your incarnation here on Earth is multi-faceted and one defining characteristic is that you, your body and energy systems are “hard-wired” to invite, hold, radiate and anchor Light!

As we are given more light, the denser aspects we may not have been so aware of become more pronounced and “seen”. All that which is not so “light” within us is illuminated. Through this divine illumination we are gifted with the opportunity to see and choose what to do with those parts of us that are weighing us down and not allowing the energy that is the greater part of us, our Higher-Self to flow more fully and freely through our physicality.

How you choose to “work” with those parts of yourself that are now being illuminated is up to you. There is no one “right” way. There will be ways that work best for you though and it would be wise to use the best and most “correct” tool for the project you are working on. Using a hammer when a gentle touch would do the job will only create more challenges. Most of the time you can do the “work” necessary to let go of old “stuff” by yourself easily and effectively once you are aware of what needs to be done.

  What is important and necessary is that we actively choose to attend to and take the time and energy necessary to release what the infusions of higher light are revealing to us that are not in alignment with living life as fully and richly as we desire. We all are being called to rise to a new level, to assume more personal mastery and hold anchor and radiate more light. Sometimes the assistance of trained “professionals” can speed up the process and make your “home improvements” much more graceful and smooth.

Some of my role and job during this time is to assist others in their opening to and embodying more light into their physicality. I have been shown and given the information for a new Session that will assist many people with the process of letting go of what has been revealed that no longer serves and may be hindering and weighing them down. Now is the time to “Lighten up” and in honor of this process the new Session will be called the Enlightenment Session. It is specifically designed to help people in a smooth and graceful way to release those things that are weighting them down and not letting them soar and fly with all the new energies currently available. This Session is only now available because of the new energies radiating to us from the heavens and through the current planetary alignments.

We are in the midst of some of the most wonderful times! You chose to be here to experience this time and all it has to offer in a physical body. It is an amazingly profound and powerful time of new openings and alignments within ourselves and all that we have known. The challenge is in opening and becoming all that we can be now! Our challenge is to let go of ideas, beliefs and ways of being in the world that no longer serve us and the planet.

This takes humor, love, courage, and trust in ourselves and the guidance from our Higher-Self. It takes a willingness to let go of density, of pain and suffering and being willing to soar and fly. We do this naturally when we release the anchors, the weights holding us down. It is time to leave being a caterpillar and become the butterfly. Time to leave our nests so we can soar the heights. We will always be able to land and be grounded when we want.

We now have a much wider spectrum of choices, colors, opportunities, levels to expand into and new doorways to walk through. You have more support now than ever before to move into extraordinary places. The choice is yours of how you will use this time and how you will focus your intent and embrace all the light and energies available to you. I am really excited and overjoyed to share this time with you!

In Light, Love & Service,