Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Focus, Habits and Attention

Habits are things we do repetitively, often without thinking about them, without thought or really offering attention to them. Some habits are very helpful to us and others are less helpful. I have the habit of brushing my teeth and then flossing them with dental floss before I go to bed each evening. My dentist tells me that this is a very good habit. Somehow I never got into the habit of brushing my teeth in the morning before eating or going about my day. My dentist tells me that it's not just about cleaning the food debris out of my teeth but about breaking up plaque and cleaning away bacteria that is promoting tooth decay and that by brushing every 12 hours will keep my teeth cleaner and healthier no matter if I have eaten in between or not.

So, after a lifetime of doing something different I'm learning a new habit to brush my teeth in the morning or approximately 12 hours after I've brushed them previously. And I find that, as it is not something that's habitual, something that's not in my previously ordinary routine that it is easy to overlook or forget. Doing something new and different takes consciousness, it takes attention, it takes paying attention and consciously making the choice to do something different. It takes waking up and being awake in the moment.

Doing something new and different takes work, energy consciousness and the awareness that to do this will be beneficial to me somehow. I'm using the example of brushing my teeth as it is something we all do, have an understanding about and usually a belief that it's somehow good for us to do this although we may not immediately see the consequences of it. In fact often there's little instant gratification in brushing one's teeth and dental flossing them unless we have something stuck in our teeth, have eaten an especially odorous food or something that we can feel with our tongue is coating our teeth.

I have a daily practice of energetic clearing and cleaning of myself that I do in the mornings and often at night before I go to bed. I do this because there are things that are less physical and obvious that can have a detrimental effect on me. So, like brushing and flossing my teeth for immediate and long-term health I do practices that clean and clear my etheric energy fields around my body similarly to taking a shower and washing with soap and cleansing and cleaning my physical body. And it has taken work and continues to be work at times to do the things that help me to stay clean, clear, physically healthy and more vibrant and alive. In previous monthly thoughts I have offered practices and suggestions that I believe are simple, very helpful and that I have seen clear and positive results through using them myself and from people I have worked with. You may wish to look at some of the past months if you would like some new suggestions or to remember some of what I have offered before.

I invite you to look at your habits and would suggest that you consider if your old habits can be improved upon or new ones implemented that will serve you to be more whole and healthy. What I am inviting you to do will take some work, it will take being conscious and aware and in some ways waking up in the moment. Being awake has many advantages and in my opinion and experience is well worth your time and efforts.

Often we're very comfortable in our old ways of doing things, our old habits and, in a way, we are sleepwalking through life. My invitation to you is to begin to explore and do things that assist you in becoming more alive, awakening and becoming more conscious in the moment-to-moment movement of your life. You can do this all on your own if you wish. If you would like some assistance I would be honored to assist you in your process of becoming more awake, alive, conscious and whole. Please feel free to contact me and we will see what we can awaken together!

In Light, Love and Service,


Friday, March 21, 2014

Transitioning Into Spring

March to April is such a transition time in so many ways as we move from the winter into the spring. In many places it is a very unpredictable month as far as the weather goes, as it can be beautiful warm and sunny one day and the next comes freezing rain and gusty blowing winds with clouds blocking the sunlight. In the same way we are doing this within ourselves, we are opening to new aliveness and life as the sun radiates new light, encodements and higher energies to us.
We are also finding those places that are still icy and cold with the blowing winds and clouds that surface to block our natural light and radiance. It is time to open to the new and embrace more of who and what you are, what is available to you and how you wish to be in this world. How do you wish to be in this world? You do have a choice you know?
This world needs vital, alive, creative, heart-centered people whose hearts are open and who allow their minds to be in service to their hearts as they make their decisions and move in the world.Most of our so-called civilized world has elevated the mind and the mind’s reasoning over the holistic knowing and wisdom of the heart’s guidance. And you can see where this has brought us to by looking at the state of the world we live in politically, environmentally, religiously and interpersonally.
The thinking mind always functions in duality, right and wrong, good and bad, black and white, with self protection and preservation of the ego upper-most in its functioning. If we were a ship sailing on uncharted seas, the mind would be used to help get us where we're going, but not to be the captain of the ship! Our heart will guide us to the safe harbor, to the love we so desire, to the awakening and beauty that is waiting all around us to be discovered and appreciated.
During the last three months I have participated in multiple workshops presented by different people who are leaders in the field of awakening, awareness and sacred geometry. I have been doing deep and ongoing personal work to bring myself more fully into my heart and to become more conscious and awake in every aspect of my life. I have gone far outside my usual comfort zones and expanded myself and abilities in ways I have prayed about for many, many years.
As a result of this, as well as a multitude of other factors, the ability that I have to work with people has taken on new dimensions, clarity, and profoundness than ever before. As new and higher energies channel through me I am now able to offer the same Sessions at a whole new and higher level. I'm able to articulate and offer a greater depth and effectiveness to those I am working with than I have in the previous thirteen years.
Allow your light to shine!

The little meditation below may be of service to you and to help you stay more centered and grounded in your heart, allowing your light to radiate and shine from you to illuminate any darkness around you and those you love.
It is a short meditation, easy to do before and after work, interacting with family members and any other social engagements where you are dealing with others thoughts, feelings and possible projections on to you.

Use your breath to help with the movement of what you will be doing below. You can take as long as you want doing this and it can be done very quickly after some practice, in only in 4 or 5 breaths. This will help you to be clear and stay centered in your own energies where you can be most effective and helpful to others and yourself.
  1. Imagine, intend or simply feel a Violet Sphere of light above your head.
  2. See, imagine, intend or feel the Violet Sphere of light moving down through your body and flowing out your hands and feet.
  3. Imagine, see, intend or feel a Golden Sphere of light above your head.
  4. See, imagine, intend or feel the Golden Sphere of light moving down through your body and flowing out your hands and feet.
  5. Allow the Golden Light to form a column of light from just beneath the base of your spine and imagine, see, imagine, intend or feel it connecting to the center crystalline core of the earth.
  6. Imagine, see, intend or feel the Golden Light radiating out from your heart in an ever flowing continual radiance within, through and around you.
Wishing You Much Light, laughter and Love,


Friday, January 31, 2014

Once Upon a Time

I have a little story for you this month that may be familiar and even known to some of you and surprisingly comforting hopefully informative and interesting to others. This story starts as many stories do with the words, “Once upon a time.” This lets the listener know that what they are about to hear is a story, a tale that may entertain, contain wisdom and is simplified so that the message can be conveyed in a way that allows for unusual and sometimes foreign ideas to be looked at, received and integrated into your mental and emotional systems gently.

Once upon a time, in a place where there was no time a vast energy became aware that in our “human” terms, it was a little bored. Now this vast energy was such that we with our human minds can not really understand how such a thing could be, that such an entity so unimaginably huge, all knowing and powerful could ever become tired of its existence or desiring somehow more and wishing expansion. Well it was and opened to expanding even more!

Because it knew everything, nothing could surprise it or really give it an original thought or idea. This incredibly huge entity was so big and expansive that in comparison to our Universe, our whole Universe was like the size a single atom is to the size of the Earth. In other words “it” was bigger and vaster than what we can really conceive of. So, after what might be to us after several billion years as we conceive of and think of time, this entity that could be called All-that-Is conceived of a plan to bring into existence more expansion and growth. This plan would also offer possibilities in constant expansion, exploring countless possibilities and the possibility of discovering something new!

The idea that was conceived was to separate parts of itself and send these parts out away from itself in such a way that the separated parts would have an individual consciousness of their own. Now these smaller parts of the great whole were in constant connection and communication with their greater self and even though they had individuated consciousness because of the connection and constant direct communication nothing unique or new really was achieved or discovered. These parts of the greater whole assumed different functions or purposes.  They could work together or separately, however they desired. Generally speaking, some parts became primarily Creators and others Servers to the Creators and their creations.

Another plan was born through the understandings gained from the first group of individuated parts of the greater consciousness.

The plan was to further individuate and then to construct places of “free will” where the further individuated parts would find themselves in a place of forgetfulness that would allow for the freedom to discover and create from an illusion of separation from the whole of who they really are. The universes constructed would allow for the biological “housing” of the individuated parts in various forms of physical expression. Once physically housed the individuated parts would “forget” almost all of who and what they really are and where they may most recently have “originated” from as well as the inseparable connection to the oneness and unity that they truly are. Various constructs were put into place within the physical biology to assist in the forgetfulness and reinforce the illusion of separation.

So, with great enthusiasm and excitement individuated portions of God-Goddess-All-That-Is further individuated and lined up to send and allow another fragment, a spark of It’s wholeness to incarnate into a physical biological entity that was wonderfully limited.

Forgetting and being limited as compared with knowing everything that would ever happen was the key to helping the expansion of All-that-Is in unique and new ways, offering challenge and new possibilities to unfold. The biological entity, amazingly complex and able to reproduce creating more biological entities like themselves able to house even more sparks of a greater whole, a greater divinity into a “new” growing, evolving body that would be able to continue this process of expansion and creation for all of the physical and non- physical parts combined expansion!

With great delight, many plans, ideas to explore, multiple options and untold combinations of interaction to be explored this family of light, of non-physical entities parts of even greater aspects of Itself sent multiple sparks, multiple aspects of Itself (Its many selves now) into physical worlds and into physical bodies. All knew that once physically incarnated the Sparks would forget their true origin and immortal nature and believe themselves to be much much less than what they truly are. Because of this forgetting all kinds of new and unique situations could be acted out. The actors could play all different kinds of roles throughout the ages as this physical place would have the illusion of time so firmly set within the biology of the incarnated Sparks and their physicality would have a limited lifespan so all possibilities and possible combinations of roles could be played and acted out. The physical bodies aged through time and then transitioned back to their greater non-physical aspects to line up again to have the chance to be physical again and to continue to play various roles with their brothers and sisters in physical form.

Even though the Sparks would forget their true nature they were all given a guidance system that allowed them to navigate in the worlds they found themselves in. They would get direction and guidance from the greater non-physical parts of themselves through their feelings. Their feelings were a direct way to align with the pathways offering the highest choice in any given situation. Feelings of joy, enthusiasm, excitement, passion, heart opening, love and the feeling of just knowing what was “right” would guide and point out the way.

The stage for this grand play that the Sparks were the actors on would offer the opportunity for separation, the illusion of death (to make it all feel so “real” and critically important) and the opportunity to play multiple roles and challenge each other to bring out the highest expression of creativity within each other. Being vast multi-dimensional masters there would be constant assistance, guidance and opportunity for shift and change from the non-physical aspect of the Sparks and other non-physical entities whose joy it is to assist in the ongoing play. The individual Sparks could decide if they wanted to act in a drama, comedy, love story, adventure or whatever aspect they might individually choose to focus on.

Through their connection to the source of all that is whatever the individual Sparks decided to focus on they would increase that in their own reality, their own world

The Sparks mission was through the contrast of knowing what they would prefer not to have or participate in as their reality, would be able to create the reality, the life situations they each uniquely desired through their focus and what they gave their attention to. They could individually and collectively create whatever they focused on and due to the delay in time from thought to manifestation they could change their direction as they evolved and as it pleased them. Some Sparks had some preset agendas and by following the path that contained the most “heart”, the path that was illuminated for them through their feelings and emotions they would always know the better direction to take and the better choices to be made that would bring about the highest manifestations in their lives.

So, I am sure you have discovered by now that every single human on this Earth is in terms of the little story above, a Spark of All-That-Is.

You are the physical manifestation of an unbelievably vast multi-dimensional entity and are always connected, loved and supported by this greater part of you.

There is much more depth and room of expansion to this “story” and maybe in future months I will offer more elaboration on the various aspects mentioned or eluded to. I hope you enjoyed this little story and your ongoing creations in your personal life and world!

If you are loving your life and physical manifestations this is absolutely wonderful, keep doing just what you are currently doing! If you would like some assistance in fine tuning your journey into one more appealing to you please look at the various Sessions I have to offer. You also can look forward to some new Sessions I have just received for this year and the current energies we are getting and opening up to receive and work with!

In Light, Love & Service,