Friday, June 15, 2012

Change and Opening to the New!

We are in the midst of transformation individually and as a species. During times of intense transformation it is perfectly “normal” to not feel “normal”. When the very Earth beneath your feet is changing and your body is changing as it integrates your higher dimensional energy systems it is no wonder we might feel like we are on some out-of-control, wild ride or the newest roller coaster at an amusement park!

We have all come here on earth to participate in this exciting and challenging time. We have chosen to bring our Higher-Self into our physical body as a group and species. You reading this are among a select group that is leading the way for the rest of your brothers and sisters. We are all going and no one is going to be left out, some of are simply on the front line. Leading the way is often not as safe, easy or simple as following behind. Sometimes if feels to me like being the windshield on a fast moving vehicle, you get a great view, there is a wonderful rush of movement and every once in awhile things that are flying around crash into you.

As we are going so very fast it is really imperative that we really do the many things that we can to remain as balanced, clear and aligned during such intense times of acceleration. Sometimes “doing” means stopping and resting. Sometimes it means clearing yourself off and allowing yourself to move forward, following where your heart leads you. Your conscious mind will most likely be having a very difficult time figuring out what to do. Your heart knows what to do and what is the most advantageous path for you to follow.

So, the wise person will put their mind in service to their heart! Your heart speaks to you like your Higher-Self does through your feelings. Through your dreams, your intuitions, your feeling sense of knowing what is really “right” and “best” for you in any given moment. We are a little like a ship in an unpredictable ocean. Keeping everything in its place, clean and knowing you are prepared for challenging weather and storms helps you to relax. You are like a ship that was built to sail the seas during all kinds of weather and conditions. You can weather storms and the big waves of energy that may wash over you. When you are relaxed you are more able to hear and feel the messages from your Higher-Self, to listen to your heart’s advice.

You can be most effective, helpful and of assistance in these wonderful, amazing, unpredictable and challenging times by following the guidance of your Higher-Self. You will naturally find yourself in the optimal place and position to be of greatest assistance to others and yourself. Your Higher-Self is continuously offering you guidance and assistance so you can be in exactly the “right” place at the “right” time.  Your job is simply to tune in and allow the guidance to direct you.

Allowing yourself to meditate, exercise, rest, to be relaxed and at ease is always important and especially now and during the coming months. Eating the foods that nurture and nourish you and doing those things that help you to be in harmony, in balance and centered in your heart is exactly what this time calls for. Continually orienting to doing your own personal inner work first before taking action ensures your actions are those that will serve you and the world the most.

You are a unique instrument designed to anchor a very particular aspect of divinity on Earth. You radiate the music of the heavens through your physical body. Like any fine instrument taking care of your body ensures that it plays in a most clear precise way.  We then can play harmoniously with the other instruments in this symphony of life we all are playing in. Your care, thoughtfulness and consideration in making it a priority to be clear, clean, centered and aligned allows your unique music flow through you in its most effective way. This is your gift to all humanity. This is how you help yourself and humanity each and every day.

Wishing You Great Light, Love & Joyful Harmony,