Monday, March 28, 2011

Shining Light on Japan

It has been challenging times since I last wrote. So very much has happened and moved with and through me and so many of those I love. Having worked in Japan for 9 previous years an earthquake or two was not unexpected. An earthquake with the magnitude of 9+, multiple nuclear reactor meltdowns and a tsunami altogether causing over 10,000 deaths, 300,000 people becoming without their usual shelter and the leakage of radiation from damaged nuclear reactors core meltdowns was not expected!

On March 11 at 14:46 I was standing and beginning to complete a session in Tokyo with a wonderful Japanese woman. Our world will never be the same again. We did complete the session and then the ongoing nuclear meltdowns, tsunami and the over 200 smaller earthquakes in the Tokyo area continued throughout the day I left on March 17. I had the opportunity to leave Tokyo on Monday the 14 but received direct guidance in meditation to stay and complete my work and assist in all the ways I could working as an Holographic Harmonizer to help with my physical presence the energy grids of Japan to be more stable as well as to assist in holding an energy of calm, safety and the outlook for the highest possibilities to arise out of such terrible circumstances.

On March 16 at the end of a long meditation I very clearly received the message that my work was done that required my physical presence and within 20 minutes I received a call from my coordinator in Tokyo that all my clients had cancelled their remaining sessions that were scheduled and I could leave on the next available flight. Everything worked out perfectly for me to leave on the following day.

Such a dramatic and often traumatic occurrence challenges us to rise to our highest and best ways of being in a physical body here on Earth. We have the opportunity to offer our greatest gifts of love, kindness, compassion and sharing in such times. We are all connected and can assist each other close together and from afar.

If you are reading this then you are a Lightworker (a physically embodied soul who has chosen to be here on Earth and to hold a particular frequency and shine a divine light in ways unique only to you). You have prepared for countless lifetimes for this “job” and have all the skills and tools necessary to be a beacon of love, hope, peace, calmness, safety and clarity in dark times.

I am honored to be able to share this role with you! We are brothers and sisters dedicated in holding the light, in holding a vision of higher possibilities and ways of being right now and for the future. You may do this in what seems very small ways or in larger more “seen” ways. Each and every contribution of the light you hold and ground into your own area and family is of immense value. Those who have chosen to leave this physical existence are helping from just beyond our vision, from their expanded viewpoints and with all the knowledge and awareness’s that they have gained from this lifetime on Earth.

Your dedication to shining your own personal light during this lifetime, to hold your heart ever more open and radiant is like a brilliant cloak with colors unique to only you. You will have this cloak (the shinning colors) around you forever, whenever you incarnate, anywhere again as a physical being. Your unique and beautiful colors can be seen by all those with the eyes to see as a sign of who and what you have been and done during such challenging times.

Please do hold your head high even as you sometimes grieve the apparent passing of those you care so deeply for and love, of a land damaged and so many people choosing to see less that the highest possibility in any given situation. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions absolutely have power and now is the time to use them to hold the light of all highest probabilities. Your dreams now will help create the future that you will move into.

Please dream your highest dreams, hold your highest vision for yourself, humanity and the Earth!

Wishing you Much Love and Brilliant Radiance of All You Are for the
Highest Benefit of ALL!!!