Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let Go Of the Past and Move Forward

You are made of vibration. The world around you is made of different vibrations and the frequencies of those vibrations.

Friends and clients often ask me, “Why am I not feeling well and have physical health problems?” I would like to try and answer this in a way that you can understand, though it may not make sense to you, and even might feel less than satisfying. My answer will be from a very energy-centered perspective, a perspective that is based on vibration, the vibration that the physical “you” is holding and radiating out into the world.

For my answer to make sense to you there needs to be several basic understandings or assumptions:

1. We are vibration (energy) and live in a world made of vibrations or various forms of energy, some of which seems more physical than others or is denser than other forms of vibration.

2. The understanding that this physical “you” who is reading this is actually the physical manifestation of a larger non-physical “you” I call your Higher-Self.

3. Your Higher-Self is the source of your energy, life and vitality. The Higher-Self is continuously sending “you” that which enables you to be alive and physically focused.

4. Your Higher-Self always focuses on what is the highest vibration possible for you and holds that focus and intent unwaveringly. It focuses on love to the exclusion on anything that is not of this frequency or vibration.

5. The physical “you” and the “you” that is your Higher-Self is always connected and in communication.

6. The physical “you” who is reading this feels the guidance and communication from your Higher-Self the non-physical “you” through your FEELINGS.

7.Alignment feels good. Following your Higher-Self’s guidance feels good, expansive, loving, clear, alive, creative, fun and exciting. Not following your Higher-Self’s guidance feels bad, restrictive, dull, unclear and lacking aliveness or creativity.

8. When you “feel” bad, less alive, restricted and in emotional pain it is because the physical “you” is not in alignment with that greater part of “you” the larger non-physical part that is the source of your life force, your Higher-Self. This is what is actually causing you the discomfort (your lack of alignment with the greater wiser aspect of you) and not the person, place or thing that seems to be causing your discomfort!

9. Similar energy attracts similar energy; the vibration you hold and put out into the world attracts the same kind of vibration back to you.

10. We live in a YES-based Universe that offers to us through our vibration (the vibration we are holding). The vibrations we are holding and radiating out are matched and are attracted to us. You get what you focus on!

Now getting back to the question poised at the beginning.

The simple answer why you or anyone else has not been feeling well is because you or they are not following what the greater part of themselves (Higher-Self) has aligned with and this is restricting the flow of life force or energy from the Higher-Self causing restrictions and blocks in the physical body’s energy systems.

When this lack of alignment becomes a habit, things get worse and worse over time. Most often we try and sort this out to see if we can figure just what has caused what or try to intellectually figure out how did I get to this place of dis-ease that I am feeling and seeing physically manifesting all around me. More often than not this attempt at figuring it all out is not productive and only activates the energy (vibration) that does not serve us to be "healthy".

Intellectual knowing does not necessarily generate health and well being. In fact focusing continually on intellectually understanding something that seems to be causing you pain and suffering tends to set up a resonance with this type of energy (more pain and suffering) and you then attract more of it!

Remember, what you focus on is what you invite more of into your life!

So, what is most productive and healthy is to let go of the past and move forward into the new, into the energy that is free of those things restricting your connection with your Higher-Self. So, I encourage and offer ways to move forward into health; not backwards into blocks.

Thinking that by intellectually "understanding" what caused something that has physically manifested into a dis-ease (disease) or challenging physical symptoms and that you then can avoid or cure it makes linear sense. Unfortunately this does not usually work because the cause is almost always very complex, often non-linear and often beyond our ability to truly understand all the components and their interactions that really make it up.

It is far more productive to let the past go and move forward to where you want to go. It is like if you tried to drive a car forward by looking through the rear window all the time. You would crash more often than not before you finally got to where you really wanted to go.

This answer may not feel very satisfying, and I apologize if that is so. However, it may contain the information why you and others have continued to be less healthy and "well" than the body is capable of being. Let go of the past and move forward. Focus on what you want as much as possible in ways that feel good and uplifting to you. Simply focusing on what feels good and nourishing in the present will take you into the energetic space where all that you really want is much more easily attracted to you.

As always, it comes down to similar energy attracts similar energy. Your thoughts are energy. How you feel is energy. Energy is vibration. Opening to feeling better by thinking thoughts that “feel” good to you and doing things that feel good to you and nourish you naturally sets up a vibration that attracts a similar vibration.

I invite you as we move into the very auspicious New Year of 2011 to do all in your ability to let go of the past that no longer serves you and to focus on what you really want more of in your life. Do whatever you need to do to bring yourself into greater alignment with your Higher-Self. Focus more on love and being loving. Put your time and energy into those things that bring you more love, joy, expansion, creativity, openness, clarity and to do the things that simply “feel” good to you.

I look forward to our mutual movement forward into greater alignment, more love and joy now and in the New Year!

In Light, Love & Service,