Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Treasure Chest of Experiences!

Most of you reading this have had many years of life experience that has helped you to come to this exact place and time where you are reading this particular message. I would also add that since you are reading this message, this particular message has something in it of value and importance to you or you would not have brought it into you life experience! So, with this in mind please see if you can find the jewels and possibly treasures contained below that can assist you in creating a better life during the challenging times we have chosen to be in right now.

We have each “lived” and experienced so much more than we usually are conscious of. Think about that for a moment, contemplate on it.

We have each “lived” and experienced so
much more than we usually are conscious of.

Can you imagine living different lifetimes in different times and places and all the experiences that they would offer to you? What if you were of a different gender than you currently find yourself or even of a race of beings that are not human? Such lifetimes would be like a gold mine waiting for you to unearth the riches contained, possibly buried in your unconscious and just waiting for you to excavate them. You have lived countless “lifetimes” filled with experiences, skills, abilities, qualities and talents waiting for you to remember them and embody them now. This treasure is really available to you here and now!

My invitation is for you to mine the riches you have accrued through lifetimes and let the sediment; those things that do not assist you lay dormant. Take back the jewels and treasure you have earned through lifetimes of hard work for your use here and now. This is your birthright, this is part of why you are here and now on Earth at this time, so you can each assist in your own unique and perfect way our united movement into something greater and grander than might be imagined.

There are multiple ways to recover the skills, abilities and attributes that we have earned through physical existences that are not of our current focused state we call this lifetime, this “now”. We can access them during the times we are sleeping and “dream” of having these things that seem lacking to us right now in our normal waking state. We can access them during meditation or through focused intent to remember and embody something specific we feel would be most helpful right now. They could be things like: vibrant health, clear thinking, the ability to discern truth better, having a more loving open heart, creative talents of expressions, more joy and happiness in living.

Here is a simple meditation that can assist you to unearth what you have forgotten and bring it into your day-to-day experience here and now.
  1. Allow yourself to become quiet inside, breathing slowly and deeply.
  2. Invite those non-physical beings that you feel connected to or whom you feel you would like to assist you. This could be Angles or spiritual teachers who are no longer physical. You could invite the beings of light who hold specific qualities that you would like to have around you to be with you like grace, joy, play, love, harmony and peace.
  3. Imagine breathing in bright light, like sunshine on water, into the center of your heart and allowing it to expand throughout your body.
  4. Breath this shinning light into your heart and let it expand all around your for at least 14 deep, slow breaths.
  5. Specifically ask that you connect with and receive whatever it may be that you are specifically desiring to embody that seems missing from you current life and that you may have earned through living it in another “lifetime”. Say something like, “ I now ask that, Name whatever it is your are wanting to bring into your life, be awakened in my life for my use here and now.
  6. Allow your mind to be quiet and be receptive to whatever may come to you. It could be pictures, thoughts, feelings or even nothing seemingly special. Please allow at least 10 minutes to be in this receptive state.
  7. Give thanks for what you may have received and that you have activated the process to embody more of what is yours.
What is most important is to ask for what you want and then to let go of what you have asked for, knowing (or at least holding the hope and possibility) that you will receive your request.

Wishing you extraordinary treasure hunting!

In Light, Love & Service