Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blessings Work!!!

As you know your thoughts and intentions have power and carry potent energies. When we pray it is a chance to focus our thoughts and intentions in a particular direction. The more calm, clear and aligned we are, the more energy is able to flow through us. When we call on assistance from non-physical beings to help us in the delivery of our prayers they can be even more positive, powerful and impactful.

We have available to us the assistance of non-physical beings whose sole purpose is to assist and help us on our physical journey here on Earth. They are limited in their ability to help unless we invite and ask for their assistance. I ask for assistance and help daily from divine beings of the light. You may wish to include an invitation to the Angles and other divine beings of your choice to assist you each day.

I would like to share with you a prayer, an invocation that I say over the food and water I drink. This prayer allows the food and drink to give us more nourishment. It allows us to absorb more light into our bodies and helps to vitalize or food as well as opening and aligning ourselves. I usually say the following complete Prayer/Invocation/Blessing over full meals. I almost always say the Invocation To Water over my beverages and snacks.

The first part is called the invocation to water from the book, What is Lightbody by Tashira Tachi-ren. I use it over food and drink as foods like our bodies are mostly comprised of water.

Invocation To Water
I take this the water of life,
I declare it the water of light.
As I bring it within my body,
It allows my body to glow.
I take this the water of Light,
I declare it the water of God.
I Am a Master in all that I Am.

I continue my prayer / invocation / Blessing with:

I ask the Angels within and without to raise this food to its highest vibration, frequency and potency that is in the highest alignment with my body Now.

I give thanks to all the people, plants and animals,
The Sun, the Moon, the Stars,
The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water,
All the creatures’ great and small that have brought this food to me here today.

I ask that all beings have nourishing and tasty food to eat!

I hope that this may be something that you will consider using or that you may incorporate it in whatever your say at mealtimes before eating. It will bring you increased nourishment in all ways!

In Light, Love and Service,