Monday, August 27, 2012

Seeing With New Eyes

I have a friend who once was a medical doctor, cabinetmaker and a yoga teacher among other very interesting and unusual pursuits and occupations during his almost 80 years of life. He has a curious and keen intellect that serves his love of life in all its variety. Being very interested in how “things” work the psychological underpinnings of how and why we do the things we do, our physical bodies health, religious beliefs and our spiritual practices we share very interesting and creative conversations. Being highly intuitive, sensitive beings we often explore our current thoughts and ideas amidst the daily workings of our lives being vast energies in a seemingly limited physical body and interacting with other people.

He has been a photographer who has seen the development of cameras into the digital age and taken pictures all his life. Now in the later years of his life he purchased an iPad and taught himself how to use it to draw pictures with it using multiple drawing applications. What I find interesting and noteworthy is that he has discovered how to take some of the pictures he has already taken and using the new technology available to him begun to draw, alter and illustrate what was unseen and once hidden. He never really “knew” why he took so many pictures during his life and now he finds that following his intuition, his creativity and playing he is unveiling hidden worlds that were seen but not recognized by his eyes till this time in his life.

So, what was a hobby and form of play from 70 years ago has suddenly opened up into a marvelous exploration of unseen realms that were there all the time (see image below). This seeing the “old” with new eyes is what is available to us all. We are in a time where all the energies coming into the Earth make available to us new ways of seeing.

When we see in new ways it opens new possibilities and worlds to us that where always there but not assessable to us before our opening into multidimensional sight.

For some people seeing multidimensionally is a wonderful and marvelous experience and for others it can be frightening. We have been so long focused in a particular way of seeing what we call reality that when we begin to see all the possibilities that are really available for us to see it can immediately stimulate our flight and fight reflex. The reflex and instinctive patterning that we are born with and that attempts to keep us safe. And anything that is unusual or out of the ordinary is automatically reacted to with a fear response in an attempt to keep us safe from possible harm.

What you can do is prepare yourself ahead of time in several ways.

  1. Know you will be more and more likely to be opening to seeing in different and unusual ways. Mentally prepare yourself for this likely event.
  2. When something unusual happens identify it as a possible opening to multidimensional sight and RELAX.
  3. Allow yourself to become curious at what you are able to see and perceive.
  4. Observe with the wonder and excitement of a child. Allow yourself to enjoy your new perceptions.
  5. Know you really are perfectly safe and what you are experiencing will probably pass fairly quickly and fade soon.

Opening to multidimensional sight can be a wonderful and a very enriching experience. It will probably pass more swiftly than you might like and will rarely happen when you really need to be focused here and now in the reality you are familiar with and need to be attending to. We are all growing in multiple ways, expanding our abilities, capacities and senses more and more quickly.

More and more is becoming available to us as we evolve into the richness and fullness of who we really are. Taking time to meditate, to relax, play and nurture yourself helps make everything much more fun and graceful. It is a marvelous adventure you have chosen to participate in and it will get more and more wonderful as time goes on!

In Light, Love & Service,