Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sailing Along on Earth

Here you are sailing along on planet Earth. Your compass is your heart and this is how you were designed to navigate by and through. When you are clear and aligned, vibrating high you can see the stars and they will guide you along your way. The stars are your guides, forever shining guidance, wisdom, love and light, they are your navigation tools.

Your feelings, as expressed through your heart, are what are meant to guide you. Sadly this is not how most of the “world’ seems to understand or function. When you and I are feeling separate, alone and forget we can get caught into the flow of the other ways of being in the world. Those ways that are more accepted but do not really serve us. Those ways become like a fog all around us and we can easily lose our way when we forget our true navigational device, our heart!

Thus we can become like a ship sailing in the fog. So often this is when we become more outer focused and lose our alignment with our Higher-Self, within our knowing hearts. The fog we can get lost in is being caught in the mass mind that is not aligned with the Higher-Self or the heart. In the fog we can not see the stars all around that offer guidance in dark times.

When we take the risk to move forward in our lives often our past conditioning and patterns are still present and doing their best to keep everything the same as it once was. Sometimes it is OK to “fall apart” as it will give an opportunity for something new and different to grow as a new order is woven into place. Often the “fall” is amazingly short and only the fear projected by the mind deceives you into thinking the fall is so very far and big and to be avoided at all costs.

Birds would never leave their nest and fly if they did not risk leaving their nest, their home since infancy, and find they can fly. I think you can fly! I think you can let go even more and open your wings in ways you never dreamed possible when you let yourself go of your “nest”. Once you discover you can fly, it you can go back to your nest if you wish. Let go what you are still holding and carrying that weighs you down. Let your wings open and fly!

You can trust in yourself. You can trust that you have many unseen beings around you whose sole purpose is to support you, to love you and who are continually offering advice from a higher perspective that only has your best interests in their heart. Your job is to allow yourself to be clear and calm enough to feel, sense, see or hear the guidance continually being offered. When you allow yourself to let go of fear and worry by actively feeling love and appreciation you begin to resonate with your Guides higher frequency and vibration. When you resonate with a higher frequency and vibration you get the messages being offered easily and effortlessly. Then you know exactly what to do without question. Sometimes you just simply KNOW what is the best action or course to take and then you do it!

Please relax and allow what is already waiting for you to become more clear or seen. Let go of the past by focusing on what you want your future to be. Feel as best you can what you want to have here and now even though it may not be physically manifest yet. Allow your simple daily meditation to help you become clear and aligned with your Higher-Self.

The more you can feel appreciation for things in your life and see and feel the love that is all around you the quicker what has been less physical will become physical. And you can feel better right now without any new physical manifestations! The physical manifestation follows the non-physical energetic patterns being offered by your focus in every moment. You have the power and ability to focus your thoughts. Your thoughts and thinking are your keys to opening to higher vibratory ways of being in the world. Your higher vibratory rate naturally attracts those things that are more agreeable to you.

I wish you beautiful and wonderful sailing. I know that any storms you encounter along the way will not last and that you will sail through them becoming wiser and stronger. You were built to sail through this life being creative, having fun, being adventurous, colorful, kind, loving, feeling free and so very alive!

In Light, Love & Service,