Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Your Highest Vision

We are in the last days of the year 2012. We can use this very potent time to envision and firm a future that will be beautiful, bright and amazing for us all. One of my primary messages to you has been and still is, “You” have the power to form, shape and manifest into physical reality through your focus of attention.  
So, what will you focus on for the rest of this year using all your imagination, your love, your intuition and your caring, compassion and concern for humanity and the whole world?
You don't need to put your life on “hold” and devote all day and night to this particular focus (some people are doing exactly this). What you can do is take some time each day before you get up in the morning and before going to sleep at night to envision your highest vision of a future you would like to live in. Make it as detailed or as general as you wish. Do not worry of censure your vision by judging it as not “realistic”, impossible, not probable or crazy.
Take the leap into the fantastic, the amazing the wonderful, the most loving, kind, compassionate, high and beautiful vision you can imagine!
Maybe even write it down, share it with a trusted friend and play together with your visions and let your mutual imaginations create an even more amazing, loving and beautiful future. Let go of what is currently “real” and “possible” and dream your highest dream. Let this be fun, playful and clear. Let it become clear and so bright that it really feels uplifting, enlightening and really good to you! Allow yourself to then focus on this picture that you have painted of an alternate reality for as little as 10 minutes each day (maybe 5 minutes before getting out of bed and before sleeping).
Here is your chance to make a difference in your life and the world as you know it. The choice is yours! Let’s see what we can do together!
Wishing You Ever Expanding Capacity, Grace & Ease Into The Unfolding Of All That You Can Be And Are.
In Great Light & Love Love,

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blessings Work!!!

As you know your thoughts and intentions have power and carry potent energies. When we pray it is a chance to focus our thoughts and intentions in a particular direction. The more calm, clear and aligned we are, the more energy is able to flow through us. When we call on assistance from non-physical beings to help us in the delivery of our prayers they can be even more positive, powerful and impactful.

We have available to us the assistance of non-physical beings whose sole purpose is to assist and help us on our physical journey here on Earth. They are limited in their ability to help unless we invite and ask for their assistance. I ask for assistance and help daily from divine beings of the light. You may wish to include an invitation to the Angles and other divine beings of your choice to assist you each day.

I would like to share with you a prayer, an invocation that I say over the food and water I drink. This prayer allows the food and drink to give us more nourishment. It allows us to absorb more light into our bodies and helps to vitalize or food as well as opening and aligning ourselves. I usually say the following complete Prayer/Invocation/Blessing over full meals. I almost always say the Invocation To Water over my beverages and snacks.

The first part is called the invocation to water from the book, What is Lightbody by Tashira Tachi-ren. I use it over food and drink as foods like our bodies are mostly comprised of water.

Invocation To Water
I take this the water of life,
I declare it the water of light.
As I bring it within my body,
It allows my body to glow.
I take this the water of Light,
I declare it the water of God.
I Am a Master in all that I Am.

I continue my prayer / invocation / Blessing with:

I ask the Angels within and without to raise this food to its highest vibration, frequency and potency that is in the highest alignment with my body Now.

I give thanks to all the people, plants and animals,
The Sun, the Moon, the Stars,
The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water,
All the creatures’ great and small that have brought this food to me here today.

I ask that all beings have nourishing and tasty food to eat!

I hope that this may be something that you will consider using or that you may incorporate it in whatever your say at mealtimes before eating. It will bring you increased nourishment in all ways!

In Light, Love and Service,

Saturday, October 6, 2012

You are a Multidimensional Master Creating Through Your Focus

You are so much more than you know and pretend to be. Your forgetting was agreed upon and part of a divine plan. It is now time to begin to wake up to who and what you really are. You catch glimpses of your vastness, your power, your beauty, your abilities to create and see your love manifest in your dreams. And your dreams are more “real” than you often believe them to be. From your dreams comes the future that can be made physical.

You are a Multidimensional Master in a human body. Your focus, where you place your attention, emotions and thoughts attract and create the “reality” you live in. When you rejoice and celebrate the many wonders and miracles that surround you in each and every day you set up a resonance for that within yourself and anchor this into the Earth. You weave patterns of light that catch and attract denser physical things, events, people, interactions and co-incidences by your focus.

Your power is in your “NOW”, in your ability to consciously choose and focus where you place your attention. In your conscious focusing you can create the “reality” and world you wish to live in. Being a Multidimensional Master you can weave patterns of light that catch whatever you are allowing yourself to pay attention to. Through your attention, your focus, you energize and give power to whatever it is you are paying attention to.

So, the question becomes, “WHAT ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION TO?”

If what you are focusing on is what you want to have more of in your life and for the world you live in then please continue. If what you are talking about, feeling motivated by, putting time, money and energy into is notwhat want more of in your life then make the conscious effort to shift it into what you wish more of for yourself and others.

You have the power to make a difference by your own personal alignment. Your higher alignment and daily focus creates the future you live in. This is why your personal alignment and clarity is vital. Your alignment with you Higher-Self guarantees a perspective and energetic focus that will absolutely create the life and world you wish to live in for yourself and those you care about and love.

Wishing You Much Light, Love and High Alignment,

You are a Multidimensional Master who creates through your focus, 
will you focus on what “is” or what you wish to see made manifest?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Stepping Into Your Spotlight

            If you have gone to a live play lately or seen a video of one, do you remember how sometimes a spotlight highlighted the characters? They might walk into it from off stage or suddenly be illuminated by this bright light while other areas around them are darker and other actors may fade as your attention is brought to the light filled area and what is within it.

Well, you have your very own personal spotlight that is powered and shines down to you from your Higher-Self! You, just like actors in a play who are on stage can move into your personal illuminated space! And when you do other people on this stage that are in their own spotlight will gravitate towards and connect with you. The more you step into the alignment with your light, the more clear and faster your personal world evolves in ways that are pleasing to you.

You can also move away from your light and connect with others who are doing the same. You have the choice in each and every choice to move more into your light or further away. Always your Higher-Self shines its spotlight towards you in unending love, connection and holding you in the highest vision of your beauty, clarity, creativity, alignment, joy and aliveness possible. So, if you happen to wander away, out of your spotlight you can quickly find your way back.

How do you find your way back or closer to the center? Let your feelings guide you into your personal light and alignment. Simply lean in the direction of whatever feels good to you and keep doing it! Allow time to meditate in any way that works for you. Making the time for even 5 minutes before you get out of bed in the morning and before sleeping at night thinking of and focusing on what you appreciate and love will help you swiftly orient to the light shining from your Higher-Self. Just do whatever it takes to allow yourself to step into alignment with your Higher-Self.

You life here on Earth is meant to be a happy, loving, joyful, creative an ever expanding experience in fulfillment! Your Higher-Self continuously shines a spotlight for you to align with and stand in. Standing in your light will change the world quicker and faster than anything else. Standing in your light is the change the world needs, it uplifts everyone and everything you come in contact with.

In Light, Love & Service,

Monday, August 27, 2012

Seeing With New Eyes

I have a friend who once was a medical doctor, cabinetmaker and a yoga teacher among other very interesting and unusual pursuits and occupations during his almost 80 years of life. He has a curious and keen intellect that serves his love of life in all its variety. Being very interested in how “things” work the psychological underpinnings of how and why we do the things we do, our physical bodies health, religious beliefs and our spiritual practices we share very interesting and creative conversations. Being highly intuitive, sensitive beings we often explore our current thoughts and ideas amidst the daily workings of our lives being vast energies in a seemingly limited physical body and interacting with other people.

He has been a photographer who has seen the development of cameras into the digital age and taken pictures all his life. Now in the later years of his life he purchased an iPad and taught himself how to use it to draw pictures with it using multiple drawing applications. What I find interesting and noteworthy is that he has discovered how to take some of the pictures he has already taken and using the new technology available to him begun to draw, alter and illustrate what was unseen and once hidden. He never really “knew” why he took so many pictures during his life and now he finds that following his intuition, his creativity and playing he is unveiling hidden worlds that were seen but not recognized by his eyes till this time in his life.

So, what was a hobby and form of play from 70 years ago has suddenly opened up into a marvelous exploration of unseen realms that were there all the time (see image below). This seeing the “old” with new eyes is what is available to us all. We are in a time where all the energies coming into the Earth make available to us new ways of seeing.

When we see in new ways it opens new possibilities and worlds to us that where always there but not assessable to us before our opening into multidimensional sight.

For some people seeing multidimensionally is a wonderful and marvelous experience and for others it can be frightening. We have been so long focused in a particular way of seeing what we call reality that when we begin to see all the possibilities that are really available for us to see it can immediately stimulate our flight and fight reflex. The reflex and instinctive patterning that we are born with and that attempts to keep us safe. And anything that is unusual or out of the ordinary is automatically reacted to with a fear response in an attempt to keep us safe from possible harm.

What you can do is prepare yourself ahead of time in several ways.

  1. Know you will be more and more likely to be opening to seeing in different and unusual ways. Mentally prepare yourself for this likely event.
  2. When something unusual happens identify it as a possible opening to multidimensional sight and RELAX.
  3. Allow yourself to become curious at what you are able to see and perceive.
  4. Observe with the wonder and excitement of a child. Allow yourself to enjoy your new perceptions.
  5. Know you really are perfectly safe and what you are experiencing will probably pass fairly quickly and fade soon.

Opening to multidimensional sight can be a wonderful and a very enriching experience. It will probably pass more swiftly than you might like and will rarely happen when you really need to be focused here and now in the reality you are familiar with and need to be attending to. We are all growing in multiple ways, expanding our abilities, capacities and senses more and more quickly.

More and more is becoming available to us as we evolve into the richness and fullness of who we really are. Taking time to meditate, to relax, play and nurture yourself helps make everything much more fun and graceful. It is a marvelous adventure you have chosen to participate in and it will get more and more wonderful as time goes on!

In Light, Love & Service,

Friday, July 13, 2012

Let the Universe do the “Work”!

Are you focusing on WHAT you want or are you focusing on the LACK of what you want?

What you focus on and put your attention on with your thoughts, feelings and emotions is what tells the Universe to bring more of “that” to you. This is what will become physically manifest in your life.
So, your focus on what you really want, feeling healthy, wealth, a partner, loving friends, creative work, peace and harmony in your life brings you into a flow of circumstances and events that bring those things to you.

In the very same way, and this distinction is crucial, if you focus on your LACK of those things you want, the Universe gives you exactly more and more of the lack of those things. So, when you stop putting energy, thoughts, focus and emotions into what you do not want you open the door for what you really do want to naturally flow into your life.

This does take conscious focusing and the more you practice it the easier it gets and miracles come into your life without any more effort on your part. You just attract and coincide with those events, people, places and things that bring you what you focused on. So, focus on what you want and not the lack of it!

It is always best to focus on what you want as if you already have “it” and are enjoying “it” right now!  This may take a little practice or a lot depending on how firmly held our way of thinking is! When you focus on the lack of something and not having “it” here and now that simply prolongs its ability to manifest in your life.

You do not need to figure out how to make whatever it is happen that you want or desire. You can let the Universe do the “work” and watch how such things appear and manifest in your life for you to then choose if you really want it or not. When you are allowing and aligned within yourself miracles can “happen” very quickly. Please allow the miracles big and small to manifest in your life!

In Light, Love & Service,

Friday, June 15, 2012

Change and Opening to the New!

We are in the midst of transformation individually and as a species. During times of intense transformation it is perfectly “normal” to not feel “normal”. When the very Earth beneath your feet is changing and your body is changing as it integrates your higher dimensional energy systems it is no wonder we might feel like we are on some out-of-control, wild ride or the newest roller coaster at an amusement park!

We have all come here on earth to participate in this exciting and challenging time. We have chosen to bring our Higher-Self into our physical body as a group and species. You reading this are among a select group that is leading the way for the rest of your brothers and sisters. We are all going and no one is going to be left out, some of are simply on the front line. Leading the way is often not as safe, easy or simple as following behind. Sometimes if feels to me like being the windshield on a fast moving vehicle, you get a great view, there is a wonderful rush of movement and every once in awhile things that are flying around crash into you.

As we are going so very fast it is really imperative that we really do the many things that we can to remain as balanced, clear and aligned during such intense times of acceleration. Sometimes “doing” means stopping and resting. Sometimes it means clearing yourself off and allowing yourself to move forward, following where your heart leads you. Your conscious mind will most likely be having a very difficult time figuring out what to do. Your heart knows what to do and what is the most advantageous path for you to follow.

So, the wise person will put their mind in service to their heart! Your heart speaks to you like your Higher-Self does through your feelings. Through your dreams, your intuitions, your feeling sense of knowing what is really “right” and “best” for you in any given moment. We are a little like a ship in an unpredictable ocean. Keeping everything in its place, clean and knowing you are prepared for challenging weather and storms helps you to relax. You are like a ship that was built to sail the seas during all kinds of weather and conditions. You can weather storms and the big waves of energy that may wash over you. When you are relaxed you are more able to hear and feel the messages from your Higher-Self, to listen to your heart’s advice.

You can be most effective, helpful and of assistance in these wonderful, amazing, unpredictable and challenging times by following the guidance of your Higher-Self. You will naturally find yourself in the optimal place and position to be of greatest assistance to others and yourself. Your Higher-Self is continuously offering you guidance and assistance so you can be in exactly the “right” place at the “right” time.  Your job is simply to tune in and allow the guidance to direct you.

Allowing yourself to meditate, exercise, rest, to be relaxed and at ease is always important and especially now and during the coming months. Eating the foods that nurture and nourish you and doing those things that help you to be in harmony, in balance and centered in your heart is exactly what this time calls for. Continually orienting to doing your own personal inner work first before taking action ensures your actions are those that will serve you and the world the most.

You are a unique instrument designed to anchor a very particular aspect of divinity on Earth. You radiate the music of the heavens through your physical body. Like any fine instrument taking care of your body ensures that it plays in a most clear precise way.  We then can play harmoniously with the other instruments in this symphony of life we all are playing in. Your care, thoughtfulness and consideration in making it a priority to be clear, clean, centered and aligned allows your unique music flow through you in its most effective way. This is your gift to all humanity. This is how you help yourself and humanity each and every day.

Wishing You Great Light, Love & Joyful Harmony,

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The power, promise and mystery of this time unfolding!

As we move through May and into June of 2012 we are being offered again and again more cosmic alignments and infusions of higher energies. We now have light pouring down to us from above like never before in in our lifetime. This has been prophesied and promised; now we are in the very real unfolding of this great awakening.

If you are reading this then you are a Lightworker, a being who “works” with light, love and truth. Your very nature is to open to more and more light, to hold and anchor more light on Earth. You allow light to channel through your physicality in a way that effects everything around you. The light is a higher frequency and vibration and brings about change in you and the world around you.

This incoming light and energy is opening us in new and unique ways. We may suddenly have new awarenesses or a higher order. Some people will open to new abilities, skills and talents they may only have dreamed of before now. Some will simply embrace and ground the light on earth, holding the essential grids of support so others can expand into the gifts that are being awakened. We each play a unique and essential part of a very divine plan.

The light works in conjunction with love and opens the awareness of higher levels of truth. There is a tri-fold flame consisting of Light, Love and Truth that you hold and radiates out from you. This “flame” can be seen by all who have the eyes to see it and will know you. The new influx of energies will give you a renewed sense of connection and a feeling of “family” with all those who hold this tri-fold flame. You have a very significant connection and receive support from your brothers and sisters who are all in various stages of awake and awakening at this point in time to more and more of who and what you truly are. This is above and beyond the usual definitions we have commonly used to identify ourselves with.

You may be doing all kinds of other things and have a “regular” and “normal” life in most ways or one that is very different from what most other people live. Your incarnation here on Earth is multi-faceted and one defining characteristic is that you, your body and energy systems are “hard-wired” to invite, hold, radiate and anchor Light!

As we are given more light, the denser aspects we may not have been so aware of become more pronounced and “seen”. All that which is not so “light” within us is illuminated. Through this divine illumination we are gifted with the opportunity to see and choose what to do with those parts of us that are weighing us down and not allowing the energy that is the greater part of us, our Higher-Self to flow more fully and freely through our physicality.

How you choose to “work” with those parts of yourself that are now being illuminated is up to you. There is no one “right” way. There will be ways that work best for you though and it would be wise to use the best and most “correct” tool for the project you are working on. Using a hammer when a gentle touch would do the job will only create more challenges. Most of the time you can do the “work” necessary to let go of old “stuff” by yourself easily and effectively once you are aware of what needs to be done.

  What is important and necessary is that we actively choose to attend to and take the time and energy necessary to release what the infusions of higher light are revealing to us that are not in alignment with living life as fully and richly as we desire. We all are being called to rise to a new level, to assume more personal mastery and hold anchor and radiate more light. Sometimes the assistance of trained “professionals” can speed up the process and make your “home improvements” much more graceful and smooth.

Some of my role and job during this time is to assist others in their opening to and embodying more light into their physicality. I have been shown and given the information for a new Session that will assist many people with the process of letting go of what has been revealed that no longer serves and may be hindering and weighing them down. Now is the time to “Lighten up” and in honor of this process the new Session will be called the Enlightenment Session. It is specifically designed to help people in a smooth and graceful way to release those things that are weighting them down and not letting them soar and fly with all the new energies currently available. This Session is only now available because of the new energies radiating to us from the heavens and through the current planetary alignments.

We are in the midst of some of the most wonderful times! You chose to be here to experience this time and all it has to offer in a physical body. It is an amazingly profound and powerful time of new openings and alignments within ourselves and all that we have known. The challenge is in opening and becoming all that we can be now! Our challenge is to let go of ideas, beliefs and ways of being in the world that no longer serve us and the planet.

This takes humor, love, courage, and trust in ourselves and the guidance from our Higher-Self. It takes a willingness to let go of density, of pain and suffering and being willing to soar and fly. We do this naturally when we release the anchors, the weights holding us down. It is time to leave being a caterpillar and become the butterfly. Time to leave our nests so we can soar the heights. We will always be able to land and be grounded when we want.

We now have a much wider spectrum of choices, colors, opportunities, levels to expand into and new doorways to walk through. You have more support now than ever before to move into extraordinary places. The choice is yours of how you will use this time and how you will focus your intent and embrace all the light and energies available to you. I am really excited and overjoyed to share this time with you!

In Light, Love & Service,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lean Towards a Higher Vibration

Yesterday I was clever,
so I wanted to change the world.
Today, I am wise
so, I am changing myself.

Life is not meant to be endless hard work and struggle where we fight to impose our will and desire so that we can eventually be safe, secure and eventually happy. When I really understood that the way to change what was outside of myself was to change what was inside of myself began the continual process of unfolding and upward spiraling evolution.

I find that the world I interact with is a reflection of myself, of my inner world reflected back to me through the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. Similar vibration attracts a similar vibration. So, if I am not pleased with how my life is going, it is not about working to change people, places and things but about allowing myself to change vibrations so that what I truly want is what is naturally attracted to me.

It is a continual process of letting go and embracing rather than struggle and hard work. Living by consciously paying attention to one’s own vibration and then consciously changing one’s own vibration is a process that allows rather than tries to re-arrange those things outside of ourselves so we have and live in a way that we want.

Taking the responsibility to nurture myself and raise my own vibration is so much easier than trying to re-arrange the world to fit my will and desires! It is so very much easier to allow through ones own higher alignment. When I am aligned the Universe “works” for me rather than me trying to force the Universe to do what I want. The Universe offers to me through my personal vibration. The more aligned and the higher my vibration the less time it takes for shift and change to come into my life.

The easiest way to change your personal vibration into a higher level is simply to be “happy”, 
to be appreciative, and to be as loving as possible to others and ourselves!

Now here is the challenge for us all:

Let’s make ourselves so happy that we share it with those around us and not expect them to make us happy.

Let’s make it our job to be happy through our own focus and intentions on living in such a way that we are happy in ourselves, through our own “work".

We can do this through the choices we make every time we make a choice.

When we can overflow with happiness then we will have more than we ever dreamed and what others may do or what they do not do will not control us so easily. Then we can really love and this of course will attract people who will and can really love us back!

This is my practice.

Some days I am better at it than others!!!

A simple and strong recommendation to help you shift your current vibration into a higher vibration even when you are most challenged:

  1. Please do whatever you can to simply “lean" in a direction that feels even the slightest bit better to you than the “feeling place” that you currently are at.  To lean means to take an action, think a different thought, focus your attention on or toward something more positive to you.
  2. Notice where you now are “at” from a feeling point of view and then lean again in a direction that feels a little better to you. Again you can simply do this by thinking a thought, taking an action, looking at a thing of beauty, an image that might inspire, something you love, or anything that feels a little better.
  3. Keep doing this.

You will find that you will shift your frequency higher and new perspectives will open up.

Wishing You Great Love, Joy & Happiness in Your Life!

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Choices We Make

We all make choices as we live our lives each day. Often we make our choices instinctively based on past events in our lives. For example, we were hurt once maybe physically or emotionally and we then hold an imprint of this event within ourselves. Depending on the severity of the event it will leave a greater or lessor imprint within us. When a painful event happens repeatedly or is very severe to begin with, we automatically and instinctively put “structures” in place to help us avoid this “thing” in the future or even what we might conceive of as a similar thing, something similar to the painful event.

This happens all the time as we are living our lives. When we are a child and growing up the events that happen to us shape and form how we make our choices as an adult. We may not remember what happened or we might remember the “Story” we made up as a child to make sense of the painful event, to understand it from a child’s perspective. Most of these painful events are stored within us and we as an adult are not conscious of them even though they can run our lives the way a computer program that is running in the background determines how the computer will work with whatever input is given too it.

In this way we are hard wired to avoid pain and painful events. Yet often the criteria that can direct our choices are hidden from us in the form of unconscious beliefs. These unconscious beliefs make commandments that govern our interactions and the choices we make. As a result we function much more unconsciously than is good for us. Our unconscious beliefs can have the effect of not allowing us to live as richly, fully, lovingly, consciously and wisely, as we might believe!

The best way to enhance our choice making is to become more conscious. Become conscious of why you are doing what you are doing or not doing. There are all kinds of ways to bring more conscious awareness to your actions. Many systems have been developed to help us humans attain more awareness, to be more awake. As we are all so different from each other we have a wide choice of paths to becoming more conscious. Whatever “path” you may be following there are some things you can do easily to become more conscious and aware right now.

A simple way to become more conscious is by paying attention to what is happening within you moment by moment. Notice and bring attention to how you are breathing. Is it slow and full or shallow? Are you relaxed or tense? Where are you feeling tension? How does it feel to breathe more deeply or to allow your tension to release? What is it that you daily do to become more aware of yourself and your motivations? Why are you making the choices that you are? Do your choices pave the way for the future you most desire to live in?

Become curious like a detective. Discover through personal observation of your own body’s tension and breathing as you go about your day when you are constricting or being relaxed, when you are breathing fully and deeply. When we allow ourselves to relax we become available to see and observe more within ourselves that may previously have been hidden. We are also better able to deal with life situations and make more conscious choices that serve us better here and now, as we are no longer a child.

Often we do not need to intellectually understand or know the reason or story behind some of the past events that have caused us enough pain to build the energetic structures we unconsciously believe will protect us in the future. They can be weakened and even dissolved through some energetic clearing techniques. We also have a natural impulse to attract situations, events and people into our lives that will help us to become more aware and conscious.

Sometimes we can realize and understand this by our own detective work. Sometimes we benefit from the assistance of someone trained to assist us in releasing those things that no longer really serve us. The goal is to become as the fully functioning adults that we choose to and desire to be.

Some kind of easy and daily meditational practice is invaluable in releasing old hurts and pains. Meditation works by helping us to be more conscious here and now and not functioning from the child part of ourselves that formed beliefs and patterns from the child’s perspective.

When you follow your joy, your creativity and what you are passionate about, when you make the choice of loving and honoring yourself first and foremost you “write” a new program for yourself. I invite you to rise to the challenge of loving yourself so much that it overflows to everyone else around you and into everything you put your attention into. From the heart-centered loving place that you can choose in each moment by making choices to love and nurture yourself “now” you will automatically encourage everything around you to blossom and grow more beautiful.

Wishing you great love, beauty, awareness and heart-centered consciousness!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Practice Raising Your Vibration in Ways That Work For You

In previous “Monthly Thoughts” I have talked a lot about vibration and how it is the key to manifestation. I have often said in various ways, direct and indirect, that what you focus on is what you will get more of. You focus both consciously and unconsciously.

I would like to offer you an opportunity to more consciously create through your focus and using a simple exercise, a meditation in consciousness, in awareness. Below is an opportunity to set the conditions for favorable manifestation, like when Springtime comes after the Winter. Springtime is a time of favorable conditions for the seeds that were planted a while ago to grow.

I have an invitation for you to experience growth and expansion through a fairly simple exercise. An invitation to have some more pleasure and joy in your life. If you decide to give this little experiment a try, I would suggest that you look at it as an exercise in becoming more conscious of how you habitually focus in your day-to-day life. I believe it will be exciting, fun and very informative to you!

I would suggest giving yourself a specific time period that you will really pay attention and focus on what I am about to suggest. You can do this little exercise as you go about your daily life or possibly devote a time period that may be different than your usual routine of life, maybe taking an extended walk in nature or simply a place that might be familiar to you or different. What is most important is to be conscious of your habitual way of looking and interpreting what you are observing for a set period of time and be willing to shift your focus of attention at times.

Set a time period for this exercise. 1 to 4 hours will most likely offer you the insight and experience that will give you much more than what you may think. You may wish to allow yourself to continue as long as it feels good to you to remain focused on this exploration.

Here is the exercise:
  1. Become conscious of “how” you are seeing the world around you. Specifically notice how you feel about whatever it is you are seeing and thinking.
  2. Notice what “feeling” words you use to describe to yourself your perceptions of the world around you. Pay attention to words like, good, bad, nice, ugly, sad, wonderful, painful, joyful etc. If you notice a flower, how do you describe it to yourself? Is it pretty, wilted, happy, alone or simply a “flower” and has no emotional meaning to you?
  3. Notice what you are thinking and become as conscious as possible about how you feel about what you are thinking. Does what you are thinking feel good to you? Does what you are thinking feel expansive, heart opening, alive and uplifting? Does what you are thinking feel depressing, constrictive, sad, angry or somehow less than pleasant?
  4. Once you are aware of how you are translating what you are seeing and thinking into feelings, make the conscious choice to shift, to uplift and exalt anything that is not a positive feeling by focusing on what might be positive and uplifting about what you are viewing or thinking about. If you are not able to shift whatever you are thinking about or seeing into a positive and uplifting feeling, consciously choose to pay attention to something that you can find or see that is beautiful and uplifting. If you are talking with someone find what is loveable about him or her even if it is only the color of his or her eyes and focus on that!
  5. Your job and focus is to find what is beautiful and uplifting in everything you see and think about to the best of your ability for the time period you have allowed yourself for this experiment.
If you really try this exercise out, I believe you will discover many things about yourself and how you often unconsciously interact in the world. You will practice raising your vibration in ways that work for you. You may discover how often you are less loving and kind than you may have imagined and practice ways to shift your focus and attention into one that is more joyful and loving for yourself and towards others.

Let your focus on being “happy” become like Springtime, allowing the seeds your have planted long ago to germinate and grow into the creations you so desire. In shifting your focus onto what is “right” and what feels “good” you raise your vibration and will feel more joy, aliveness and expand your capacity of conscious manifestation. Living in a higher vibration increases the probability of manifesting those things you really desire. You allow yourself to feel “good” and feeling good is a very worthy goal in and of itself. It is the gateway to better health, the ability to have clearer guidance from your Higher-Self and attracting and growing those things that will enhance your life, from the “seeds of desire” that you planted in your “winter. Being “happy” sets the conditions for positive and fruitful growth. This will serve you and all those you care about and love!

I would like to hear how this exercise worked for you. Please use this as a practice of self-discovery, a time to become more conscious and aware and to simply to enjoy your life and the world a little more than you may currently be doing.

In Light, Love & Service,

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Manifestation follows vibration ...

Here we are in the year of 2012! Looks like we are mostly still here and doing mostly what we have been doing before 2012. So, what have you been doing? Are you content with the progression of your life and its unfolding? Are you at peace with what “is” and now open to what can come that is more in alignment with your fondest desires or are you recreating your past?

We are energetic beings, living vibration and vibration producers.

The vibrations that we hold attract similar vibrations. A definition of vibration from the Merriam Webster Dictionary that may help us to be in congruent understanding is:

A: a characteristic emanation, aura, or spirit that infuses or vitalizes someone or something and that can be instinctively sensed or experienced —often used in plural

B: a distinctive usually emotional atmosphere capable of being sensed —usually used in plural

The stronger we are being in and resonating with a vibration the more attractive we will be of similar vibrations. What this means in our daily life is that the physical manifestation that we see around us in any given moment has followed our vibrational output! You can notice this in your interactions and meeting with people while driving or walking on the street.

Let’s suppose you have had an argument with someone before leaving your house and get into your car to drive, or you are walking on the street in the process of getting to wherever you are headed to next. The chance and probability of you encountering situations and “chance” meetings with other people or events that are congruent with the “vibration” or the “energy” you are currently in is very high.

This is when you are more likely to get into an accident driving or see angry, sad or unhappy people, possibly even having another unpleasant interaction with a stranger.

When vibrating and projecting angry thoughts you are also more likely to miss out on those “chance” occurrences or connections and meetings with other people that could have happened and dramatically brought into your present experience something uplifting, creative, fun, amusing and heart opening.

Do you see through your focus either conscious or unconscious, you draw to yourself and very actively influence your future and what is physically manifested in your current reality? This is a really big thing! You have a great deal of control over what your future experiences will be.

So, with this understanding it really makes sense to start your day and end your day before going to sleep by bringing yourself into a positive, clear aligned place. It also makes very practical sense to catch those times when you are upset, angry, in a “bad mood” and do some simple practice to help shift that “energy” or “vibration” into one that will serve you to bring into manifestation more of what you wish to attract and connect with. This is where you have power and control over what you will manifest into your reality!

It may be wise to have and to practice quick and simple things that help you to bring yourself into a vibrational place that serves you the most. It does not have to be anything big, complicated or difficult! What are some things you currently do that quickly bring yourself into a more peaceful, clear and heart opened vibration?

Some simple things I do are:
  1. Noticing my breathing and purposefully breathing slowly and deeply. I find in conflict I contract and my breath can become shallow and restricted.
  2. I purposefully notice my belly and stomach area and see if it is relaxed or tight and constricted. Paying attention to the breathing again can help with relaxing and giving myself an opportunity to raise my vibration upward.
  3. I talk to myself in soothing ways, like you might talk to a child that is hurt, angry or scared. I tell myself that it will be OK. I tell myself that I can move beyond this as in the whole of my life this incident is really not that big or important.
  4. I ask myself to really notice and think of how much whatever situation or thing that has stimulated my unease or distress will be of importance tomorrow or in 10 days or a month or a year from now.
  5. I imagine breathing in a beautiful pure white light into the center of my heart and allowing it to expand outward throughout my body and aura for several breaths.
  6. I look for what might be the hidden jewel or truth within the preceding event, interaction or upsetting thing that will be of benefit for me in the future.
  7. I ask myself if I was looking at this situation from the perspective of my Higher-Self, what would I be seeing and how might I be feeling from a completely loving and heart opened space filled with kindness and compassion for others and myself.
The above are only suggestions and some of the tools and practices that work for me. What works for you? Do you have a mental list like the above ready to put into action in your life so that your vibration is one that insures that your future becomes the most desired one in occurrences and manifestations?

You have the ability to shift your vibration. You have control and power over your own feelings and emotions through your daily practices, tools that you use and conscious choices that you make. You can have the ability to insure a future of pleasing manifestations by tending to your ongoing “vibration” like a careful gardener plants seeds, waters, weeds, prunes, cares for and nurtures her garden.

In Great Appreciation & Love,

The Key to Opening Everything is in Your Heart

Posting for December of 2011, due to technical difficulties is now being posted.

Here we are fast approaching that fabled date of 2012! And all of you reading this are still here, maybe rocking and rolling with all that is happening in your lives on multiple levels. What a wild ride we are on! You know you “signed” up to be here. You among so many others claimed the right to be here during this extraordinary time of change, of dissolving of rebuilding of venturing into the unknown.

You waited in line to get here! You went through so much to be physically embodied, birth, a family, society, school and working to support yourself and maybe a family as well. Now you are reading this email and it is hopefully a reminder of the long very intentional journey you started long ago. You are a Divine Being! You are so much more than the physical body that your Soul resides in.

The greater part of you (the non-physical part) we call our Higher-Self sent a part of itself to be physically incarnated (the You here reading this). Your physical incarnation (what you consider you living this earthly life) is just as divine and holy as that part of you we call the Higher-Self. Your life here and now is tremendously important to your own Higher-Self’s continuing development. No matter what you are doing it is vitally important! Your simply being here and living your life is enough.

We signed up for a challenge and we are now living it together. You each have a family that is not of this world who supports and cheers us onward, our spirit family. We are supported in so many ways that are usually unseen by physical eyes. We are in a process of evolving and transforming our physical bodies into a higher order. This is not a journey for the faint at heart! We are all in various stages of awake and awakening.

The key to opening everything here is in your heart. Allowing your heart to open and radiate the divine light that you carry through your love is your primary mission. Your love is what will transmute lesser energies into something higher. Your love is what will bring about the world that you really want to live in. Your love is what will allow your body to rejuvenate in ways that might seem impossible to you now. Your love is what will assist everyone else to rise to a better place and a higher level.

Another very important thing to remember is that we are all in this evolution together and we will not reach our highest levels without everyone else. Our planet is ascending and our physical body is ascending. You are a Light Worker if you are reading this. You anchor light in yourself and share it with all those around you. The love you share is the light of God within you flowing outward like water from the heavens that nurtures and grows that which sustains us. Your love sustains your physical body and offers nurturance and growth to those around you in their personal journeys.

As we shift now into more sunlight coming into the Earth so to can you shift into letting go of those things that now longer serve you. It is an excellent time to let go of pain, suffering, grief, addictions, criticisms of yourself and others. It is also a time to open to what is new, what you have not seen with you eyes before. Open to marvelous things, awakenings, information, regeneration of cells and parts of your body that have not been functioning optimally and transformations of old patterns into a new and higher order.

Accept yourself where you are. Accept everything as it is and have faith and hope in a far brighter future for yourself and humanity. Trust in the guidance of your Higher-Self that comes to you through your heart, through your feelings and emotions. Take concrete steps to embrace more love into your life. Take concrete steps to do more things that nurture yourself and your body. Play and laugh more!

Take time to meditate daily even if it is only for a few minutes. Breathe in light to your heart and allow it to radiate outward with each breath surrounding you and everything around you. Do this often whenever you think about it. Make this a simple daily practice and watch your life improve and those around you become more healthy and happy as well.

Please love yourself, your physicality and those other humans around you (even those who you might feel do not deserve it!). We are on a grand journey and are on the homeward stretch of it. Wonderful and amazing things await you that will become physically manifest into your here and now reality. Please allow your love to flow freely from your heart and you will never lack.

Wishing You an Amazing New Year In Light, Love and Service as We Journey Forward Together,