Saturday, October 6, 2012

You are a Multidimensional Master Creating Through Your Focus

You are so much more than you know and pretend to be. Your forgetting was agreed upon and part of a divine plan. It is now time to begin to wake up to who and what you really are. You catch glimpses of your vastness, your power, your beauty, your abilities to create and see your love manifest in your dreams. And your dreams are more “real” than you often believe them to be. From your dreams comes the future that can be made physical.

You are a Multidimensional Master in a human body. Your focus, where you place your attention, emotions and thoughts attract and create the “reality” you live in. When you rejoice and celebrate the many wonders and miracles that surround you in each and every day you set up a resonance for that within yourself and anchor this into the Earth. You weave patterns of light that catch and attract denser physical things, events, people, interactions and co-incidences by your focus.

Your power is in your “NOW”, in your ability to consciously choose and focus where you place your attention. In your conscious focusing you can create the “reality” and world you wish to live in. Being a Multidimensional Master you can weave patterns of light that catch whatever you are allowing yourself to pay attention to. Through your attention, your focus, you energize and give power to whatever it is you are paying attention to.

So, the question becomes, “WHAT ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION TO?”

If what you are focusing on is what you want to have more of in your life and for the world you live in then please continue. If what you are talking about, feeling motivated by, putting time, money and energy into is notwhat want more of in your life then make the conscious effort to shift it into what you wish more of for yourself and others.

You have the power to make a difference by your own personal alignment. Your higher alignment and daily focus creates the future you live in. This is why your personal alignment and clarity is vital. Your alignment with you Higher-Self guarantees a perspective and energetic focus that will absolutely create the life and world you wish to live in for yourself and those you care about and love.

Wishing You Much Light, Love and High Alignment,

You are a Multidimensional Master who creates through your focus, 
will you focus on what “is” or what you wish to see made manifest?