Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Awakening Heart

     I started writing my January “Thoughts” about contrast and our world. After a paragraph that I was pleased with all of a sudden another sequence of thoughts started flowing and desiring to be expressed. Having learned some flexibility rather than stifling them and forcing myself to write on what I originally started with I surrendered to what you see below. I hope they will be of stimulation, value and use to you!

     I have held and imploded anger within myself being in this world seeing and experiencing its density, materialistic and the often heartless ways people interact with each other and the natural world that supports and sustains us all. I had been feeling powerless, ineffectual and cut off from the energy that I knew was mine, I knew it was available yet I was not able to manifest it in an effective way. My anger was a deep powerful force of energy that was not allowed to move through my being, instead it sank deep inside and physically hurt me. I was not able to dance amidst the contrast in a way that was not self destructive and it almost killed me.

     My lack of understanding was with not knowing to or how to allow my feelings to move through my physical existence freely and appropriately. My awakening was the understanding that force, power and strength of will was not the way and that my heart held the key. It was only through the heart that I could become of true service to others and myself. The way of the heart has its own knowing and logic. It is what the human, the human physical being, was designed to evolve to, a heart centered entity that utilizes the heart center, the 4th chakra, as the center where all decisions, actions and ways of being in this physical world flow through and radiate outward from.

     One’s will, power, mental acuity and feelings channeled through the heart center allow “right” action in the world. The heart-centered human radiates love, understanding, and multiple strengths and is a positive vehicle for uplifting themselves and all around them. As we are all unique and have countless gifts to offer others and ourselves we continually grow personally with an ever expanding sphere of influence that changes the very world we live in.

     My invitation to you is to embrace yourself exactly where you currently are at: emotionally, physically, mentally and Spiritually. From this very “real” place, now meditate and pray for the knowing of what is your next step to take to open and expand into being the heart-centered full human that you are fully capable of being and that the world is in need of. Maybe the information you receive will surprise you! Maybe your next highest step in your personal evolution is to take a vacation, to stop working so hard and simply allow yourself to be carried in the flow of life. Maybe that next highest step is for you to start a new and creative exploration or to let go of something that no longer serves you.

     Please trust in yourself! Trust in the ever unfolding ways life will present to you exactly what you need to know and that you will eventually catch on to what is being continually offered, embrace it and move forward into the unknown!

Wishing you Great Awakenings and Much Love,