Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shifting Non-Physical Energy Fields

When I do sessions I often see clients who have some very challenging concerns that they see as problems, which cause them much pain and suffering. When such things have physically manifested into chronic dis-ease (disease), painful manifestations in their body and lack of physical energy there is still the possibility of very quick shifting and transitioning into a much better feeling and manifesting place. This can be done through working within the person’s non-physical energy fields that interface with their physical body.

It is often the case that what has been constricted can be released from a non-physical energy movement and positioning that allows for the release and opening in the physical body. More often than not, there is no need to explore the “why” something became the way it did. It is often the case that describing why something became the way it did can actually keep that same dynamic continuing.

Just because our mental body (our mind) wants to understand something or feels that once something is understood it will not be a problem does not mean it is “true” or it will be helpful to dissect what has been cleared, moved, transformed or raised to a higher vibration!

What is far more productive is to do those things that will allow the permanant shift into a higher vibration. Like after you use the toilet and flushing the toilet, fresh clean water is brought in and not more waste material. What is almost always more important is to bring in and maintain clean new vibrations. The very act of raising your vibration does all the cleaning necessary.

Another way of looking at this is if I was hired to clean your house and then cleaned your house perfectly, spotlessly and each day you brought back in disorder, chaos and threw dirt and ugly things all over your house once again the overall problem of having a dirty house would continue. I help to energetically open, clean, clear and align a person so they can shift into a higher vibration.

So the question is not how did my house get so dirty but how can I raise my vibration in such a way that my house is pure and clean by my conscious actions to live in such a way that offers the greatest chance for alignment, clarity, joy, happiness and love. This focus in itself creates a high vibration that invites the changes in your life that you very much desire to come to you. It is an invitation to the Universe to fill your house with beauty, clarity, love, joy, creativity and happiness naturally arises.

Does this make sense to you?

Let go of the past and look forward, not backward. Look forward to what you want, to what you dream of, to what you aspire to create, to expand into, to what brings the most love and fulfillment imaginable.

In Love, Light & Service,