Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Manifestation follows vibration ...

Here we are in the year of 2012! Looks like we are mostly still here and doing mostly what we have been doing before 2012. So, what have you been doing? Are you content with the progression of your life and its unfolding? Are you at peace with what “is” and now open to what can come that is more in alignment with your fondest desires or are you recreating your past?

We are energetic beings, living vibration and vibration producers.

The vibrations that we hold attract similar vibrations. A definition of vibration from the Merriam Webster Dictionary that may help us to be in congruent understanding is:

A: a characteristic emanation, aura, or spirit that infuses or vitalizes someone or something and that can be instinctively sensed or experienced —often used in plural

B: a distinctive usually emotional atmosphere capable of being sensed —usually used in plural

The stronger we are being in and resonating with a vibration the more attractive we will be of similar vibrations. What this means in our daily life is that the physical manifestation that we see around us in any given moment has followed our vibrational output! You can notice this in your interactions and meeting with people while driving or walking on the street.

Let’s suppose you have had an argument with someone before leaving your house and get into your car to drive, or you are walking on the street in the process of getting to wherever you are headed to next. The chance and probability of you encountering situations and “chance” meetings with other people or events that are congruent with the “vibration” or the “energy” you are currently in is very high.

This is when you are more likely to get into an accident driving or see angry, sad or unhappy people, possibly even having another unpleasant interaction with a stranger.

When vibrating and projecting angry thoughts you are also more likely to miss out on those “chance” occurrences or connections and meetings with other people that could have happened and dramatically brought into your present experience something uplifting, creative, fun, amusing and heart opening.

Do you see through your focus either conscious or unconscious, you draw to yourself and very actively influence your future and what is physically manifested in your current reality? This is a really big thing! You have a great deal of control over what your future experiences will be.

So, with this understanding it really makes sense to start your day and end your day before going to sleep by bringing yourself into a positive, clear aligned place. It also makes very practical sense to catch those times when you are upset, angry, in a “bad mood” and do some simple practice to help shift that “energy” or “vibration” into one that will serve you to bring into manifestation more of what you wish to attract and connect with. This is where you have power and control over what you will manifest into your reality!

It may be wise to have and to practice quick and simple things that help you to bring yourself into a vibrational place that serves you the most. It does not have to be anything big, complicated or difficult! What are some things you currently do that quickly bring yourself into a more peaceful, clear and heart opened vibration?

Some simple things I do are:
  1. Noticing my breathing and purposefully breathing slowly and deeply. I find in conflict I contract and my breath can become shallow and restricted.
  2. I purposefully notice my belly and stomach area and see if it is relaxed or tight and constricted. Paying attention to the breathing again can help with relaxing and giving myself an opportunity to raise my vibration upward.
  3. I talk to myself in soothing ways, like you might talk to a child that is hurt, angry or scared. I tell myself that it will be OK. I tell myself that I can move beyond this as in the whole of my life this incident is really not that big or important.
  4. I ask myself to really notice and think of how much whatever situation or thing that has stimulated my unease or distress will be of importance tomorrow or in 10 days or a month or a year from now.
  5. I imagine breathing in a beautiful pure white light into the center of my heart and allowing it to expand outward throughout my body and aura for several breaths.
  6. I look for what might be the hidden jewel or truth within the preceding event, interaction or upsetting thing that will be of benefit for me in the future.
  7. I ask myself if I was looking at this situation from the perspective of my Higher-Self, what would I be seeing and how might I be feeling from a completely loving and heart opened space filled with kindness and compassion for others and myself.
The above are only suggestions and some of the tools and practices that work for me. What works for you? Do you have a mental list like the above ready to put into action in your life so that your vibration is one that insures that your future becomes the most desired one in occurrences and manifestations?

You have the ability to shift your vibration. You have control and power over your own feelings and emotions through your daily practices, tools that you use and conscious choices that you make. You can have the ability to insure a future of pleasing manifestations by tending to your ongoing “vibration” like a careful gardener plants seeds, waters, weeds, prunes, cares for and nurtures her garden.

In Great Appreciation & Love,

The Key to Opening Everything is in Your Heart

Posting for December of 2011, due to technical difficulties is now being posted.

Here we are fast approaching that fabled date of 2012! And all of you reading this are still here, maybe rocking and rolling with all that is happening in your lives on multiple levels. What a wild ride we are on! You know you “signed” up to be here. You among so many others claimed the right to be here during this extraordinary time of change, of dissolving of rebuilding of venturing into the unknown.

You waited in line to get here! You went through so much to be physically embodied, birth, a family, society, school and working to support yourself and maybe a family as well. Now you are reading this email and it is hopefully a reminder of the long very intentional journey you started long ago. You are a Divine Being! You are so much more than the physical body that your Soul resides in.

The greater part of you (the non-physical part) we call our Higher-Self sent a part of itself to be physically incarnated (the You here reading this). Your physical incarnation (what you consider you living this earthly life) is just as divine and holy as that part of you we call the Higher-Self. Your life here and now is tremendously important to your own Higher-Self’s continuing development. No matter what you are doing it is vitally important! Your simply being here and living your life is enough.

We signed up for a challenge and we are now living it together. You each have a family that is not of this world who supports and cheers us onward, our spirit family. We are supported in so many ways that are usually unseen by physical eyes. We are in a process of evolving and transforming our physical bodies into a higher order. This is not a journey for the faint at heart! We are all in various stages of awake and awakening.

The key to opening everything here is in your heart. Allowing your heart to open and radiate the divine light that you carry through your love is your primary mission. Your love is what will transmute lesser energies into something higher. Your love is what will bring about the world that you really want to live in. Your love is what will allow your body to rejuvenate in ways that might seem impossible to you now. Your love is what will assist everyone else to rise to a better place and a higher level.

Another very important thing to remember is that we are all in this evolution together and we will not reach our highest levels without everyone else. Our planet is ascending and our physical body is ascending. You are a Light Worker if you are reading this. You anchor light in yourself and share it with all those around you. The love you share is the light of God within you flowing outward like water from the heavens that nurtures and grows that which sustains us. Your love sustains your physical body and offers nurturance and growth to those around you in their personal journeys.

As we shift now into more sunlight coming into the Earth so to can you shift into letting go of those things that now longer serve you. It is an excellent time to let go of pain, suffering, grief, addictions, criticisms of yourself and others. It is also a time to open to what is new, what you have not seen with you eyes before. Open to marvelous things, awakenings, information, regeneration of cells and parts of your body that have not been functioning optimally and transformations of old patterns into a new and higher order.

Accept yourself where you are. Accept everything as it is and have faith and hope in a far brighter future for yourself and humanity. Trust in the guidance of your Higher-Self that comes to you through your heart, through your feelings and emotions. Take concrete steps to embrace more love into your life. Take concrete steps to do more things that nurture yourself and your body. Play and laugh more!

Take time to meditate daily even if it is only for a few minutes. Breathe in light to your heart and allow it to radiate outward with each breath surrounding you and everything around you. Do this often whenever you think about it. Make this a simple daily practice and watch your life improve and those around you become more healthy and happy as well.

Please love yourself, your physicality and those other humans around you (even those who you might feel do not deserve it!). We are on a grand journey and are on the homeward stretch of it. Wonderful and amazing things await you that will become physically manifest into your here and now reality. Please allow your love to flow freely from your heart and you will never lack.

Wishing You an Amazing New Year In Light, Love and Service as We Journey Forward Together,