Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lean Towards a Higher Vibration

Yesterday I was clever,
so I wanted to change the world.
Today, I am wise
so, I am changing myself.

Life is not meant to be endless hard work and struggle where we fight to impose our will and desire so that we can eventually be safe, secure and eventually happy. When I really understood that the way to change what was outside of myself was to change what was inside of myself began the continual process of unfolding and upward spiraling evolution.

I find that the world I interact with is a reflection of myself, of my inner world reflected back to me through the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. Similar vibration attracts a similar vibration. So, if I am not pleased with how my life is going, it is not about working to change people, places and things but about allowing myself to change vibrations so that what I truly want is what is naturally attracted to me.

It is a continual process of letting go and embracing rather than struggle and hard work. Living by consciously paying attention to one’s own vibration and then consciously changing one’s own vibration is a process that allows rather than tries to re-arrange those things outside of ourselves so we have and live in a way that we want.

Taking the responsibility to nurture myself and raise my own vibration is so much easier than trying to re-arrange the world to fit my will and desires! It is so very much easier to allow through ones own higher alignment. When I am aligned the Universe “works” for me rather than me trying to force the Universe to do what I want. The Universe offers to me through my personal vibration. The more aligned and the higher my vibration the less time it takes for shift and change to come into my life.

The easiest way to change your personal vibration into a higher level is simply to be “happy”, 
to be appreciative, and to be as loving as possible to others and ourselves!

Now here is the challenge for us all:

Let’s make ourselves so happy that we share it with those around us and not expect them to make us happy.

Let’s make it our job to be happy through our own focus and intentions on living in such a way that we are happy in ourselves, through our own “work".

We can do this through the choices we make every time we make a choice.

When we can overflow with happiness then we will have more than we ever dreamed and what others may do or what they do not do will not control us so easily. Then we can really love and this of course will attract people who will and can really love us back!

This is my practice.

Some days I am better at it than others!!!

A simple and strong recommendation to help you shift your current vibration into a higher vibration even when you are most challenged:

  1. Please do whatever you can to simply “lean" in a direction that feels even the slightest bit better to you than the “feeling place” that you currently are at.  To lean means to take an action, think a different thought, focus your attention on or toward something more positive to you.
  2. Notice where you now are “at” from a feeling point of view and then lean again in a direction that feels a little better to you. Again you can simply do this by thinking a thought, taking an action, looking at a thing of beauty, an image that might inspire, something you love, or anything that feels a little better.
  3. Keep doing this.

You will find that you will shift your frequency higher and new perspectives will open up.

Wishing You Great Love, Joy & Happiness in Your Life!