Friday, May 10, 2013

"Waking Up" This Morning

I had a very wonderful experience on April 30 and wanted to share it with you. I was awakened as the sun rose and feelings were flowing through me and demanding to be put into words to somehow anchor and record what was going on inside of me. The feelings found words that most closely described and aligned with them and wrote themselves as the poem below.

My “awakening” that morning was profound and so very clear. It was like all the veils that usually filter how I see the world and my place in it disappeared. The usual clouds and fog were burned away and a bright clear sunshine flowed through, illuminating me in a way that was totally felt and embodied. This is so different than an intellectual “knowing” or understanding. It was a total body knowing and understanding of feeling the absolute truth and having it flow through me.

The paradox of living here on Earth was revealed in such a way that all was understood; everything was perfect just as it is and there was complete peace and understanding. Again I want to really make clear that what I experienced was a total full body experience. I embodied what seems so elusive and when realized brings such a deep profound peace that words can only hint at the amazing wonder of it.

I am hopeful that my words, in the poem below can be translated in a way that captures its essence, even for those who read this and English is not their primary language.

This morning in an epiphany,
Through duality,
Contrast has served awakening in me,
Forged through the power of Love,
I am Re-membered to the Source that is Me,
I am Free,
You are Free,
Together are We,
Aligned once again in the Mystery,
In Service to the God within,
You and me,
Peace and Love flows Eternally.

“Waking Up” this morning means to me

Finding my center once again, allowing the source of all love to flow through me and not searching for it from others, It means seeing into how I have been pushing for the “relationship” I so very much wanted from outside of myself and now letting go.

It means letting go of sadness, wanting, pain and surrendering to “what is” and allowing myself to relax into the love of Source flowing through me, somehow forgotten in my trying and not allowing.

It means being committed to taking better care of my tender opened heart. It means treating myself how I want to be treated by others.

It means surrendering and letting go over and over to the past, to all the pain and hurt, the betrayals, the fears, the tears and yet embracing them at the same time as what has brought me to this point in time.

It means so much more and words only touch on how profound my state of being is at this moment…

I am so very privileged to be able to share from my heart to yours!

I believe all my Sessions from this point forward will have a new clarity, power, transmission of love and a higher potential for personal transformation and the ability to provide you with something more precious more than ever before. If any of the Sessions I offer appeal to you, call out to you and feel “right” for you it would be my honor to share it with you.

In Great Appreciation, Love and Service,