Saturday, November 30, 2013

Drawn and Poised to Fly!

Here we are once again swiftly moving towards the end of the calendar year. Thinking back over the year so far it has been one wild ride, a bit like a roller coaster and actually different than I was expecting it to be. After the year of 2012 I thought I could coast and have a simple and easy year!

My best laid and plotted plans seem, more often than not, to have been shifted, changed, turned, upended and had to be at times totally abandoned. And you know the joke don't you, how do you make God laugh? You tell her your plans! Well, I must say I really did tell her my plans this year and she sure laughed at me a lot – hard, long and loud!

And being so wise, evolved, spiritual and centered you know what I did? I got really good at surrendering to what really "is" and "was" in the moment. Well maybe that was after I screamed, hollered, stomped my feet, had a temper tantrum, cried, acted like a rather un-evolved individual, pleaded, begged and threatened. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating those bad days a little...

The surrendering to being with what truly "is", allowed a more natural flow of what was available to me, to choose what really was the best direction, choice or way to be with the rearranged situation or plan. I learned more and more to surrender my will to a more divine and wise will or direction that was placed in front of me when I stopped kicking and screaming about how I thought things should be.

Now I am finding myself as an arrow that is drawn back in a bow. The bow I believe is the new foundational structure that my higher self has placed around me (my worldly situation and the events unfolding in it) and the more personal part, that is the personality construct one would usually call me or that part that is called "I" in general conversation. Continuing this analogy of me being the arrow, I have been mercilessly honed and sharpened. I am being drawn back and soon to be released to rush forward towards a distant target that only my higher self or someone with a much broader perspective could see or conceive of.

As this year is coming to a close I feel guided to do things that will prepare me for this future where I will be propelled forward so swiftly towards that distant target. I am doing things to center and align myself that I may not have done before. I am taking my meditation time more seriously and focusing my thoughts where I know they will serve me the best as well as all I encounter because my vibration is raised through my focus and intention to be aligned and to serve others in the highest way possible. My personal purification process has not been easy as the residue of the old, the darker, the less evolved aspects of my being struggle and fight to remain and hold firm to their perception of how I should behave and how my personality should be safely and securely in the world.

My personal journey is one of awakening of doing the work that will serve that awakening, that opening, that aligning in the highest sometimes swiftest and most efficient ways possible. I have been continually guided to do various ceremonies of a deep and spiritual nature with different groups that I feel aligned with and that will serve my evolution in the highest way possible.

The primary focus seems always to be the infusion of more and more light into my physical and non-physical energetic system. And of course with more light, anything not of that frequency and vibration will become visible to be seen, worked with and cleared or transformed. Not always a pleasant or easy task!

I have been guided to infuse sacred geometries into my heart and through this be aligned in a much higher way than ever before. The armor and walls around my heart have been shattered more than once during this year until I surrendered to an openness and opening that was not there or possible before things and events at times forced and thus allowed such deep and profound movements and transformations to take place.

And of course throughout this time I have had to attend to this worldly life and the day-to-day functional things that need to be taken care of. This has not been always easy or graceful because of the huge energetic movements taking place within me.

Also during this time I have been blessed that the energetic work that I offer and do has been more profound, deep, clear and precise than ever before. I believe this is a direct result of all the work and time I have taken for my own development and transformations.

I share this with you in the hope that offering insight into some of my journey may give ease and comfort to you if your journey has been as difficult and challenging as mine has been much of this year. Might I suggest that you are also being refined, sharpened, transformed and made into a divine arrow to drawn by the sacred bow of your Higher-Self and then released to serve All-That-Is in a way possibly unknown to you right now?

I know following my heart and my heart’s knowing will allow the arrow that I am to be drawn and released in such a way as all will be served in the highest way possible through my personal evolutionary process. I believe that you, if you are reading this serve a higher purpose and will be released to fly swiftly forward when the time is right!

So, my invitation to you is to do those things that will serve you most in your personal clearing, opening, alignment and transformation. Start the new calendar year off renewed, refreshed and more able to be all that you can. Your personal evolution and transformation serves everyone in your world and in the greater world around!

In light, love and service,

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Maintaining Balance and Equilibrium Under Stress

I have been in Tokyo Japan all of October offering a “Heart Opening” workshop and individual sessions. It has been a really wonderful journey with truly amazing people courageous enough to be open to changing their lives through a personal expansion of consciousness and letting go of what no longer serves them. True alignment with ones Higher-Self is not for the faint of heart as opening to the new means letting go of old and familiar patterns of behavior and habits!

How much of a priority is your health to you? How much do you value your health and mental balance? Maybe it is time to review your habits that serve you and those that do not. It is much easier to shift and change before you become off balance and over stressed and sick. Of course eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of pure water, getting the rest and exercise your body needs to rejuvenate itself is a thing sometimes easy to forget in a fast paced busy life.

Personally I have been challenged by being in a city of 35 million people and challenging news from home. The contrast has helped me to focus and let go of some of my own old patterns that have not been serving me. In serving others I have grown immensely, being forced to let go of my personal concerns to meet the greater needs of my clients. This has opened me to receiving more activations and energies that I can channel and share.

One primary thing that has sustained me during this stressful time is having a daily meditation practice. Another is my practice of breathing in Light to the center of my heart and allowing it to radiate outward throughout my body and aura has been invaluable. This is something that can be done throughout the day and helps to balance and align oneself in challenging situations. This can be done as simply as breathing in Light to the center of your heart with each breath for 14 breaths and allowing it to radiate throughout your body expanding within through and all around you. I highly recommend it!

Another life enhancing, stabilizing and aligning practice you can do is to take a few minutes before going to sleep at night to focus on and remind yourself of all the things that have gone “right” in your day and life. Focus on those things that are uplifting and simply feel “good” to you. And in the morning take a few minutes before getting up and starting your day to do the same thing. This will improve your life and all that comes into your life during the day.

In Light, Love & Service, 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Change the World?

What would you do if you had the power to change the world? Please take some time to really think about this and form some answers before you continuing to read more right now.

  • Maybe you would ensure everyone had nourishing food to eat and clean pure water to drink.
  • Would you stop all war?
  • Would you insure that business held the highest principles and ensured all their decisions were beneficial to the greater society and not just about accumulating more power and money?
  • Would you make sure that our government told the truth and really worked to make life for everyone more abundant and fulfilling?
  • Would you insure that all decisions were made with love, kindness and consideration of what is in the highest and best interest for everyone involved? What would your particular focus of change be?
Now keeping all your answers in mind let me tell you something you probably already know but may have forgotten. Real change comes from your own personal embodiment of the change you want to see in the world outside of yourself. That’s right; to change the world you must change yourself first because the world is a reflection of all that you are and the energies that you hold and project outward.

There are a multitude of ways, pathways, systems of meditation, healing modalities and opportunities to grow and learn. What draws you or catches your attention and appeals to you the most right now? When you follow from your heart, your creative and expansive impulses will guide you in the direction of your greatest growth and evolvement. Your personal evolution serves all and makes the world a better place.

What better time than “now” is there to bring yourself into new clarity and alignment with your Higher-Self? Opportunities abound around you for raising your consciousness, for clearing away what no longer serves you. The choice is yours and you serve all humanity, the physical world in your personal alignment with the highest aspects of yourself!

What you can do is to insure that you are as personally clear, kind, creative, loving, compassionate and aligned with you Higher-Self as possible in your thoughts, words and actions, because you are the world!

If anything that I have to offer calls out to you as of being of value and assistance to you, it would be my honor and delight to assist you in your personal evolution.

In Light, Love & Service,

Monday, August 5, 2013

Conscious Choice and Focus

It is a basic law of this Universe that what you put your attention on you get more of that manifested into your life. What you put your attention on has a particular vibration. We gain a great power in understanding this that we can actively apply in our daily lives to bring to us more and more of what we are really wanting. Our point of power is in our “now” focus, what we consciously choose to focus on in any given moment. This is one of the few things that we really have any control over in our lives and understanding this helps us to actively create the life we want to live.
The key here is your conscious choice of focus! Without conscious focus we tend to place our attention on whatever is currently being presented to us and where our memory is bringing back things from our past into the present, which we then focus on. As our focus then creates a momentum and an attraction pull that the Universe begins to search for from all possibilities and probabilities available and allow those matching vibrations to begin to coincide in physical manifestation for you.
We have multiple vibrations emanating from us at any one point in time. From that combination of vibration the Universe delivers to us corresponding situations, events, occurrences, people and physical manifestations.
Here is a personal example of how this works:
I just watched how some of my thoughts around something that I want very much, but which has not physically manifested in the way I really would like. The thoughts were fear based (around lack and not getting what I want) and they took off like a runaway train going ever faster downhill with only more similar and like thoughts joining them like a big magnet picking up old rusted, torn and sharp scrap metal from the junkyard of my history. And a part of me gave those thoughts emotions (sad, sinking feeling, tightness and constriction) that only served to spiral me ever faster downward…
It took a great deal of focus to redirect this runaway movement by very actively focusing my thoughts in a more upward direction as generally and gently as possible. I just leaned, so to speak, in the direction of what was a little more uplifting about the current thought that was active and kept doing that. I focused on looking at the situation very generally and being open to what was even a tiny bit positive about the situation. And at the point where I was feeling some relief and a little better a friend called and was so very kind, present and loving that continued to assist my balancing process.  As I became calmer and more at ease within myself, my thought’s and feelings continued to become brighter, more calm and uplifting…
When I shifted my focus and vibration the Universe almost immediately responded with a similar vibration of a kind and loving friend just happening to call because they were thinking about me and decided to call to say hello and see what was happening in my life. It could have worked in another direction if I continued on a downward spiral and I might have gotten a call by someone in a depressed or difficult place wanting to share their discomfort with someone else! The Universe made the physical manifestation and connection by connecting similar vibrations to each other.
The more you let go of what does not serve you, the more you can shift your focus to be vibrating at a high rate, the better your life becomes. It is really as simple as that. And it is also much easier said than done when you have a great deal of forward movement in a lower vibration. You can change your vibration with each and every breath and by your conscious focus.
I offer support for those who feel a resonance with the opening, clearing, infusion and activation Sessions I provide. Please look over the sessions I offer and see if there is anything there that might be of benefit to you in raising your vibration and letting go of what no longer serves you.
In Light, Love & Service,

Friday, July 5, 2013

Why We Shout In Anger

I know through doing my own personal and energetic work that when I close down or restrict my emotions (energy-in-motion) over time blocks can form and lowered sensitivity’s become “normal” instead of exceptions in my energy fields. Our hearts radiate love and function best when open. When we do not allow our love to flow or restrict it over time blocks can develop that hurt others and us.

I would like to share with you a short story that I think you may find clear and very true. I have seen this illustrated in my life again and again:

A Hindu saint who was visiting the river Ganges to take bath found a group of family members on the banks, shouting in anger at each other. He turned to his disciples smiled and asked:

'Why do people shout in anger shout at each other?'

Disciples thought for a while, one of them said, 'Because we lose our calm, we shout.'

'But, why should you shout when the other person is just next to you? You can as well tell him what you have to say in a soft manner. ' asked the saint

Disciples gave some other answers but none satisfied the other disciples.
Finally the saint explained,

'When two people are angry at each other, their hearts distance a lot. To cover that distance they must shout to be able to hear each other. The angrier they are, the stronger they will have to shout to hear each other to cover that great distance.

What happens when two people fall in love? They don't shout at each other but talk softly, because their hearts are very close. The distance between them is either nonexistent or very small...'

The saint continued, 'When they love each other even more, what happens? They do not speak, only whisper' and they get even closer to each other in their love. Finally they even need not whisper, they only look at each other' and that's all. That is how close two people are when they love each other.'

He looked at his disciples and said.

'So when you argue do not let your hearts get distant, Do not say words that distance each other more, Or else there will come a day when the distance is so great that you will not find the path to return.'

In my own personal journey allowing my heart to stay open has at times been very challenging. I now find that it is no longer and option for me to close down and not let my energy and emotions flow. Doing this responsibly and maturely is also an ongoing practice that takes time and attention.

In looking inwardly, please notice if you have created more distance in loving yourself or others in your life than you would like.
If you are finding yourself not allowing your heart to radiate love effortlessly and freely or feel less free and restricted than you might like please look over the Sessions that I offer. It is my specialty to assist others in opening and clearing restrictions and blocks in their energy fields and to re-connect with the Higher-Self.

I now commit to being more and more conscious in each day and with each breath that I take. I choose to allow my emotions to flow freely and pay attention when I find myself restricting and closing down instead of opening and radiating. I do all I can to allow my heart to open ever wider and allow all the love around me to flow in and through me radiating outward effortlessly.

In Light, Love & Service,

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Focusing on Love and Beauty

This month I would like to share with you a short and significant event that happened to me that was very profound and clear. I hope that whatever is going on in your life, you choose to focus more on what is most important and meaningful to you personally.

During a Merkaba meditation (Merkaba translates as, vehicle of light or chariot of light) that I have done daily for 14 years I suddenly found myself looking out my window and the sky darkened and dark clouds began to swirl around. There was an intense spinning and swirling energy overwhelming in its force and intensity, like being caught at the crash zone on the beach and tons of water crashing down on you. I thought well this is really it the Earth is ascending or there is some kind of a total parallel split.

I was almost overwhelmed by the intensity of the energies and my own emotions. I then heard, “It is all going to be OK, your were built for this and it is your purpose and destiny.” More was revealed to me and I saw my part in this divine plan. I then just knew what was needed was to focus on “Beauty” and “Love”. I felt a multitude of others around me holding the same focus on Love and Beauty and everything began to calm and center. As I was thinking of whom I loved I suddenly found myself “back,” disoriented and nauseous.

It took me a few moments to realize that what had happened was not “real” and that everything was the same (except me) as it was before I started the meditation (or so it seems). The vision and experience felt so totally “real” that it took a long time to become fully present here and now. What stays so firmly with me now is that the focus on Love & Beauty will anchor and ground our personal ascension as well as the Earth's. That focusing on Love & Beauty is the key to bring you and me where we want to go…

Wishing you Great Beauty, Light & Love,

Friday, May 10, 2013

"Waking Up" This Morning

I had a very wonderful experience on April 30 and wanted to share it with you. I was awakened as the sun rose and feelings were flowing through me and demanding to be put into words to somehow anchor and record what was going on inside of me. The feelings found words that most closely described and aligned with them and wrote themselves as the poem below.

My “awakening” that morning was profound and so very clear. It was like all the veils that usually filter how I see the world and my place in it disappeared. The usual clouds and fog were burned away and a bright clear sunshine flowed through, illuminating me in a way that was totally felt and embodied. This is so different than an intellectual “knowing” or understanding. It was a total body knowing and understanding of feeling the absolute truth and having it flow through me.

The paradox of living here on Earth was revealed in such a way that all was understood; everything was perfect just as it is and there was complete peace and understanding. Again I want to really make clear that what I experienced was a total full body experience. I embodied what seems so elusive and when realized brings such a deep profound peace that words can only hint at the amazing wonder of it.

I am hopeful that my words, in the poem below can be translated in a way that captures its essence, even for those who read this and English is not their primary language.

This morning in an epiphany,
Through duality,
Contrast has served awakening in me,
Forged through the power of Love,
I am Re-membered to the Source that is Me,
I am Free,
You are Free,
Together are We,
Aligned once again in the Mystery,
In Service to the God within,
You and me,
Peace and Love flows Eternally.

“Waking Up” this morning means to me

Finding my center once again, allowing the source of all love to flow through me and not searching for it from others, It means seeing into how I have been pushing for the “relationship” I so very much wanted from outside of myself and now letting go.

It means letting go of sadness, wanting, pain and surrendering to “what is” and allowing myself to relax into the love of Source flowing through me, somehow forgotten in my trying and not allowing.

It means being committed to taking better care of my tender opened heart. It means treating myself how I want to be treated by others.

It means surrendering and letting go over and over to the past, to all the pain and hurt, the betrayals, the fears, the tears and yet embracing them at the same time as what has brought me to this point in time.

It means so much more and words only touch on how profound my state of being is at this moment…

I am so very privileged to be able to share from my heart to yours!

I believe all my Sessions from this point forward will have a new clarity, power, transmission of love and a higher potential for personal transformation and the ability to provide you with something more precious more than ever before. If any of the Sessions I offer appeal to you, call out to you and feel “right” for you it would be my honor to share it with you.

In Great Appreciation, Love and Service,

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sailing Along on Earth

Here you are sailing along on planet Earth. Your compass is your heart and this is how you were designed to navigate by and through. When you are clear and aligned, vibrating high you can see the stars and they will guide you along your way. The stars are your guides, forever shining guidance, wisdom, love and light, they are your navigation tools.

Your feelings, as expressed through your heart, are what are meant to guide you. Sadly this is not how most of the “world’ seems to understand or function. When you and I are feeling separate, alone and forget we can get caught into the flow of the other ways of being in the world. Those ways that are more accepted but do not really serve us. Those ways become like a fog all around us and we can easily lose our way when we forget our true navigational device, our heart!

Thus we can become like a ship sailing in the fog. So often this is when we become more outer focused and lose our alignment with our Higher-Self, within our knowing hearts. The fog we can get lost in is being caught in the mass mind that is not aligned with the Higher-Self or the heart. In the fog we can not see the stars all around that offer guidance in dark times.

When we take the risk to move forward in our lives often our past conditioning and patterns are still present and doing their best to keep everything the same as it once was. Sometimes it is OK to “fall apart” as it will give an opportunity for something new and different to grow as a new order is woven into place. Often the “fall” is amazingly short and only the fear projected by the mind deceives you into thinking the fall is so very far and big and to be avoided at all costs.

Birds would never leave their nest and fly if they did not risk leaving their nest, their home since infancy, and find they can fly. I think you can fly! I think you can let go even more and open your wings in ways you never dreamed possible when you let yourself go of your “nest”. Once you discover you can fly, it you can go back to your nest if you wish. Let go what you are still holding and carrying that weighs you down. Let your wings open and fly!

You can trust in yourself. You can trust that you have many unseen beings around you whose sole purpose is to support you, to love you and who are continually offering advice from a higher perspective that only has your best interests in their heart. Your job is to allow yourself to be clear and calm enough to feel, sense, see or hear the guidance continually being offered. When you allow yourself to let go of fear and worry by actively feeling love and appreciation you begin to resonate with your Guides higher frequency and vibration. When you resonate with a higher frequency and vibration you get the messages being offered easily and effortlessly. Then you know exactly what to do without question. Sometimes you just simply KNOW what is the best action or course to take and then you do it!

Please relax and allow what is already waiting for you to become more clear or seen. Let go of the past by focusing on what you want your future to be. Feel as best you can what you want to have here and now even though it may not be physically manifest yet. Allow your simple daily meditation to help you become clear and aligned with your Higher-Self.

The more you can feel appreciation for things in your life and see and feel the love that is all around you the quicker what has been less physical will become physical. And you can feel better right now without any new physical manifestations! The physical manifestation follows the non-physical energetic patterns being offered by your focus in every moment. You have the power and ability to focus your thoughts. Your thoughts and thinking are your keys to opening to higher vibratory ways of being in the world. Your higher vibratory rate naturally attracts those things that are more agreeable to you.

I wish you beautiful and wonderful sailing. I know that any storms you encounter along the way will not last and that you will sail through them becoming wiser and stronger. You were built to sail through this life being creative, having fun, being adventurous, colorful, kind, loving, feeling free and so very alive!

In Light, Love & Service,

Friday, March 22, 2013

Appreciating the Contrasts

          We live in a world of contrasts within and without. Sometimes they are extreme like the freezing Antarctic cold and the searing heat of the Sahara desert. We have emotional swings that can shift from apathy to love, from intense feelings of bonded connection with another to feelings of total disconnection and abandonment. I have lived with all my basic needs being met throughout my life and know others who lack for nourishment and shelter.

So, why the contrasts? The simple answer is that we very consciously chose it and knew full well when we incarnated that we would have the experience to participate in a dualistic system for the “experience” of it. We would be able to experience the joy and excitement of the unknown and to see how we could grow and overcome the challenges that we agreed to participate in.

I worked with a serious and kind woman yesterday, a traditional medical oriented healer who asked me if I could make her life easier. Obviously she has had many challenging and difficult life experiences and desires more grace and ease in her life. I smiled and honestly had to say no, I could not make her life easier for her. I explained that when we chose to incarnate here on Earth we came specifically for the challenges, to experience the contrast, to play in a playground that was not easy or simple for us. We wanted and asked for and even planned for the challenges and adventures in our lives.

We chose this Earthly experience and all the challenges because when we are not physically incarnated everything is bright and clear, there is no duality. We are totally supported, loved and at ease with everything. We can see the whole view when non-physical and here on Earth what we see is very narrow and incomplete. We lack the perspective and the absolute knowing that we are eternal beings of light and Love who are continuously growing and expanding into higher and higher awareness in an eternal upward spiral of blissful awakening.

After I said that I could not make her life easier for her and explained why, I said what I could do was assist her in connecting more clearly and fully with her Higher-Self. I could assist in clearing her energetic channels and pathways so that she could be in tune with her Higher-Self in such a way that she would receive messages and information that would absolutely make her life choices better. Our Higher-Self knows what choices will bring us the most fulfillment, creativity, love and aliveness. We are continuously being offered direction that will serve us the best from a very high perspective. Our job is to listen and follow that wise advice.

I am satisfied to say that she was very pleased with the session she received from me and that she immediately felt openings and alignments that were not there before our work together. She was more at ease with everything and that made her life immediately easier! She brought to herself the connection with me that assisted her in her own alignment. We worked together to open new doors; perspectives and pathways that will continue to serve her long after we go our separate ways.
It is our moment-to-moment choices that allow more grace and ease in responding to the challenges of our lives or less. The challenges will always be available for us to experience. Our attitude our vibration in how we respond to the challenges set the stage for what we will manifest and attract. It is our current vibration that attracts something similar. Being angry and upset at life’s challenges invites more circumstances of a similar vibration. Accepting the challenge and moving forward from it and with it from a focused, clear and positive attitude (vibration) allows inspiration and opportunities to become available that would not from a less positive vibration.

In essence you can choose through your focus to meet your challenges growing from them and expanding your abilities and consciousness in a multitude of ways or not. You have the power and the choice is really yours!

In Light, Love & Service,

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sharing A Positive Light

Here is a simple and fun technique that you can use to assist people you may encounter that looks like they could use some assistance and help. You can use this on anyone as it allows him or her to use the offered energy in any way that will be most helpful. You are simply offering assistance that may be like giving a drink of water to a person who is badly in need of water, nourishment and refreshment. I often use this technique as I am walking down the street and see people who are obviously hurting and in pain.

Here is how to do it:

1.   When you are ready and have found a person you wish to assist. Imagine you have a small ball of brilliant white light in your hand. The ball of light is about the size of a golf ball or a tennis ball. It is important that you imagine it or see it as pure white light, without any color at all.

2.   Begin to toss the ball of white light up and down in your hand just like you might a real physical ball. You only need to do this a couple of times.

3.   In your mind, toss this white ball of light up in the air so that you see or imagine and visualize it arching up above the top of the persons head you are assisting and dropping down on the top of their head. Just like if you had an actual ball and you wanted to gently plop it down on top of a friend’s head.

You may “see” this ball of white light disappear just above the top of their head as it is absorbed by them. Sometimes the ball of white light gets bigger after you toss it up in the air above the person’s head and sometimes it gets smaller. Once you toss the ball of white light to above the top of the other person’s head your part in this gifting is done. They will use the ball of light in whatever way is best for them and only they know what is most correct. They may never consciously know what had just happened and this is fine. You have given a very loving gift of energy and can trust that the other person’s Higher-Self will know exactly how to use this gift in a way that is perfect for the person receiving it.

You have also helped your own abilities to visualize and to offer love unconditionally. You have affirmed that each person has their own journey in this life here on Earth and trusted that your gift will be used exactly in the best way possible for them at the moment that they received it. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have given something and are not concerned with being thanked or paid for your thoughtfulness and kindness. You can enjoy the “good” feeling of having done something to help another person that may be struggling and in pain. You will also be building and strengthening your own psychic skills by using this technique often.

Wishing you much Light & Love!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Awakening Heart

     I started writing my January “Thoughts” about contrast and our world. After a paragraph that I was pleased with all of a sudden another sequence of thoughts started flowing and desiring to be expressed. Having learned some flexibility rather than stifling them and forcing myself to write on what I originally started with I surrendered to what you see below. I hope they will be of stimulation, value and use to you!

     I have held and imploded anger within myself being in this world seeing and experiencing its density, materialistic and the often heartless ways people interact with each other and the natural world that supports and sustains us all. I had been feeling powerless, ineffectual and cut off from the energy that I knew was mine, I knew it was available yet I was not able to manifest it in an effective way. My anger was a deep powerful force of energy that was not allowed to move through my being, instead it sank deep inside and physically hurt me. I was not able to dance amidst the contrast in a way that was not self destructive and it almost killed me.

     My lack of understanding was with not knowing to or how to allow my feelings to move through my physical existence freely and appropriately. My awakening was the understanding that force, power and strength of will was not the way and that my heart held the key. It was only through the heart that I could become of true service to others and myself. The way of the heart has its own knowing and logic. It is what the human, the human physical being, was designed to evolve to, a heart centered entity that utilizes the heart center, the 4th chakra, as the center where all decisions, actions and ways of being in this physical world flow through and radiate outward from.

     One’s will, power, mental acuity and feelings channeled through the heart center allow “right” action in the world. The heart-centered human radiates love, understanding, and multiple strengths and is a positive vehicle for uplifting themselves and all around them. As we are all unique and have countless gifts to offer others and ourselves we continually grow personally with an ever expanding sphere of influence that changes the very world we live in.

     My invitation to you is to embrace yourself exactly where you currently are at: emotionally, physically, mentally and Spiritually. From this very “real” place, now meditate and pray for the knowing of what is your next step to take to open and expand into being the heart-centered full human that you are fully capable of being and that the world is in need of. Maybe the information you receive will surprise you! Maybe your next highest step in your personal evolution is to take a vacation, to stop working so hard and simply allow yourself to be carried in the flow of life. Maybe that next highest step is for you to start a new and creative exploration or to let go of something that no longer serves you.

     Please trust in yourself! Trust in the ever unfolding ways life will present to you exactly what you need to know and that you will eventually catch on to what is being continually offered, embrace it and move forward into the unknown!

Wishing you Great Awakenings and Much Love,