Friday, March 22, 2013

Appreciating the Contrasts

          We live in a world of contrasts within and without. Sometimes they are extreme like the freezing Antarctic cold and the searing heat of the Sahara desert. We have emotional swings that can shift from apathy to love, from intense feelings of bonded connection with another to feelings of total disconnection and abandonment. I have lived with all my basic needs being met throughout my life and know others who lack for nourishment and shelter.

So, why the contrasts? The simple answer is that we very consciously chose it and knew full well when we incarnated that we would have the experience to participate in a dualistic system for the “experience” of it. We would be able to experience the joy and excitement of the unknown and to see how we could grow and overcome the challenges that we agreed to participate in.

I worked with a serious and kind woman yesterday, a traditional medical oriented healer who asked me if I could make her life easier. Obviously she has had many challenging and difficult life experiences and desires more grace and ease in her life. I smiled and honestly had to say no, I could not make her life easier for her. I explained that when we chose to incarnate here on Earth we came specifically for the challenges, to experience the contrast, to play in a playground that was not easy or simple for us. We wanted and asked for and even planned for the challenges and adventures in our lives.

We chose this Earthly experience and all the challenges because when we are not physically incarnated everything is bright and clear, there is no duality. We are totally supported, loved and at ease with everything. We can see the whole view when non-physical and here on Earth what we see is very narrow and incomplete. We lack the perspective and the absolute knowing that we are eternal beings of light and Love who are continuously growing and expanding into higher and higher awareness in an eternal upward spiral of blissful awakening.

After I said that I could not make her life easier for her and explained why, I said what I could do was assist her in connecting more clearly and fully with her Higher-Self. I could assist in clearing her energetic channels and pathways so that she could be in tune with her Higher-Self in such a way that she would receive messages and information that would absolutely make her life choices better. Our Higher-Self knows what choices will bring us the most fulfillment, creativity, love and aliveness. We are continuously being offered direction that will serve us the best from a very high perspective. Our job is to listen and follow that wise advice.

I am satisfied to say that she was very pleased with the session she received from me and that she immediately felt openings and alignments that were not there before our work together. She was more at ease with everything and that made her life immediately easier! She brought to herself the connection with me that assisted her in her own alignment. We worked together to open new doors; perspectives and pathways that will continue to serve her long after we go our separate ways.
It is our moment-to-moment choices that allow more grace and ease in responding to the challenges of our lives or less. The challenges will always be available for us to experience. Our attitude our vibration in how we respond to the challenges set the stage for what we will manifest and attract. It is our current vibration that attracts something similar. Being angry and upset at life’s challenges invites more circumstances of a similar vibration. Accepting the challenge and moving forward from it and with it from a focused, clear and positive attitude (vibration) allows inspiration and opportunities to become available that would not from a less positive vibration.

In essence you can choose through your focus to meet your challenges growing from them and expanding your abilities and consciousness in a multitude of ways or not. You have the power and the choice is really yours!

In Light, Love & Service,

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sharing A Positive Light

Here is a simple and fun technique that you can use to assist people you may encounter that looks like they could use some assistance and help. You can use this on anyone as it allows him or her to use the offered energy in any way that will be most helpful. You are simply offering assistance that may be like giving a drink of water to a person who is badly in need of water, nourishment and refreshment. I often use this technique as I am walking down the street and see people who are obviously hurting and in pain.

Here is how to do it:

1.   When you are ready and have found a person you wish to assist. Imagine you have a small ball of brilliant white light in your hand. The ball of light is about the size of a golf ball or a tennis ball. It is important that you imagine it or see it as pure white light, without any color at all.

2.   Begin to toss the ball of white light up and down in your hand just like you might a real physical ball. You only need to do this a couple of times.

3.   In your mind, toss this white ball of light up in the air so that you see or imagine and visualize it arching up above the top of the persons head you are assisting and dropping down on the top of their head. Just like if you had an actual ball and you wanted to gently plop it down on top of a friend’s head.

You may “see” this ball of white light disappear just above the top of their head as it is absorbed by them. Sometimes the ball of white light gets bigger after you toss it up in the air above the person’s head and sometimes it gets smaller. Once you toss the ball of white light to above the top of the other person’s head your part in this gifting is done. They will use the ball of light in whatever way is best for them and only they know what is most correct. They may never consciously know what had just happened and this is fine. You have given a very loving gift of energy and can trust that the other person’s Higher-Self will know exactly how to use this gift in a way that is perfect for the person receiving it.

You have also helped your own abilities to visualize and to offer love unconditionally. You have affirmed that each person has their own journey in this life here on Earth and trusted that your gift will be used exactly in the best way possible for them at the moment that they received it. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have given something and are not concerned with being thanked or paid for your thoughtfulness and kindness. You can enjoy the “good” feeling of having done something to help another person that may be struggling and in pain. You will also be building and strengthening your own psychic skills by using this technique often.

Wishing you much Light & Love!