Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Planting Joy, Sweetness, Love and Kindness

Creating and Manifesting

I once heard of a study that was done in New York in multiple schools. The kids were asked where did milk come from. The majority said from the store! I can think of other things like this. Picture in your mind a beautiful silk kimono. It is very hard to see and imagine that it came from the silk that a little worm-like creature spits out through its mouth. The majority of the fruit from the store you buy might be very difficult to place on the type of plant, bush or tree it comes off of by looking at the fruit alone without any prior knowledge of the tree or bush that it is grown from.

In the same way when you look at the "fruit" of the seeds you may have planted and blame a bitter fruit itself for its taste without taking into account the whole process that brought you the “bitter” fruit, you are missing something very important. This later manifestation of what you have previously planted is the fruit of your seeds and prior planting. It is a less than thoughtful position to take to say there is nothing you can do about it, that you have no control over it; this bitter tasting fruit just happened to you!

This rationale is missing something essential in the logic being used. The end result is being blamed for what was planted long ago. You can change the fruit you get in the future by paying attention to what you are planting each day and in every moment.

The physical manifestation, the situation that has manifested, the person we love or are in conflict with, the events themselves are what we almost always blame for eliciting this or that mood and reaction that we are currently experiencing. It is like driving a car on a long road trip and when it runs out of gas calling the car a piece of junk, a bad thing and blaming it for no longer working the way you want it to. Looking at it this way seems rather foolish, doesn’t it?

You can blame the car or find a way to get some more gas and continue the trip you were on. So, as long as you are focused on the present situation that you are unhappy with and blaming that situation, finding all the reasons why that situation is so bad, unchangeable, not your fault and obviously something you have no control over or about, you give the Universe no choice but to offer you more of the same. The “same” is the current vibration you are holding and by doing this you are asking the Universe to give you more of it.

Like attracts like.

If you like where you are at and the physical manifestations you are generating and attracting keep doing the same things. If you do not like them then start to change your vibration so the Universe can offer you more pleasing manifestations into you life. It really is simple at the most basic levels. You can believe this or not, it does not matter. You will get what you focus and place your energy and attention on in the physical manifestations around you. This is your strength and power.

You came here to earth to create and experience. You can do this consciously or unconsciously. You can create in ways that are pleasing to you or not. It is your choice through the vibrations you are holding.

Your feelings help to guide you toward higher vibrations by letting you know how your choices align or do not align with your Higher-Self (the greater non-physical part of yourself) who always chooses the higher vibratory positioning. When you feel pain it is the difference in the human part of you here (on Earth) not going with what your Higher-Self has already chosen and “become” in an energetic way. Your Higher-Self is actually the larger part of you. It is the larger part of you that is non-physical. The pain you feel is YOU resisting the movement to your higher vibration that is being held by the larger part of you (the Higher-Self).

The pain you are feeling is really only the difference between the current vibration you are holding (the free will you have) and the current vibration that your Higher-Self is holding (always the highest most loving positioning). What we usually blame for how we are “feeling” (person, situation or thing) is really not what is causing our disease. It is our personal lack of alignment with our Higher-Self. This is what causes us pain and a feeling of being torn apart and often a feeling of separation.

So, by making choices that even “feel” slightly better to you than your current state and continuing to move in the feeling direction that brings relief and better feelings you can raise your vibration higher. The higher the vibration you are consistently holding the more pleasing your physical manifestations will become for you. One small step at a time you can move forward into something new and more and more pleasing. Only you have the power and ability to do the real lasting focus that allows all that you want to effortlessly to come into your life.

My mind is my garden,
Thoughts are my seeds,
Shall I plant flowers or weeds?

I do believe the choice is yours!
Will you join me in planting those things now that will bring you a harvest that pleases you?
Will you plant sweet things, loving and kind things?
You can plant whatever you want now with your thoughts!
Why not plant joy, sweetness, love and kindness?

In Light, Love & Service,