Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dreaming Your Life

Do you have a dream or dreams that you would like to experience in this lifetime? Have you put them away because someone told you they were impossible, impracticable, silly, unrealistic or some other words possibly thoughts that you bought into or agreed on as “true”?

Dreams are more than adventures we have when we are sleeping. Dreams are how we can envision our future.

Dreams tell the Universe how to put together all the things
necessary to bring your soul desires into physical reality.

Amazing things happen every day! Dreams come true every day for thousands of people (there are approximately 7 billion people in the world today). What allows some people’s dreams to become a reality and not others?

The Universe offers to you what you want. How does the Universe know what you want? Simply stated, the Universe “sees” and “hears” what you want by observing what YOU are focusing on. Your focus consists of your thoughts, feelings and the intensity of your emotions that are emanating from you at any point in time in the form of vibrations.

Your focus is seen and heard by the Universe and MATCHING vibrational manifestations automatically begin to appear in your life.

You can become more and more conscious of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and those things you have the most emotional intensity about in a multitude of ways. Some ways work better for some people than others. Find what works best for you. Find the type of meditational practice that works for you. What helps you to become more aware and conscious? Find it and do it.

Once you are more aware of the vibrational signals you are sending out into the world, you can intentionally focus on those particular vibrational offerings that will tell the Universe to begin to manifest for you what you want! It really is as simple as that.

The more challenging part is letting go of those behaviors, patterns of thought and thinking, emotional responses and ways of being in the world you have learned that no longer serve you. Some people can do this by themselves. Most of us can use the help of friends and even trained professionals to assist us in clearing or discovering what is operating (like the operating system of a very sophisticated computer) below our usual awareness. When we become more conscious of what is operating less consciously and stop doing those things that no longer serve us or simply release them, the Universe can much more easily offer to us the fulfillment of our dreams.

So, what are you doing that continually tells the Universe to bring to you less than optimal physical manifestations? It is often not necessary to identify all the “whys” or ways you are not allowing your dreams to easily manifest. You can simply change your vibrational output into one that matches what you are desiring.

Do you want more love in your life? Tell the Universe to bring you more love by shifting and changing your vibrational output into one that is more peaceful and loving!

Do you want more money and resources in your life? Tell the Universe to bring you more money and resources by shifting and changing your vibrational output into one that celebrates and rejoices in what you do have and what others have!

Let go of trying to get everything around you to work the way you want it to (the people places and things) in any other way than shifting and changing your own vibrational output.

Send out the vibration, here and now, of what it is you want more of.
Focus on those things that bring you peace, joy, health, happiness, clarity, creativity, fun, enthusiasm and love. Learn to quickly shift your vibrational output when you realize what you are currently sending out is not assisting you to move in the direction you really want. Tell the Universe what it is you want more of by your vibrational offering.

This is your power and ability to create!

Please take the time to focus in a more conscious and clear way. The more you do this the more the Universe will bring you amazing co-incidences, little and big miracles and you will see your dreams manifesting in surprising and often unexpected ways!

In Light, Love & Service,