Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Practice Raising Your Vibration in Ways That Work For You

In previous “Monthly Thoughts” I have talked a lot about vibration and how it is the key to manifestation. I have often said in various ways, direct and indirect, that what you focus on is what you will get more of. You focus both consciously and unconsciously.

I would like to offer you an opportunity to more consciously create through your focus and using a simple exercise, a meditation in consciousness, in awareness. Below is an opportunity to set the conditions for favorable manifestation, like when Springtime comes after the Winter. Springtime is a time of favorable conditions for the seeds that were planted a while ago to grow.

I have an invitation for you to experience growth and expansion through a fairly simple exercise. An invitation to have some more pleasure and joy in your life. If you decide to give this little experiment a try, I would suggest that you look at it as an exercise in becoming more conscious of how you habitually focus in your day-to-day life. I believe it will be exciting, fun and very informative to you!

I would suggest giving yourself a specific time period that you will really pay attention and focus on what I am about to suggest. You can do this little exercise as you go about your daily life or possibly devote a time period that may be different than your usual routine of life, maybe taking an extended walk in nature or simply a place that might be familiar to you or different. What is most important is to be conscious of your habitual way of looking and interpreting what you are observing for a set period of time and be willing to shift your focus of attention at times.

Set a time period for this exercise. 1 to 4 hours will most likely offer you the insight and experience that will give you much more than what you may think. You may wish to allow yourself to continue as long as it feels good to you to remain focused on this exploration.

Here is the exercise:
  1. Become conscious of “how” you are seeing the world around you. Specifically notice how you feel about whatever it is you are seeing and thinking.
  2. Notice what “feeling” words you use to describe to yourself your perceptions of the world around you. Pay attention to words like, good, bad, nice, ugly, sad, wonderful, painful, joyful etc. If you notice a flower, how do you describe it to yourself? Is it pretty, wilted, happy, alone or simply a “flower” and has no emotional meaning to you?
  3. Notice what you are thinking and become as conscious as possible about how you feel about what you are thinking. Does what you are thinking feel good to you? Does what you are thinking feel expansive, heart opening, alive and uplifting? Does what you are thinking feel depressing, constrictive, sad, angry or somehow less than pleasant?
  4. Once you are aware of how you are translating what you are seeing and thinking into feelings, make the conscious choice to shift, to uplift and exalt anything that is not a positive feeling by focusing on what might be positive and uplifting about what you are viewing or thinking about. If you are not able to shift whatever you are thinking about or seeing into a positive and uplifting feeling, consciously choose to pay attention to something that you can find or see that is beautiful and uplifting. If you are talking with someone find what is loveable about him or her even if it is only the color of his or her eyes and focus on that!
  5. Your job and focus is to find what is beautiful and uplifting in everything you see and think about to the best of your ability for the time period you have allowed yourself for this experiment.
If you really try this exercise out, I believe you will discover many things about yourself and how you often unconsciously interact in the world. You will practice raising your vibration in ways that work for you. You may discover how often you are less loving and kind than you may have imagined and practice ways to shift your focus and attention into one that is more joyful and loving for yourself and towards others.

Let your focus on being “happy” become like Springtime, allowing the seeds your have planted long ago to germinate and grow into the creations you so desire. In shifting your focus onto what is “right” and what feels “good” you raise your vibration and will feel more joy, aliveness and expand your capacity of conscious manifestation. Living in a higher vibration increases the probability of manifesting those things you really desire. You allow yourself to feel “good” and feeling good is a very worthy goal in and of itself. It is the gateway to better health, the ability to have clearer guidance from your Higher-Self and attracting and growing those things that will enhance your life, from the “seeds of desire” that you planted in your “winter. Being “happy” sets the conditions for positive and fruitful growth. This will serve you and all those you care about and love!

I would like to hear how this exercise worked for you. Please use this as a practice of self-discovery, a time to become more conscious and aware and to simply to enjoy your life and the world a little more than you may currently be doing.

In Light, Love & Service,