Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let Go Of the Past and Move Forward

You are made of vibration. The world around you is made of different vibrations and the frequencies of those vibrations.

Friends and clients often ask me, “Why am I not feeling well and have physical health problems?” I would like to try and answer this in a way that you can understand, though it may not make sense to you, and even might feel less than satisfying. My answer will be from a very energy-centered perspective, a perspective that is based on vibration, the vibration that the physical “you” is holding and radiating out into the world.

For my answer to make sense to you there needs to be several basic understandings or assumptions:

1. We are vibration (energy) and live in a world made of vibrations or various forms of energy, some of which seems more physical than others or is denser than other forms of vibration.

2. The understanding that this physical “you” who is reading this is actually the physical manifestation of a larger non-physical “you” I call your Higher-Self.

3. Your Higher-Self is the source of your energy, life and vitality. The Higher-Self is continuously sending “you” that which enables you to be alive and physically focused.

4. Your Higher-Self always focuses on what is the highest vibration possible for you and holds that focus and intent unwaveringly. It focuses on love to the exclusion on anything that is not of this frequency or vibration.

5. The physical “you” and the “you” that is your Higher-Self is always connected and in communication.

6. The physical “you” who is reading this feels the guidance and communication from your Higher-Self the non-physical “you” through your FEELINGS.

7.Alignment feels good. Following your Higher-Self’s guidance feels good, expansive, loving, clear, alive, creative, fun and exciting. Not following your Higher-Self’s guidance feels bad, restrictive, dull, unclear and lacking aliveness or creativity.

8. When you “feel” bad, less alive, restricted and in emotional pain it is because the physical “you” is not in alignment with that greater part of “you” the larger non-physical part that is the source of your life force, your Higher-Self. This is what is actually causing you the discomfort (your lack of alignment with the greater wiser aspect of you) and not the person, place or thing that seems to be causing your discomfort!

9. Similar energy attracts similar energy; the vibration you hold and put out into the world attracts the same kind of vibration back to you.

10. We live in a YES-based Universe that offers to us through our vibration (the vibration we are holding). The vibrations we are holding and radiating out are matched and are attracted to us. You get what you focus on!

Now getting back to the question poised at the beginning.

The simple answer why you or anyone else has not been feeling well is because you or they are not following what the greater part of themselves (Higher-Self) has aligned with and this is restricting the flow of life force or energy from the Higher-Self causing restrictions and blocks in the physical body’s energy systems.

When this lack of alignment becomes a habit, things get worse and worse over time. Most often we try and sort this out to see if we can figure just what has caused what or try to intellectually figure out how did I get to this place of dis-ease that I am feeling and seeing physically manifesting all around me. More often than not this attempt at figuring it all out is not productive and only activates the energy (vibration) that does not serve us to be "healthy".

Intellectual knowing does not necessarily generate health and well being. In fact focusing continually on intellectually understanding something that seems to be causing you pain and suffering tends to set up a resonance with this type of energy (more pain and suffering) and you then attract more of it!

Remember, what you focus on is what you invite more of into your life!

So, what is most productive and healthy is to let go of the past and move forward into the new, into the energy that is free of those things restricting your connection with your Higher-Self. So, I encourage and offer ways to move forward into health; not backwards into blocks.

Thinking that by intellectually "understanding" what caused something that has physically manifested into a dis-ease (disease) or challenging physical symptoms and that you then can avoid or cure it makes linear sense. Unfortunately this does not usually work because the cause is almost always very complex, often non-linear and often beyond our ability to truly understand all the components and their interactions that really make it up.

It is far more productive to let the past go and move forward to where you want to go. It is like if you tried to drive a car forward by looking through the rear window all the time. You would crash more often than not before you finally got to where you really wanted to go.

This answer may not feel very satisfying, and I apologize if that is so. However, it may contain the information why you and others have continued to be less healthy and "well" than the body is capable of being. Let go of the past and move forward. Focus on what you want as much as possible in ways that feel good and uplifting to you. Simply focusing on what feels good and nourishing in the present will take you into the energetic space where all that you really want is much more easily attracted to you.

As always, it comes down to similar energy attracts similar energy. Your thoughts are energy. How you feel is energy. Energy is vibration. Opening to feeling better by thinking thoughts that “feel” good to you and doing things that feel good to you and nourish you naturally sets up a vibration that attracts a similar vibration.

I invite you as we move into the very auspicious New Year of 2011 to do all in your ability to let go of the past that no longer serves you and to focus on what you really want more of in your life. Do whatever you need to do to bring yourself into greater alignment with your Higher-Self. Focus more on love and being loving. Put your time and energy into those things that bring you more love, joy, expansion, creativity, openness, clarity and to do the things that simply “feel” good to you.

I look forward to our mutual movement forward into greater alignment, more love and joy now and in the New Year!

In Light, Love & Service,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Focusing Our Thoughts for Greater Joy and Love!

We are in very dynamic times filled with potential for movement in all directions. The energies pouring into the Earth are becoming increasingly more powerful than any time in modern history. Our thoughts and what we focus on can more easily be manifested than ever before. We have the potential to invite change into our lives like never before. We have the opportunity to use the power of “Now” to assist, support and create the future we really want.

Each of your thoughts has a particular vibration and feeling associated with it. This vibration could be likened to a specific channel or a radio signal. When you tune a radio to a particular channel (wave length) this is all you can get or hear on the radio.

If you could chose one vibration and this was all you thought, felt or focused on then the Universe would quickly and easily bring this same vibration and feeling to you in a physically manifested form. If you could be so disciplined and narrow to be so single focused to only think, feel and vibrate love, then the only thing that possibly could be drawn to you would be a matching manifestation of love in a multiplicity of forms.

Since almost all us here on earth do not have the ability to focus so precisely on one particular vibration or channel (like the channel on a TV), we find all kinds of things physically manifesting in our lives. Some of these are wanted and others not so wanted. Yet all of them come in response to the vibration we are sending out and the loving Universe simply gives us what we are “asking for”. Please remember, we ask through the predominant vibrations we are sending out in any given moment.

What is the main vibration you are sending out to the Universe
through your focus, thoughts, feelings and emotions?

You can easily see what your predominant vibration is by observing what is currently manifesting in your life right now. If you do not like what you are seeing, or some of what you are seeing, then you must change your vibration to match what you really want more of in your life.

Focusing on what you want in a positive way that feels good to you begins to shift your vibration, to tune your vibration in a way that naturally attracts what you desire. You can not just “think” positive thoughts, you must also FEEL the positive aspects of what you desire. Feel the qualities of what you want rather than the thing, object or possibly person.

If you want more love in your life begin to FEEL all the things that you love and appreciate in your life right now. Feel the pleasure of loving and nurturing something even if it is a single plant. Look at something of beauty that inspires you and fills you with joy. Explore how you share love and what helps you to feel loved. Do all you can to FEEL love here and now in this very moment. Feel how every breath you breath brings in life and love for your body to function and live. The more you appreciate things the higher your vibration raises.

If you want greater health and well being, begin to feel and actively focus on what you like and appreciate about your health and well being right now. Notice what is “right” about your body rather than what is not functioning so correctly or does not look the way you would like it to. When you look in the mirror in the morning do you see all the things that are fine and OK or only what appears to you to be lacking or wrong? Make a new habit of looking for what is right and appreciating it first before what is not.

If you want more money in your life begin to FEEL all the things that you love and appreciate about having more money in your life right now. Do not focus on any lack you may currently be experiencing, focus on what you do have and what is currently working. Think and feel how much fun it would be to have all the money necessary to take a month-long vacation somewhere you may have always desired. Imagine purchasing gifts for those you love and yourself and how nice it feels giving and receiving. Give yourself a little gift each day and then thank yourself for caring and offering. Appreciating even the smallest things helps to shift your vibration.

Making time to do simple meditations and visualizations that feel good to you and that focus in on positive and appreciating ways what you want more of in your life invites it to you. This only works if it FEELS good to you. Taking only 10 minutes each day to really feel and appreciate the qualities of what you want more of in your life shifts your vibration toward that thing, it invites it into your life.

Try this little meditation or visualization for 7 days.
  1. Take a minute to get calm and centered.
  2. Imagine how it would feel to have whatever you want most in your life right now. (If this feels good, continue. If for some reason it does not feel good then you have some resistance that needs to be cleared before proceeding.)
  3. Feel how this energy fills you and moves throughout your body. Let the good feelings and energy of all the qualities of what you are imagining fill you and anchor inside of you.
  4. Stay with the good feelings as long as you want and have time for. (If for some reason your mind begins to wander or the feelings become less positive, bring yourself back to a more present and positive feeling place gently and lovingly.)
  5. When you feel complete, end the meditation knowing that you have positively raised your vibration and enjoy the feeling that your desires are more quickly moving to you.
I wish you to have great joy, creativity, passion, ever increasing health, happiness and love that overflows from you to fill your world and all those around you!

In Light, Love & Service,

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Through our conscious focus and attention we can rise above our instinctual programming and wiring for survival

My life seems to be moving ever so fast in many directions at once all at the same time. There is expansion in all areas and I am amazed at simply how wonderful everything is unfolding. I hope your life as well is unfolding and expanding in ways that you desire.

I have been reading a book called, Buddha’s Brain the practical neuroscience of happiness, love & wisdom written by Rick Hansen PH.D. & Richard Mendius, MD. This book talks about how the latest research in neuroscience combined with the wisdom gained from thousands of years of contemplative practices (primarily Buddhist) shows how our flow of thoughts actually sculpt our brains. Simply stated how we think shapes our brain and we can think in ways that simply and clearly give us a life filled with greater love, happiness and wisdom.

Through evolution we as a species have evolved neural patterns and pathways in our physical brain that giver greater weight to things we perceive as negative over positive. Our human brain was designed to help us survive and anything perceived as a threat or danger is given immediate and higher priority than what we might term positive things in our daily experience. Even something that seems similar to something that once may have negatively influenced us gets immediately placed in a category of danger or threat and causes a series of chemical and physiological changes within our bodies to deal with the “perceived” danger or threat. This can result in a person being in a state of stress and chemical imbalance much more often than is healthy.

In relationships it generally takes 5 positive interactions to overcome the effects of one negative interaction. We are much more likely to remember the negative over the positive even if there is an overwhelming quantity of positive events or interactions (like 4 times as many). We are constructed in such a way that things we term negative are “hard wired” in our brains while things that are not are “soft wired” and much more easily forgotten and overlooked in favor of the negative.

This goes on in a very unconscious way and through evolution we as a race evolved this process and way of storing and reacting to events in our lives to help us survive. This process is less helpful and often results in unnecessary suffering for us and those around us in our more civilized world and relationships.

When you think of something or imagine something with your mind it causes changes in your physical brain. When you have physiological changes in your brain it triggers many chemical events in your body and this influences and changes your mind. The mind and brain are a complementary and integrated system. What you think causes physiological changes in your body that can be either advantageous to you or detrimental.

The way to overcome our hard wired structures of storing and perceiving events that we have determined as negative over events that we determine as positive is through being conscious. We become more conscious when we take time to meditate every day. As we learn to simply allow what is happening and work with the focus of our mind and without reacting further to negative events (like continually remembering them and thinking about them) we allow ourselves much more grace and ease in our lives. We can consciously train ourselves to look for positive things and make sure we are noticing at a minimum 5 times as many positive things as negative ones, especially in our relationships with others.

The more we focus on something, the more we think about something, the stronger the neural pathways in our brain become regarding that particular thing. We simply have to make sure we do this with positive things at the very least 5 times as much as with negative things. If you actively become aware of and focus on 10 times as many positive things in your life as negative so much the better! In this way we can help ourselves to be more balanced, healthy, happy and loving.

Through our conscious focus and attention we can rise above our instinctual programming and wiring for survival and move away from that which no longer serves us. We can choose to live a more conscious life, a more loving, kind and compassionate life through our focus and attention.

Wishing you graceful consciousness and clear focus of attention!

In Love, Light and Service,


Friday, September 17, 2010

Hakomi & Tools For Graceful Living

Through July and August I have been teaching and participating in 5 weeks of Hakomi Trainings. It was a rich and full time filled with intensity, laughter, a lot of learning, joy, tears, tenderness, understandings, love and beauty. I have been honored by Dr Ron Kurtz, the founder of Hakomi Psychotherapy, by being named in his Last Will and Testament as one of 7 people to be a “true representative and holder, legally and spiritually of his legacy”. This is a very great honor and I am very pleased to be so acknowledged by the founder for my therapy skills, dedication, understanding, coaching and teaching abilities in Hakomi Therapy.

What is Hakomi?

Hakomi is a simple and powerful method to assist another person to discover for themselves what they may be unconscious of that is causing them unnecessary suffering in their life. When performed correctly, as it is currently being taught by Dr Kurtz, it is gentle, non-violent and very effective for working with a person who is able to become mindful and able to study his or her own automatic responses.

This “mindfulness” is being able to quiet the mind enough to study ones immediate reaction to a simple statement or body movement. This quieting the mind only needs to be for 30 seconds or less. Once the automatic responses are brought to consciousness a skilled practitioner and the client can work with them. The client then can make a choice if this automatic reaction is really serving them in their life.

The Hakomi Therapy process helps to shift old patterns and habits instantaneously and assist with deep and permanent changes.

Shifting to a Higher Vibration

In my August “Monthly Thoughts” I talked about the “Scientific Method” and the way most of us have been taught to think the world works. You may wish to read this again because what I am about to write directly refers to this understanding of how “things” work and how you can use this possibly new understanding to accelerate everything in your life to improve.

I just worked with a client who has been suffering from chronic fatigue and a number of other challenges for over 7 years. He told me his session and my feedback has been very significant for him and he very kindly said I could share some of it as it might help other people. Below are two different little “meditations” that are very powerful and helpful in shifting your energy into a higher vibration as well as some information to assist in raising your vibration. From a higher vibrational place you will naturally attract those things that allow you to have a more fulfilling life.

What Story Are You Living?

The story you tell others and yourself is instrumental in creating your future reality. You can live in your old stories or you can write and live some very new ones. You may desire to keep some of the old and let go of what does not work for you. What will you choose?Please focus on whatever brings you pleasure and ease. Put your thoughts and attention into feelings that are alive and positive. Discover what you love and then focus on that and attend to it. Take small steps, one at a time in your new journey forward. Celebrate anything that brings you joy and lightness in thoughts and feelings.

Monitor your thoughts and catch yourself when you are thinking thoughts that are depressing and restricting. Acknowledge where you are at in the moment and then move forward in any way that might bring you relief and help you to feel better. You may find that you have some old habits that do not serve you. If any become apparent to you then simply start correcting them by building new more functional ways to think and focus your attention on.

Infusing Water & Food

Before drinking anything, take a moment to place your hands around the container and imagine that brilliant white light is flowing from your hands into the water or beverage. Imagine that the beverage is supercharged with life force and light. Use your strong focus and intent to do this each time you drink or eat anything. You only need to do this for 10 seconds or however long feels “correct” to you. Know then that whatever you are drinking or eating will be better for you than ever before.

Here is simple meditation to do before sleeping and before getting up in the morning that will improve your life.
  1. Imagine and think of anything that you love.
  2. Really feel the love and when you can feel it strongly imagine breathing this love into your heart as a golden white light.
  3. Keep doing this until your heart feels overflowing with golden white light.
  4. Let this golden white light flow out from your heart and into all areas of your body and all the cells of your body.
  5. Continue to breath in this golden love light into your heart allowing it to spread and overflow throughout your body and around your body for at least a meter all around you.
  6. Do this for five minutes or as long as it feels good to you.You may also wish to imagine breathing in this golden white light into the center of your heart and allowing it to expand throughout your body in a breath or two anytime during the day that you are inspired to do this.

As much as possible do not “force” yourself to do anything. Take the time to shift your thinking about something that you feel you must do so that you can approach it from a more open and pleasing place of intention. By focusing on all the positive or possibly positive things some action you may take or will bring you can help insure that the action taken will be supportive of your overall health and wellbeing.

Wishing You Much Love, Laughter & Light,

Sunday, August 1, 2010

As our planet vibrates higher, the rules change, the formulas change.

I have been thinking about the beliefs we hold and how they shape our lives. Most of us in the Western parts of the world have been taught to believe in a scientific way of thinking. We have been taught that this is the “real” and “true” way of determining how the world really works and how and why things are the way they are. This is taught to us through the “Scientific Method”.

Scientific method refers to a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on gathering observable, empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. A scientific method consists of the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.

Although procedures vary from one field of inquiry to another, identifiable features distinguish scientific inquiry from other methodologies of knowledge. Scientific researchers propose hypotheses as explanations of phenomena, and design experimental studies to test these hypotheses. These steps must be repeatable in order to dependably predict any future results. Theories that encompass wider domains of inquiry may bind many independently derived hypotheses together in a coherent, supportive structure. This in turn may help form new hypotheses or place groups of hypotheses into context.

Among other facets shared by the various fields of inquiry is the conviction that the process must be objective to reduce biased interpretations of the results. Another basic expectation is to document, archive and share all data and methodology so they are available for careful scrutiny by other scientists, thereby allowing other researchers the opportunity to verify results by attempting to reproduce them. This practice, called full disclosure, also allows statistical measures of the reliability of these data to be established.

This process is very useful in some ways and can be much less useful in others. If we believe that how we create our personal reality is just like it is in science – that there is a static system that never changes and all you have to do is figure out the attributes of the energy of something that never changes and you will be able to control it – then you will live in and create a life that evolves much slower than possible. It would be like trying to drive a vehicle forward by only looking out the back window!

As our planet vibrates higher, the rules change, the formulas change.

As you vibrate higher, you begin to attract what might seem like miracles compared to when you were vibrating at lower levels. Your life begins to simply work better and better. You attract and manifest circumstances and events with the highest possible outcomes. Your health improves and you begin to live with much more love and joy in every minute. When you feel yourself vibrating lower, you know what to do to move back into higher alignment and raise your vibration higher again.

As you begin to focus forward on what you want rather than how things “are” or how they “were”, you start to move faster into what is possible. As you focus on what brings you more love, joy and happiness in each choice you make your vibration naturally rises. As you focus on more positive thoughts and feelings your life improves in all ways. When you feel joy now in your day and your life, you let go of what seems to be lacking and fear fades away. When you allow your creativity to express itself and look for what is going “right” rather than what seems to be going wrong or is lacking, the Universe begins to naturally deliver what were once just dreams.

So, I invite you to drive your vehicles (the vehicle of your own body, as well as a bicycle or car) forward by looking forward more than backwards! Enjoy what is coming now, even before it physically arrives and the Universe will arrange little miracles for you again and again!

Wishing Much Love, Laughter & Light,

Monday, July 26, 2010

Believing In A Dream - Jul '10

I would like to share with you a short story that recently happened. It is about how the Universe works to support us far beyond the physical actions we take. This is a true story and I that I think is inspirational and may be well worth your time to read.

I have a friend that I have known for many years who owns a small business where he works for himself. He has his challenges like we all do with making a living, navigating relationships, raising a family and living life with all its ups and downs as best as he can.

He works many long hours serving the people who come into his little shop and regularly helps people in many was, often giving things away and providing work or assistance for people in need. I have seen him continually strive to be positive, learn and grow. He has helped raise a couple of children and one is just graduating from high school this year and looking to get into the best university possible. His sons both have worked at their father’s shop through the years and done many things to earn their own money for school clothing and other things they wanted.

Universities, as you know are, expensive. Good ones tend to be more expensive. My friend wanted his son to get into the best university possible and he unfortunately does not have nearly the income that would allow him to pay the tuition and living expenses of even an average university.

I had many conversations with him about this process long before his son graduated from High School and began to apply to the various universities. Exploring all the avenues he could think of he still came out with far less finances than the University and living expenses demanded for his son.

His son works very hard at school, studying long hours, and he is an athlete. He has chosen a less popular high school sport and excelled in it through the years. He won several awards in competition and showed great promise. He was offered small scholarships from a couple of the universities he applied to.

Watching this young man grow up I am continuingly impressed with how kind, bright happy, caring and intelligent he has become. There is much more I could say but will be brief for this story and move to the conclusion.

My friend continued to do all he could to figure how to assist his son get into the University that was really the best, not necessarily the least expensive. From a logical point of view, or from an accountant’s point of view it was hopeless. There just was no way to pay for it or really borrow the money necessary to make it happen. However, they did not give up hope or stop searching for some possibility that might make this dream come true.

One day, a couple of months ago, as my friend was working a man he had never seen came up to him and asked if he could speak to him about his son. Being busy and working alone in his shop my friend said no and that he had to leave immediately after work to buy supplies for his store. He told the man to come back later and talk with him another day. The man insisted and said it would be very brief. So my friend reluctantly said he would give him a couple of minutes to hear whatever he had to say.

This stranger said he liked how my friend’s son was so dedicated to his sport, was an exceptional young man and heard he wanted to go to a University to pursue the sport and continue his education. He had also heard that it did not look possible because of their lack of money. The stranger said he would like to offer to pay for all my friend’s son’s university expenses as a pure gift with no restrictions! Needless to say the offer was humbly accepted with great appreciation and wonder. It is now several months later and everything is working out perfectly.

I love this story! It is a real-life example that illustrates there is so much more happening behind the scenes of this great “play” we are living that we call “life”. The Universe will support us in unmanageable ways when we stay true to our desires and do not give up our hopes or our dreams. It shows us that help is available, from very unexpected sources, often when we least expect it.

When we act out of love for something that inspires us, or for someone we care deeply for, trust that the Universe will arrange for amazing things to happen that might seem impossible for someone who does not trust in the mystery of life.

When you are in alignment with yourself, you invite the Universe to bring to you all that you desire. The Universe loves you unconditionally and will give to you what you focus on. What are you focusing on? Is this what you want more of in you life?

Wishing you Much Love and Gentle Unfolding into the Divinity that You Are.

The Divine In Nature - Jun '10

In our quest for the Spiritual, we often forget that we ARE Spiritual Beings. We do not need to work to “be spiritual”. What we can do is to let go of all the things that hinder us from expressing the divine spiritual beings that we truly are. The majority of things that hinder us from expressing the highest aspects of our divinity on a daily basis are bad habits of attention and focus that we learned at an early age by our well meaning parents and through growing up in the society that we do.

Our very existence here on Earth is a gift to “All That Is” (God, Goddess or whatever we might conceive of as a supreme deity, the creator of everything we are conscious of). We are each divine sparks of the greater flame of our Higher-Self, that in turn is part of the flame of a greater brilliance, that in turn is the everlasting light of All That IS. We are all sparks of divinity exploring the contrast of this earthly existence and adding our unique energetic imprint for the benefit of everything. This IS what we are, whether we are aware of it or not.

Through our exploration of life and the contrast offered here on Earth we automatically assist everyone and everything to expand and become more evolved, conscious and clear. When we allow ourselves to align with our Higher-Self (our divinity) we feel great, expansive, alive, clear, creative, filled with joy and love. We find we are in the “right” place at the “right” time and everything flows gracefully and smoothly for us. We naturally say, and do the “right” things at the “right” time for ourselves and everyone else around us.

So, when I let go of the things that are not allowing my Higher-Self to be more actively and consciously flowing through me on a daily basis my life is expansive, filled with joy, creativity, love, clarity, excitement, a feeling of fulfillment, perfect timing and co-creation with other people who are allowing their Higher-Self to flow more freely through them as well. I easily find the type of “work” that feels most correct for me and offers all those things that are what I enjoy and feel good doing. I become an inspiration for others and feel inspired to ever greater heights myself.

What is it that hinders us from expressing the Divine Spiritual Beings that we are?
What I have found is a primary impediment to allowing my Higher-Self to flow through me is being so busy and hurried with my daily life that I forget to take the time to be still and allow life to naturally unfold around and through me. I can get so very busy trying to make things happen that I actually get in the way of the Universe delivering all that I that I have asked for. When I do get out of the way, and stop trying, the Universe brings me what I want in ways greater and better than I could have imagined.

When I take the time to be quiet with myself, to meditate, to see what the Universe brings to me, rather than working so hard to make something “happen”, then I allow all life to simply and naturally flow to me. I can then choose what I want to do and whom I want to be with in my journeys.

Another way to encourage the Divine flow is spending time in nature. This helps me to remember the natural flow of life and living. Sitting on a rock in the middle of a stream of flowing water clears and nourishes me. Walking in a forest allows my mind to rest and the natural world to balance my energies. Watching the waves come in on a beach allows me to remember so much that I may have forgotten in my hurry, especially when I am away from nature, and surrounded by cars, concrete, steel and city noise.

I hope you can make it a priority in your life to have a little more time for meditation, quiet contemplative times and time in nature. You will feel better. You will have a clearer and stronger feeling of connection with your Higher-Self. Your life will naturally unfold with much more grace and ease. You will know what is the best choice for you among many options. Life will be sweet and once unseen openings will be available for you that would have been missed if you were in a hurry, living a busy overworked life.

I am soon off for the forests and time by the ocean to allow nature to nurture and fill me once again, to slow my pace and meditate deeply.

In Light, Love & Service,

If The World Was Your Restaurant, What Would You Order? - May '10

I love Spring, its warmth and green growing things after all the contrast of the cold and gray of Winter. Without contrast everything would be the same and after some time it becomes boring and tends to put me to sleep. Even very beautiful things repeated without any change or contrast become monotone and less and less pleasing. A single tone becomes tiresome hearing it repeatedly without another tone in-between and after a long enough time of hearing it, our ears can actually ignore it as if it was not there.

If everything were the same all the time we would soon become dull and sleep through our daily lives. It would be like eating the same food all the time without any variance. After many days of the same meal we would long for something different, something to spice it up, something different to eat.

I would propose the somewhat radical idea that all the contrast in our lives gives us the richness, the beauty that we so love, crave and enjoy. The radical part being, we invite the contrast into our lives to give us the opportunity to experience change, to allow us to choose what we really want and to wake us up. From an awake and consciously choosing place we then have the opportunity to invite more of what we really want into our lives.

Imagine you were invited to a large restaurant that had many chefs all cooking wonderful, different foods and they offered a giant table with everything they cooked for you to sample.
You would have the opportunity to sample, to try many different dishes, unique foods and different tastes of all kinds. Given the opportunity to choose whatever foods pleased you, I doubt that you would choose the foods that were unpleasant to you. Without the contrast of the other more pleasing foods though, you would not have the opportunity to refine and then choose the things you liked the very best. The more choices you have the more opportunity you have to find out what it is that you like the most. I am using this food analogy to possibly help you to understand better what I am going to say next.

I propose that there is a greater part of us actively working behind our usual consciousness that invites into our lives contrast of all kinds so that we then can more consciously choose what fits best for us in any given moment. When something in our daily life is offered to us it is the contrast that we have experienced that helps us decide if we wish to embrace this new thing or not. Sometimes the only way we can determine if this new thing is something we wish to keep in our life is by trying it and seeing how it feels and works in our lives. Trying something new will greatly enhance our lives and may offer us the opportunity to simply experience a contrast that will enhance our ability to choose wisely in the future. Our willingness to experience new things gives us more depth and understanding of ourselves.

Our world is filled with contrasts and it is our opportunity to choose amongst all the various choices what fits best for us at any given time. Through our choices in what we focus on and put our energy into we then get more and more of that particular focus and energy into our life. I suggest that you focus on those things pleasing to you and that bring you more joy, love, pleasure and happiness. It seems rather odd to me that if I went to that restaurant I mentioned above and given all the many choices available, that I would focus on and choose anything that was unpleasant and tasted bad to me.

So, if the whole world was your restaurant and you could choose among the different offerings what would you choose to focus on and bring into your life? When you catch yourself focusing on and ingesting things that are unpleasant to you I would advise you to make other choices and put your attention and energies into more pleasing things!

I invite you to take 10 minutes a day for the next 7 days, maybe in a simple meditation or before you go to sleep at night, to become aware of and begin celebrating all those things in your life that have brought you greater discernment (all that contrast). By celebrating rather than vilifying the contrast you have experienced in your life you will be offering an energy that is positive and invites more of the same positive energy to connect with you. Tell the “story” of how those things that have been your greatest challenges in this life has given you the greatest gifts. You have been given the gift of discernment and the knowing of what it is you really want. Offering a blessing to those people, events and situations that have been most challenging for you will naturally invite the Universe to bring more of what it is that fits best for you now and is in your highest and best alignment Now.

In Light, Love & Service,

Holding A Higher Vibration - Apr '10

As usual I have been thinking about how we construct our “worlds”, how and why things become physically manifest. How and why all the various things that make up our daily experiences come together and why one possible thing physically manifests and not another. Then when we interact with the things that show up we continue an ongoing combination of connections and experiences. Things that make up our life and experience such as our health, the jobs we find ourselves doing, the people in our life, all the millions of little things and combinations that come together in all the ways that they do as we move about in our day.

A scientist may look through the lens of a microscope to discover the worlds of things hidden from our eyes by their smallness. Worlds of incredible diversity can be observed through the magnification of the microscope and creatures, complex and amazing to watch and study. Those worlds and things are usually hidden from our view but they are there having a life of their own usually unobserved by us.

How we create our reality, our world that we live in, is similar in a way to using a microscope. Our manifesting is usually unobserved without the proper lens to see it and how it functions. The lens that we can use to “see” and choose the creations that we will physically manifest is our FEELINGS. Our feelings allow us to see what we will be attracting and creating; what we will be drawing to us that then will be physically manifested into our lives.

Our Universe was designed to allow us to create the kind of life we desire. The Universe has no judgment of “right” and “wrong”. It just gives to us circumstances and events that are in alignment with the vibration that we are holding in any present moment. Simply stated, the universe lets us create and manifest our personal world through the vibration we are predominately in. What we focus on through our feelings and emotions translates into a vibration that attracts into our lives things, events and circumstances that will physically manifest.

Through our feelings, our emotions we send out vibrations and the Universe then gives to us those things that are of a similar vibration. When I am allowing myself to stay in a state of anger, fear or depression, this vibration is what I am predominately radiating. So our kind and loving Universe responds to this by arranging events and circumstances that are in alignment with this vibration. I will encounter angry people, connect with fearful circumstances and find even more things to be depressed about. All this confirms that the world is just the kind of a place that my vibrations are making “real” for me.

When I allow myself to stay in feelings of appreciation, joy and love then this is the vibration that I am predominately radiating out to the Universe. Our kind and loving Universe responds to this by arranging events and circumstances that are in alignment with this vibration. I will encounter things to be appreciative about, find joyful things happening in my life and loving people and events will begin to manifest in my world. All this confirms to me that the world is just the kind of a place that my vibrations are making “real” for me.

So, what is very crucial and important to understand is that you have control of what you will find physically manifesting into your personal world, the events in your daily life. Through your attention on how you are feeling at any given moment in time you have the guidance of knowing what you will be attracting to yourself in the future. If you do not like what is currently manifesting in your personal world, pay more attention to your feelings and emotions. Allow your focus to be on what feels better to you in any given moment and allow that to shift and move into a better and higher FEELING place within yourself.

You have many ways available to you of shifting yourself into a higher vibrating place. The higher you vibration you are holding, the higher probability that things and events will manifest into your world that are pleasing to you. Sometimes it is a simple as resting more and allowing yourself to see and feel all the beauty and wonder that there is around you. A simple daily meditation practice that you enjoy and feels good to you will help shift your vibration into a higher place. Sometimes having the short term assistance of someone who offers energetic alignment work will give you a boost into a higher vibration that you can then maintain on your own without any other outside help.

I hope my thoughts on how we create our personal world has been helpful and at the very least stimulation for you. I wish you marvelous and wonderful creating in you personal worlds!

In Light, Love & Service,

Thanks To Japan - Mar '10

I am recently back from Japan and moving back into my life here!

It is always an honor to be able to travel and share the Workshops and Individual Sessions that I can offer to those who find them of value.

Each time I go to Japan it is a deepening of my love for Japan, the people who live there, as well as a continuing unfolding of my own personal skills and abilities at all levels. The workshops were beautiful, powerful, intense and fun. Students came from all over Japan to participate and learn. Some were professional “healers” and there were others who had never done any type of work like this before.

Every student went away with great new skills; improved abilities and sessions to share with loved ones or offer to clients. Individual sessions were amazing, loving, intense, powerful, beautiful and surprisingly gentle. I believe each person received more than they expected and were very pleased with their experience.

I am always in awe and humbled by the marvelous co-creation that takes place in the Workshops and Individual Sessions. I hope you can talk to someone who participated and hear what he or she has to say about his or her own experience.

As wonderful an experience as this trip was, I have exhausted myself from all the experiences of this trip and am taking time to nurture and revitalize myself. There are always more people asking for private sessions than can be accommodated and I find that I overextend myself by adding private Sessions during times scheduled to rest. I am also so honored that so many people desire to receive the hands on energy that is being offered. It is always such an honor to share possibly life-changing work with those who are drawn to it and are guided by their Higher-Self to receive it.

There is a rather personal thing I would like to share. The relationship between Khakira and I has changed and shifted once more. We are no longer married. We enjoy working together and are at our best offering workshops or doing individual sessions. We love and care about each other greatly and are pleased to be able to continue offering the work we do together to those desiring it.

Spring has arrived here in Ashland Oregon where I live and it is delightful. Flowers and the scent of honey are in the air from all the blossoms on the trees. It is a time of renewal and rebirth in many ways. I will be offering a new long distance Session that I had talked about in past “Monthly Thoughts” and look forward to sharing this with you soon.

Wishing you beautiful openings and unfolding into more and more of who you truly are!

In Light, Love & Service,

The Real Thing - Feb '10

As I prepare for the journey to Japan on February 14th I have been reflecting on the Workshops that Khakira and I will teach. What is most important to me is that what is taught in the Workshops can be received by those who are attending in a way that serves them in the highest way possible and that they then can offer what they have experienced to others if they choose. I would like each person to have an extraordinary experience and then be able to share this with others.

Sometimes extraordinary experiences are very powerful and you feel like you are in a whirlwind of movement, shift and change. You know something very big and profound is happening. Very often they are subtle, like a fine and exquisite meal or a piece of music or work of art that is hauntingly beautiful and stays with you the rest of your life, adding something indescribable yet profound to your life experience. After this experience you are more than you once were and maybe even more of who you really are. You may only discover this through time and looking back on changes, shifts and movements in your life.

Some teachers are very gifted at providing written and verbal descriptions and frameworks for their teachings. This type of teaching often appeals to technically and scholastically oriented people. These words, descriptions’ and frameworks serve to give our “mental body” a handle that it understands and can feel safe and secure with so that meaning; sense and value can be given to the teachings. This can be valuable. Unfortunately it is often substituted for the “real thing,” which is the “fruit” and the essence of the teaching. Sometimes clever students can find their way from this to the real “thing”.

What I have found is that the description of a “thing” is not the actual thing itself. You can have a description of an apple, a picture of an apple, a history of how an apple grows from a seed to a tree, sprouting leaves, then flowers and the fruit growing and ripening on the tree and the fruit finally harvested and ready to eat. You can have a complete description of everything necessary to nurture and grow an apple tree including soil, fertilizers, watering, proper sunlight and warmth, everything necessary to bring the apple to your hand.

All the words, all the descriptions’ so precious to our mental body, can never convey all that is experienced when you hold the apple in your hand and take your first bite of this fruit you have never tasted before. At this point you really “know” the taste and feel of the apple. It is no longer an idea, but an actual “felt sense,” a knowing from experience that is forever yours.

Our Workshops are more experiential and hands-on learning rather than intellectual explorations and mapping expeditions.
I strongly believe you learn by doing and experiencing rather than hearing, being told or reading about something. Our gift is the ability to transmit the codes, the keys, and the pathways of accessing the ability to actually do what is taught in the Workshop. Without this all the explanations in the world will only give you a mental understanding and no real ability to access the power to really taste, feel and transmit to another the real life, the aliveness, the richness and fullness the workshop is all about.

What you will get in our Workshops is the real thing! You will get the ability to do what the Workshop is about with a minimal of mental body gymnastics and need for mental understanding. This works especially well when we are teaching to people whose native language is not English. You can come to one of our workshops and expect to learn by doing and receiving the keys to open the pathways within yourself that allow you to proficiently and with minimal practicing, offer some extremely powerful and potentially life changing energy work. I invite you to come and taste the fruit and share it with others.

In Light Love & Service

Move Into The Future You Most Desire - Jan '10

This New Year is again an opportunity to let go of what no longer works for you and move into the future you most desire. So much of what holds us back and limits our forward movement is the repetition of old patterns and behaviors that do not serve us. What we mostly do is re-create our past, wanted and unwanted, on daily basis. We bring our past into the present. Then by our focus on what is happening right “now” (our present experience) we continue to re-create the same thing over and over. This is great if we like where we are at and what is happening in our lives! This is not so great if we would rather have something different.

There are many ways to assist ourselves in our movements forward into the futures we most desire. Becoming more and more in alignment with our Higher-Self is primary. This means your Higher-Self and not my Higher-Self! Only you can know what is right and true for you. What is correct and perfect for me may be very wrong and even detrimental to your graceful movement forward in many ways.

We are each on a very personal journey and only our Higher-Self knows the most expedient and correct path at any given point in time for each one of us.
When we are in alignment with our Higher-Self we then naturally become in alignment with others who are similarly aligned and come together in co-creative ways that expand and enhance all our life experiences.

Would you like something different to come into your life in this New Year? One simple way is to totally accept where you are presently at and begin to focus on “feeling” what it is that you would like to currently have manifesting for you as if it was already here and present, right now. For example if you would like more money, more financial abundance, begin to think of what it might feel like to have more money than you currently have. How would you feel right now with more income, more money to spend on anything you want?
  • What would it feel like to be able to go out and buy an expensive gift for someone you loved? How about being able to buy something that you always wanted or dreamed of having?
  • As long as this little mental exploration “feels” good it will accelerate your physical manifestation of what you desire.
  • If thinking these things “feels” not so good then this is an indication of resistance that is keeping what you want from coming as quickly as it could.
In general, your “feeling” sense lets you know what you have resistance to or what you are in alignment with. Simply stated “good” feelings show little resistance and “bad” feelings indicate resistance. The more you orientate towards those things that feel good or even a little better to you the more in alignment you become with the higher guidance of your Higher-Self. One of the primary ways your Higher-Self speaks to you is through your feelings.

If you wish to be in alignment with those things you want, you must first “feel” those things as if it or they were already physically present in your life no matter what is currently physically present and “real” in the moment. You have the power to influence and change your future experience through your alignment with your Higher-Self. Making your personal alignment with your Higher-Self your first and highest priority ensures that your life will evolve gracefully and continuously in a way that is most fulfilling, creative, joyful, fun, exciting, loving and expansive. Your personal alignment uplifts much more than yourself and those you care about and love, it expands and uplifts the world as well.

I am personally excited, fulfilled and delighted to be able to assist people in moving into greater alignment with their Higher-Self. Through these words you may be reading, individual sessions and various workshops my overall goal is assisting each individual into becoming more and more in alignment with their own Higher-Self. I believe and know this is how the world changes into a better place for us all. It is by our own unique and individual alignment with those higher and wiser aspects of ourselves, that are ever present and just waiting for our cooperation in aligning and harmonizing with, that we evolve personally and as a collective whole.

Wishing you an Amazing and Wonderful New Year!

In Light, Love & Service,

The New Divinity Pathways - Dec '09

I am very excited about a number of things to be sharing with you this month! First Khakira and I have been invited to return to Japan and offer Workshops and Individual Sessions starting in February of next year. We are really looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting old friends that we have never met before and sharing some very new and exciting things with you. We have also been developing some new Workshops and will offer a very new and unique Individual Session for next year as well.

The new energies that have been pouring into the Earth have been challenging for many and are the harbinger of more to come. They are helping us to open to more energy and changes on the way. Our physical energy systems are being rebuilt to accommodate the newer and more potent energies. Our very bodies are being rebuilt as we do our best to live in them and function in this changing and upwardly evolving world. It is a very exciting time we have chosen to live and participate in!

Something that has been waiting for this “time,” for the “correct timing,” both planetary as well as for our individual and collective evolvement to take place and are a very new energy system contained within our physical bodies. This new series of Pathways has recently opened and become available for us to utilize. We are calling them the Divinity Pathways as their sole function is to allow more and more of our true divinity our Higher-Self to be ever more fully grounded into our physical body like it never has been before.

The Divinity Pathways are now available for us to access as they merge, unite and intertwine with the physical body. The Divinity Pathway map and how to assist them in their embodiment was directly downloaded to Khakira while she was in deep trance states. While the Divinity Pathways may at times coincide with other energy work systems (Axiatonal Alignment, Chakra Systems, Acupuncture Meridians and others) any similarities are purely coincidental. These Pathways are unique and are the conduit for the gifts available from our Higher-Self to be much more easily brought into physical reality now that we are ready to receive and embody them.

These pathways are all about embodying more of your Divinity. They enable us to re-connect to the highest aspects of the non-physical parts of us and to bring more of that into our physicality. They let us re-member and re-call our divine abilities, like being able to embody more love and compassion, telepathic communication, clairvoyance, cellular regeneration, accessing information of all kinds, etc. As these pathways open further, more of Spirit will be allowed to flow through us, and we then become more conscious and awake. They assist us in reclaiming who we truly are and empower us to show more of that in our daily lives.

This is extremely exciting to Khakira and I and we feel so very pleased and honored to be able to share this with you. The process of how to infuse the Pathways is not complicated compared to so many other systems and modalities and feels wonderful for all involved. The Pathways can be accessed by lightly touching and holding particular parts of the body in an orderly procedure and then “infused” to increase and accelerate their functioning. There are over 70 of these pathways and working as a team, we can infuse them in approximately 4 hours.

Here is a little meditational exercise that you can do to become acquainted with the Divinity Pathways.
  1. Allow yourself to get into a calm meditative state.
  2. Become aware of the space within your physical self and all around yourself.
  3. With each breath in breathe in beautiful golden light and allow it to fill and radiate all around you as if you are filling up a balloon that is shaped like you.
  4. Breathe in golden light for several minutes, allowing yourself to be filled and overflowing with it.
  5. Imagine that your Lightbody is glowing and filled with light and points of spinning energy. It looks like a fantastic star chart, all illuminated, alive, spinning, moving and radiating more colors than you can imagine throughout the inside and outside of the physical body.
  6. Imagine and intend that the particular pathways that are the Divinity Pathways are beginning to illuminate and glow brighter and brighter. Do not worry about seeing them exactly or even at all. Your intention and desire is what is most important right now.
  7. With each breath of golden light, imagine the divinity Pathways are being infused, that they are brightening, becoming clearer and more physically manifested.
  8. Continue to breathe in golden light and allow through your intent, visualization and desire that the Divinity Pathways become stronger and brighter with each breath.
  9. Allow the peace, joy, love and feelings of connection with your Higher-Self to fill you as long as you wish and have time for.
Please enjoy this little meditation anytime you can make the time and feel like recharging yourself with more of all the highest qualities and aspects of yourself. This is a delightful meditation to do before falling asleep or before getting up to start your day.

Wishing you overflowing love, joy and graceful expansion in your life!

Changing Your "Tapes" - Nov '09

Lately, I have been thinking about how the remote (long distance) sessions I do work and how we influence and affect each other by all the things that we do and think. I have been contemplating ideas of how I could teach other people to do effective and powerful remote sessions and what are the key ingredients that must be mastered for the greatest success in this process. From these ponderings, along with “downloads” of information I often get in meditation and while doing remote sessions a possible new workshop and an individual session is currently being developed and tested.

While doing sessions I often receive what can best be described as “downloads” of information. I also receive such “downloads” during my regular meditations. This information comes in words, pictures, feelings and sometimes simply a clear knowing of what was not known before. Usually this happens very fast and a great deal of information is compressed into a single moment in time. Like if you took a 90 minute movie and compressed it into 30 seconds, and then experienced the whole 90 minute movie in only 30 seconds or less (often I experience it in less time, like in a few seconds). It is a very high energy transmission channeled through my Higher-Self.

When received while doing a session, this “download” often relates directly to the session I am doing and expands on its usual parameters. Sometimes it is about something completely different and new. What allows this “download” is a very spiritually clear and high meditational place where I come into alignment with my Higher-Self and other very high beings of Light and can then access higher knowing and knowledge.

I would like to share some powerful tools that you can work with right now.
These simple steps will help you to remove some of the things that may be negatively affecting your relationships. Hopefully you can be clearer with your thoughts and energy and more easily achieve the types of relationships you really want with various people in your life. I will do my best to put my thoughts into words that will make sense to you and hopefully give you some practical applications to use in your life. I will start as solid and concrete as possible before moving into the more abstract.

Not so very long ago, in the age before the internet, we all had to physically write and send letters that needed to be physically carried through space and time to hopefully be delivered to its intended receiver, often after several days or more of travel. Now many of us use a computer of some sort to send email that gets delivered almost immediately carried over unseen electronic ways. Almost all of us use a telephone to communicate with people not right in front of us. We share our thoughts, ask for assistance and give directions, all from a distance connected by an instrument in our hands (telephone) and a signal is sent over wires and now wirelessly to it’s intended receiver. We talk to them sharing our thoughts, emotions and ideas as if they were right in front of us.

When we do not connect with the person we are calling there is almost always an answering machine or system in place so we can leave a message for them. We usually leave a message for them and in time they usually respond to our message that we left.

Here comes the more esoteric part of this energy connection. When we think of someone we are energetically connecting to that person and sending a message to him or her, like calling on the telephone. A number of factors depend on how this message is received by the person you were thinking about. Right now what is important is that you are open to the idea that your thoughts have power and carry energy. The more we think certain thoughts the more powerful the energy that is being thought can become.

Using the telephone and answering machine analogy, your thoughts can be held in an energetic “answering machine” that you carry around with you all the time. This “psychic answering machine” contains all the thoughts you have thought about other people in your life. Repetitive thoughts can increase in power and potency. Depending on the sensitivity of the person you are thinking about (and other factors) they pick up on the feelings, pictures and overall energy of what you have sent out towards them. Is this idea new to you or have you known or suspected this for a long time?

So, people you have been thinking about can and do receive the energetics (feelings, pictures and overall energy) of your non-physical communication with them! They also can react to you in the physical world from the messages you have been thinking about them and that are stored in this non-physical answering machine.

You carry around this “psychic answering machine” and everyone else has their own one. It is usually more effective in delivering its messages when you are in close proximity with the person that you have been sending these psychic messages to (the person or people you “think” about). They then often react to you from this “psychic answering machine” as much as from what you are communicating to them in the moment of your present interaction, and often more from what is contained in what I am calling the “psychic answering machine”! The implications of this are huge in understanding why people react to us they way that they do.

You may wish to consider your thoughts more closely and what you are sending into your personal “psychic answering machine” that delivers all the messages it has saved to the people in your life on a continuous basis. Loving, kind, clear, supportive, trusting, non-judgmental, empowering thoughts “feel” wonderful when they are received and there is a natural reaction to them and the sender. Thoughts of a less positive nature usually do not “feel” so good when received and there is a natural reaction to them and the sender. People you have known for a long time (like your family) and thought about for a long time can have a really large and mixed amount of energy in the “psychic answering machine” you carry around about them. You may be wise in considering erasing the old and out of date things that are less positive and that are in your “psychic answering machine”.

Here is a simple way to erase those things that you would rather have deleted from your “psychic answering machine”. This technique will be more effective for some people than for others.

  1. Bring yourself into a calm meditative space and ask for help with this process from the highest non-physical beings you may wish to assist you.
  2. Imagine that you have a “psychic answering machine” that looks very physical and has a “play” and “erase negatives” button on it.
  3. Imagine an individual in your life that you would like to review what is contained about them in your “psychic answering machine”.
  4. Press the play button and notice all the things that come to you that are contained in the “psychic answering machine” about this person.
  5. After you feel complete with what you have received, imagine or intend to press the “erase negatives” button. All those things that carry a lower vibration and are less than neutral or positive will be erased and cleared from the “psychic answering machine”.
  6. You may wish to take some time and put in more loving, kind, clear, supportive, trusting, non-judgmental, empowering thoughts, energy and pictures into the “psychic answering machine” you hold about this person.
  7. When you are complete bring yourself fully present in your meditation space and give thanks to any help you may have received with this technique and know you have done something very good and positive for another and yourself.
You may wish to do this technique only once or multiple times with the same person. If you choose to do it again with the same person you should find that there are none, almost none or a great deal less negatives contained in any playback from your “psychic answering machine” about that individual.

There are other ways to work with the psychic energy and the pictures we hold and carry around with us about others in our lives. What I have given is a simple way to start your clearing process. As I said at the beginning of the month’s “Thoughts” I am also developing a session to work with clearing this “psychic answering machine” for those who may wish some further assistance from me regarding such a clearing.

In Light, Love & Service,

Consciously Colorful Manifesting - Oct '09

Your "past" consists of all that was, what is not happening right "now". In fact everything in our thoughts has passed; our memory is only of the past. Your past, all you have lived, dreamed, thought, felt and experienced translates into vibration. This vibration is not a single "tone" but could be thought of as having many different tones or notes, maybe even a symphony of various sounds.

If your past were a painting, or a series of paintings, it would consist of various colors, shapes and themes. Usually the primary colors of your life’s "paintings" were given to you from your childhood by your parents and the society and culture you grew up in. Often these primary colors that we have taken on from childhood become the palate that we then form our adult “paintings” and the “tapestry” of our lives and daily experiences.

This palate of colors we "find" ourselves painting from can be wonderfully complete or it could be missing shades, hues, vibrancy, variation and even some primary colors. We can see this in what is currently manifesting in our lives at the present moment.
  • Do you like the painting of your life as it is manifesting today?
  • Does it show you are painting the story of your life with a full and varied palate of colors?
  • Are your paintings filled with those things that you value and find pleasing?
  • Would you like more color?
  • Maybe you’d like a more adventurous exploration of what is possible if you added some more colors or maybe different shades?
When we play with contrast in our "paintings" it can help bring us into greater awareness of what may be more desired. When we find our creations are darker than we like it is natural to add more colors of a lighter shade and hue. In fact the more contrast we have the more clearly we know what would be more pleasing to us. So, contrast is good as it brings clarity and gives us the vision of how to paint our future in such a way that brings us more of what we truly want and desire in our lives!

This is your creation so you can keep manifesting what you are seeing or you can change it. You can add colors and shades by becoming aware of the palate you are painting from. You can even erase or paint over certain areas by not giving so much attention and emotional energy to certain things that are less pleasing to you.

One strategy is to become aware of our beliefs, especially any that may be less conscious and limiting our palate. Beliefs are energy, a vibration that attracts what they are about. If I believe the world is a hard and difficult place to live in, then I naturally attract experiences and situations that will justify and support "my" belief!

Here is an exercise that may be interesting, fun and informative for you. Taking some time and actually putting this exercise on paper and making it visual and colorful will help to really see a visual representation (a better picture) of why and how you are currently manifesting what you are. You may wish to have some different colored pencils or a box of colored crayons, colored markers or colored highlighters to help with this exploration.

  1. Write down as many beliefs that you can think of on a piece of paper (like white printer paper). For example you may have a beliefs like: “I have to work hard to get enough money to live comfortably.” “I have to keep everybody happy in my life or bad things will happen to me.” “If I stand out or are different bad things will happen to me.” “It is not safe to tell or show my true feelings.” Those “beliefs” all have a certain tone or color. I am sure you can already see where we are going. You will probably have many beliefs that are of a different tone like: “Things always work out in ways better than I could have imagined.” “My life is getting better and better.” “People like and respect me.” “Life is fun and exciting.” Those “beliefs” all have a certain tone or color different than the first group.
  2. Give each belief you write down a color or a shade of color reflecting if they are more uplifting (they feel “good”) or not so uplifting (they feel neutral, draining or give a sinking feeling). Uplifting beliefs get bright and light colors and the more neutral or less uplifting beliefs get darker and less bright colors. Color the whole sentence (the belief) with the color you choose that best reflect its “color” and “tone”.
The more beliefs you write down and give colors that reflect possibly how bright or dark they may be, the more you can see what kind of palate your have to paint your life with and what you are naturally attracting more of into your life.

Remember you automatically attract and physically manifest as your “reality” from the beliefs you carry with you and automatically project outward.
So, what kind of an artist’s palate do you have to work with? Do you like your palate? Want to add more colors? Want to let go of some? It’s all your creation and the more conscious you become the more you can consciously create your life “paintings” into works of art that really please you and brings you continual joy, love and fulfillments!

You can work with your beliefs by becoming conscious of them and then choosing to give them energy or not. What you focus on and put emotional intensity into creates a resonance that draws more of the same to you. You physically create from your focus! I know what beliefs and colors I wish to paint with. How about you?

Wishing You Much Love and Consciously Colorful Manifesting!

The Energy Of Joy - Sept '09

I have been assisting and teaching during August in various Hakomi Psychotherapy Workshops. I am very honored to be able to work with and assist the founder of the Hakomi method of assisted self-discovery, Doctor Ron Kurtz, during the Trainings and Workshops. This method is a simple and powerful way to assist another person to discover for themselves what they may be unconscious of that is causing them unnecessary suffering in their life. When performed correctly as it is currently being taught by Dr Kurtz, it is very gentle, non-violent and very effective. I am also seeing again and again how people’s thoughts create the reality that they then live in. The thoughts people think bring more and more of the same or similar type of experiences, people and events into their lives making up their current life experience.

One night a few days ago, I went through a process that I would like to share with you. I think it may help you to almost immediately shift your energy and the level of joy in your life to a higher level. It will also most likely allow you to be more uplifting to everyone you encounter in your life. You may even find people want to spend more time around and with you than ever before!

I have been having some challenging emotional times and found myself awake one night and thinking about many things. Since I could not sleep and really wanted to be rested for the new day I began to study my feelings about what I was thinking. I noticed some thoughts were fairly neutral, some uplifting and felt good and others were depressing and sad.

So what I did was every time I caught myself thinking a thought that was neutral or lower “feeling” I immediately began to put it in the most positive framework possible. An example was, I caught myself thinking, “I am sitting so much in class that my body is often hurting during the day and sitting so long in class is bad for me. I can not wait until this workshop is over!” This thought was depressing and felt like a downward spiraling of energy to me. I could even see myself spiraling downward in bed. So, I immediately said to myself, “I can take more breaks and stretch during the day and not sit so much and I really like this class and the people who are in it.” This immediately felt better to me and I felt my energy spiraling upward.

I had another thought like, “I do not have enough time to meditate in the morning when I am teaching workshops because I have to get moving earlier to get to class on time.” This thought was also depressing and felt like a downward spiraling of energy to me. So, I immediately said to myself, “You can meditate some right now and will be perfectly fine in the morning and even have more energy than usual.” This also immediately felt better to me and I felt my energy spiraling upward.

Every time I caught a thought that was neutral or lower “feeling” I immediately re-worded it to myself in a way that felt better and brought my energy spiraling upwards rather being flat or going down. I spent what seemed like the whole night doing this process with every thought I became conscious of. And I really had a lot of thoughts about many many different things! It felt to me like I did not sleep more than a few hours that night.

In the morning I got out of bed feeling better than I had felt in weeks and with energy to spare. What this tells me is that my thoughts have a great deal to do about my energy level and how “good” I feel. It also showed me I can actively work with my thoughts in a way that brings me greater energy, enthusiasm and joy in my life. It really was not that hard and the results were simply great!

I am using this with myself daily as I become conscious of my thoughts and as I am talking to myself or to others. Being conscious of my “feelings” about what I am thinking or saying and actively changing or choosing to say things in a way that feels more uplifting and better to me is improving my energy level and I am feeling much better overall. I hope you will find this useful and even fun to explore how it might improve your life as well!

In Light, Love & Service,

Axiatonal Alignment - Aug '09

You will find some current thoughts on Axiatonal Alignment below and if this does not interest you please skip to the part of this months “Thoughts” that offer you an energetic technique to help and assist others you may encounter along your way.

We have had some excellent feedback from the publication of our Axiatonal Alignment Level 1 & 2 Workbook and DVD. People who have purchased the book have found that they can understand what has been written and in conjunction with the DVD can perform the techniques with good results. Khakira and I are delighted with this and it was our desire to share this information and to help those who may not be able to attend one of our Workshops to understand and competently perform an Axiatonal Alignment session.

There is a great deal that goes into performing an Axiatonal Alignment and technical expertise is just one of the elements involved. Competently teaching Axiatonal Alignment to a group of students involves much much more than just understanding the techniques involved and being competent in performing an individual session. The techniques, procedure and methodology of the Axiatonal Level 2 is completely unique to Khakira and I. Khakira directly channeled the Axiatonal Level 2 techniques, procedure and methodology and no one is better qualified to teach this material than Khakira and I. At this point in time we have not Certified or approved of anyone else to teach Axiatonal Alignment Level 1 & 2 as we have been teaching it.

Through the years we have been coming to Japan to teach Workshops and do private Sessions we have worked particularly close with four students who have shown outstanding dedication and skill in understanding and performing the Axiatonal Alignment techniques and methodology as we have envisioned and taught this body of knowledge. These four students of ours have taken special training with us on Axiatonal Alignment and have been supervised by us more than anyone else in Japan at this point in time. Of the four students Yasuto Suzuki has trained with us the most and assisted us for the last two years while we offered Axiatonal Alignment level 1 & 2 Workshops in Japan. Our Certified Axiatonal Alignment Assistants are, Yasuto Suzuki, Masako Suzuki, Ayako Yamasaki and Yoshie Sugiura.

Khakira and I feel that these four people are our most highly trained Axiatonal Alignment practitioners and capable and competent to tutor 1 to 4 students at a time who have purchased our Axiatonal Alignment Level 1 & 2 Workbook and DVD and desire to ask questions or receive some specific advice on how to correctly perform the Axiatonal Alignments. We feel that their sharing of their skill and expertise is valuable and worth the fee they may charge for their tutoring services.

We wish to be very clear that although no one is authorized or certified by Khakira and I to teach Axiatonal Alignment as we teach it at this point in time. The four Assistants mentioned above are the only people we would recommend that anyone who has purchased the Workbook and DVD and is seeking deeper understanding and skill in performing Axiatonal Alignment Level 1 & 2 techniques should consider being tutored by. Anyone else offering to teach or tutor in Axiatonal Alignment Level 1 & 2 does not have the experience of our repeated coaching and training, technical expertise, the skills required or our permission and authorization to assist you in such a way. If anyone other than one of our Assistants is charging a fee for any teaching of Axiatonal Alignment Level 1 & 2 please use your discernment to make sure this is the best use of your time and finances. We always advise our students to use the greatest of discernment in choosing a teacher, trainer or facilitator of any kind, because even people with the highest and best intentions with high values and integrity may not be the best choice available for you.

Below is the energetic technique I mentioned at the start of this August 2009 “Monthly Thoughts” to help and assist others you may encounter along your way. I think you will like it and enjoy practicing it often!

Here is a simple and fun technique that you can use to assist people you may encounter that look like they could use some assistance and help. You can use this on anyone as it allows him or her to use the offered energy in any way that will be most helpful. You are simply offering assistance that may be like giving a drink of water to a person who is badly in need of water, nourishment and refreshment. I often use this technique as I am walking down the street and see people who are obviously hurting and in pain.

Here is how to do it:

  1. When you are ready and have found a person you wish to assist. Imagine you have a small ball of brilliant white light in your hand. The ball of light is about the size of a golf ball or a tennis ball. It is important that you imagine it or see it as pure white light, without any color at all.
  2. Begin to toss the ball of white light up and down in your hand just like you might a real physical ball. You only need to do this a couple of times.
  3. In your mind, toss this white ball of light up in the air so that you see or imagine and visualize it arching up above the top of the persons head you are assisting and dropping down on the top of their head. Just like if you had an actual ball and you wanted to gently plop it down on top of a friend’s head.
You may “see” this ball of white light disappear just above the top of their head is it is absorbed by them. Sometimes the ball of white light gets bigger after you toss it up in the air above the person’s head and sometimes it gets smaller. Once you toss the ball of white light to above the top of the other persons head your part in this gifting is done. They will use the ball of light in whatever way is best for them and only they know what is most correct. They may never consciously know what had just happened and this is fine. You have given a very loving gift of energy and can trust that the other person’s Higher-Self will know exactly how to use this gift in a way that is perfect for the person receiving it.

You have also helped your own abilities to visualize and to offer love unconditionally. You have affirmed that each person has their own journey in this life here on Earth and trusted that your gift will be used exactly in the best way possible for them at the moment that they received it. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have given something and are not concerned with being thanked or paid for your thoughtfulness and kindness. You can enjoy the “good” feeling of having done something to help another person that may be struggling and in pain. You will also be building and strengthening your own psychic skills by using this technique often.

Wishing you much Love & light!