Monday, August 5, 2013

Conscious Choice and Focus

It is a basic law of this Universe that what you put your attention on you get more of that manifested into your life. What you put your attention on has a particular vibration. We gain a great power in understanding this that we can actively apply in our daily lives to bring to us more and more of what we are really wanting. Our point of power is in our “now” focus, what we consciously choose to focus on in any given moment. This is one of the few things that we really have any control over in our lives and understanding this helps us to actively create the life we want to live.
The key here is your conscious choice of focus! Without conscious focus we tend to place our attention on whatever is currently being presented to us and where our memory is bringing back things from our past into the present, which we then focus on. As our focus then creates a momentum and an attraction pull that the Universe begins to search for from all possibilities and probabilities available and allow those matching vibrations to begin to coincide in physical manifestation for you.
We have multiple vibrations emanating from us at any one point in time. From that combination of vibration the Universe delivers to us corresponding situations, events, occurrences, people and physical manifestations.
Here is a personal example of how this works:
I just watched how some of my thoughts around something that I want very much, but which has not physically manifested in the way I really would like. The thoughts were fear based (around lack and not getting what I want) and they took off like a runaway train going ever faster downhill with only more similar and like thoughts joining them like a big magnet picking up old rusted, torn and sharp scrap metal from the junkyard of my history. And a part of me gave those thoughts emotions (sad, sinking feeling, tightness and constriction) that only served to spiral me ever faster downward…
It took a great deal of focus to redirect this runaway movement by very actively focusing my thoughts in a more upward direction as generally and gently as possible. I just leaned, so to speak, in the direction of what was a little more uplifting about the current thought that was active and kept doing that. I focused on looking at the situation very generally and being open to what was even a tiny bit positive about the situation. And at the point where I was feeling some relief and a little better a friend called and was so very kind, present and loving that continued to assist my balancing process.  As I became calmer and more at ease within myself, my thought’s and feelings continued to become brighter, more calm and uplifting…
When I shifted my focus and vibration the Universe almost immediately responded with a similar vibration of a kind and loving friend just happening to call because they were thinking about me and decided to call to say hello and see what was happening in my life. It could have worked in another direction if I continued on a downward spiral and I might have gotten a call by someone in a depressed or difficult place wanting to share their discomfort with someone else! The Universe made the physical manifestation and connection by connecting similar vibrations to each other.
The more you let go of what does not serve you, the more you can shift your focus to be vibrating at a high rate, the better your life becomes. It is really as simple as that. And it is also much easier said than done when you have a great deal of forward movement in a lower vibration. You can change your vibration with each and every breath and by your conscious focus.
I offer support for those who feel a resonance with the opening, clearing, infusion and activation Sessions I provide. Please look over the sessions I offer and see if there is anything there that might be of benefit to you in raising your vibration and letting go of what no longer serves you.
In Light, Love & Service,

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